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[ remember this little girl? remember the complete silence? well, it's here again, as well as the sound of.... someone throwing darts? or something. ]

So this place isn't total crap because I got to kill an alien and that was cool. [ she sounds a little like a kid on Christmas morning ] But I have a really serious question that needs answering.

How many of you are supposed to be fucking fictional characters?

No joke.
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[ there's complete silence except for the slight blowing of wind and then a light thud. for those who'd recognize it, there's the sound of a gun being loaded. (and for those who would recognize the type, a Glock 23)

finally, a voice speaks up. and it is obviously a little girl. like, there is no way to think otherwise

So who wants to be the motherfucker that tells me what's going on?
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[Someone sounds very somber]

...How do you celebrate Father's Day when you have no Dad to share it with?
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Yeah. I can get some of you and being from way in the past or way in the future. I can get how things are really fucking weird.

But I'm from three fucking years ago. The iphone was barely released, some chick named Hannah Montana was really popular. The President wasn't mother fucking Stan Lee holy shit. And other things.

Now there's the ipad and four different types of iphones. Oh, and Hannah Montana is now a whore in a bird costume named Miley Cyrus. And movies like Avatar came out which "revolutionized the concept of film" or some bullshit.

Three years. It really wasn't gone that long, but god damn.

[edit: Thank you, LJ, for lagging in emails so that I don't see anything until right before I leave for the evening.

Replies will come later tonight. @_@]
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[This is totally not a normal question for Mindy, BUT-]

Are there any cat people out there? I need some advice...
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[Clips from lazytown are playing in the background while Mindy is talking. It's currently "Cooking by the book"]

First person to tell me "you're a few years off on this one" can fuck themselves. Seriously. What the fuck is this show? Why would anyone think it's a good idea to have a stupid ass musical show about being a pirate or baking cakes or shit like that.

Seriously, there has to be some sort of cartoon or comic book or TV show out there that isn't going to make me want to stab knives into my ears.

[The song ends. There's maybe a ten second pause, and the song starts up again.]

I need a new hobby.

[ooc: all responses are perma voice unless stated otherwise. Yes, that song is playing through the background, but it's not very loud :)]
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Fuckin' blow up doll, hate that shit.

Can a bulletproof vest be repaired, and can someone teach me how to?

[It's like the one thing that she never learned how to do considering she was only shot that one time out a window. She also sounds a bit frustrated for lots of reasons.]

Private to Mister James Bond )
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I'm bored, and I can't sleep. I'm a bit old for it I wanna hear a story.

Come on, you people are from weird as shit places, someone's gotta have some interesting story to tell.

[ooc: and if I cut out, it's because I've gone to bed, yay. If it's in strikeout, it means she typed it and deleted it :D]
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So, that porter things gives everyone a power. Is it randomized, or is it tailored to a person's personality? I could see this thing having a sense of humor.

Along those lines, anyone know how to figure out a person's power? I'd like to find out but I don't want to go jumping off of skyscrapers to see if I can fly.
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[Someone does not sound very happy.]

If this is some shitty reality TV show, then we've got a huge problem right here, because this is one big pile of bullshit.

Whoever the fuck set this thing up, I know you've got money flowing out of your ass, because I know I haven't seen a real teleporter on the internet. Just some people pretending they can teleport. This is some weird sci fi movie shit.

[There's a pause. A long, long pause.]

But if you're part of what I think you are, then we've got some problems, but at least you know I ain't dead, yet. And you've got a head start until I fuckin' find you.


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