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Jun. 27th, 2012 01:33 am
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[ The feed activates and presents a rather dapper looking fellow wearing a magnificent top hat to the world. Judging from the overbearing green in the background, said fellow is seated on a bench somewhere in this world's Central Park, idly rolling a gold coin through the knuckles of his right hand while holding a brochure with his left. He is studying this brochure thoroughly. The communicator itself appears to be in a state of perfect balance upon the toe of his boot. ]

Fascinating innovations, truly.

[ He shoots a glance at the feed. ]

Self-propelled carriages, "restaurants", instant long-distance communication, even a remarkable lack of poverty! [ He briefly eyes his coin at that remark. ] But where are my manners, let me introduce moi.

[ In a flash the coin is pocketed and the communicator briefly finds itself airborne before being secured in his now free hand. He smiles at the act of Skill; he's still got it. ]

You may call me Reaver. I'd name my titles but I am quite certain they are of little meaning in this place. This "Lachesis" figure has ever so generously supplied me with a new moniker, but to be frank, I haven't the foggiest as to either word's definition. I suppose it's a humourous jab at my reputation?

[ Reaver slightly cocks his head to the right and curls the corner of his mouth into a half-smile. He did have quite the reputation back home. ]

At any rate, I cannot help but marvel at the state of this realm's technology; Avo's Arse I dare say I'm perplexed even! Well I'm nothing if not adaptable I suppose, but first things first: do you lot still pay in gold? If not, I'd be ever so delighted if someone could inform me of the exchange rate; foreign money is no money, I always say!

That would be all then, loves. [ He blows the feed a kiss. ] Tatty-bye!


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