☠ Seven

Jun. 11th, 2013 01:41 am
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((A young lad lays face down on the floor. DEEP SIGHS. He's been like this for an hour now. Is he even okay??))

☠ Six

Apr. 1st, 2013 09:45 am
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NO! BAD. CUT THAT HORSESHIT OUT!!!! ((SLAM.)) Holy friggin' crap it keeps COMING FOR ME. It's like nine times worse than that frigging brobot Dirk ma--GAH HOLY CHRIST ON A HOT DOG BUN. ((Boom. Boom. Boom. Jake falls quiet, and when he returns his voice is hushed. ))

Okey dokey, ladies, gentlemen, aliens of a blue and-or brown nature, and other sapien shaped persons out there or ANYTHING I'm not sure a give a crap at this point. We got a serious, mundo, gigantor problemo to boot here, and the first person who laughs will have this hell sent alien cyborg hare written to him in my will!!! I swear to this or my name ain't Jake English!!

((Coughs. The banging hasn't stop.)) Okay got a mite riled up there. But this is a serious issue. Guys. I believe quite indubitably that a race of mutant cyborgian rabbits have come to take over the City.

Cyborgs... that are like 9000% resistant to like all superpowers frigging EVER. Raise the alarms, call out your meanest hounds, this shit's worse than the apocalypse. WE CANNOT LET THE CYBORGRABBITS CLAIM OUR BELOVED CITY LIKE THIS!!!!

Roxy, Dirk? Jade, too... I'm certain I'm their first and most important target. If I don't make it out of this alive, or I'm just kidnapped into paradox space, just know that I love you guys.

((ooc; okay i think i need to explain myself a little. Dirk made it, and it basically just follows Jake around. Yes, he made this post on April Fools, so feel free to think he's totally fucking with you people. He is, I will say, very much blowing this out of proportion.))

☠ Five

Feb. 20th, 2013 12:35 pm
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Holy sweet bajesus, if this place isn't as cold as Santa's Workshop with the AC on, I don't know what is! I'm just jonesing for some warm weather again, because by criminy no man should be stuck in ninety-three feet of snow this long; can I get an Amen??

I sorta wish I coulda picked from the crop so far as powers go, you know? I'd pick flying!! Bust out a pair of wings and go on holiday in like... I dunno, where's a cool place to go? Heheh, or well, a hot spot. OH OH, how about Italy? The Tourist sure puts that one on the top of my list of places to check out. Or how about uhm... anyone seen the Men Who Stare at Goats? I think it'd be pretty gosh darn cool to take a peek at a place like that, seeing as it's in all sorts of new movies now. Or maybe just Florida. OH! Or Hollywood, shoot!! How of all the things in tarnation did I only think of Hollywood last???

Boy, but that should would be all sweller than bumps on toads. What about you folks? Like.. going places, or trading powers, or really anything, I suppose!!

☠ Four

Jan. 12th, 2013 03:19 pm
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... Goshdarnit! No! Jake, I am sick of you. You never listen, you've stood me up more times than I can count, and if that weren't bad enough, you treat my like I'm just a pal! I thought maybe things would work themselves out, and that maybe you're just getting used to this sweetheart schtick, but you're so egocentric you can't seem to see past your stinking nose!

Oh, come come now, Jane dear! Sure we've had a few rough spots but, I mean, I would say things have been going spiffingly between us!

Spiffingly?! Jake, you threw me into the snow when I asked you to settle down!

Nothing like a little rough housing to blow off a little steam! Heh...


((Jake does not compute.))

((Jane does not approve))
cut for absurdly big text )

☠ Three

Dec. 2nd, 2012 01:24 am
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((Text; Public))
Hey jane!
Hoo boy so shucks here we are you and me. Couple of crazy teens hanging out in the city.
Kidnapped before our time.
Id say theres something fantastical about the whole situation.
Ah ha ha yes well that seemed to be the way things work around here!
By criminy sure does feel hot in this building wouldnt you say? Id say someone must have bumped the thermostat a bit to high.
Oh hey you should check out my room too later roxy and dirk pulled a swell stunt the place practically looks like home!
Right well anyway i figured there was something i really needed to get off my chest. I think we might have gotten off on the wrong foot. Or well started on the right one stopped and went on our way feet screwed on backwards and weve been stumbling about ever since.
So you know right before we popped up here we had that chat remember? About you and me and dirk?
Aha well i mean the latter isnt nearly all that important. Dirks great and all but i think i right well botched that whole scenario.
That said perhaps we should take a few steps back.
I mean well i should. And like together we could??
Step backwards that is!! Together.

Shit this is hard. Perhaps i ought best just cut to the chase.
Jane doll. How about we head out on like a er.
A romantic rendezvous, perhaps?

☠ Two

Nov. 7th, 2012 09:52 pm
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((The feet starts up to a most joyous looking Jake English, leaning into the camera.)) Aha! Seems I got the gizmo to finally do what I wanted. ((He pulls the camera away, grinning at it a bit.)) Alright then! This is log, er, what was it again? Oh yes, Log five from the adventurers Jake English and Finn the Human! Completely confidential, of course, until the final video is released. Today we're exploring the dark and crypic abandon building on the south side of down where dangers like poisonous spiders and rabit squirrels roam the dark catacombs. I'm in charge of the camera this time, so let's turn our attention to today's star explorer. Finn, take it away!!

((Finn waves to the camera, stoked to be out on this nightly adventure. Because there's nothing like being 14 years old and out in the big city in a condemned building, right?? He's walking backwards, not paying attention to his path.)) Okay, last time I did this with someone we totally didn't find any ghosts, but we did find a raccoon, but I'm prepared for both this time! ((He holds up a plastic sack.)) Snacks for both ghosts and raccoons all up in this sackizzy. Now, we just gotta find the creepiest room and--OOF! ((He turns to walk into a room and runs smack into something that's blocking the entrance on the other side. He pulls off, and rubs his face, sort of pout-glowering at Jake in a way too silly to be taken seriously.)) Why didn't you warn me, dude?

Oh, heh, sorry about that chum! Guess I was a bit engrossed by your excellent insight. ((He turns the camera to him.)) Two seconds so we can get this triffle aside. ((He sets the feed down and on the count of three the two of the heave the pilar aside.

Finn looks at Jake with the eyes of fun and bro-affection , and Jake can't help but comment with a smile himself, flicking his fingers forward: ))
Hey, nice team work, buddy!! Nk-nkt!!

(( PCHOO!! Lights shoot forward and THROW Finn and his stupid friendly grin right out of the view, leaving a horrified and startled Jake.))

HOLY HORSE SHIT, FINN!!!! ((And he too speeds off.))

☠ One

Sep. 26th, 2012 05:56 pm
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Hoodang looks like i finally managed to figure out how this doohicky works in the first place.
Still browsing through those nifty fliers i picked up back where i woke up but i figured i can finish the rest of it in a little while. It only seems right to put out a little introduction of myself!

Names jake english and im pretty doggone honored that whoever it was went out and picked me to come over this way to come live here!
I just.. sort of wish theyd picked a few years sooner. Like when i was ten or thirteen and not up to much of anything at all.

Er point is i most certainly need to be getting back to my friends asap seeing as they absolutely need my help today more than anything.
Or at least i need to get ahold of them so they know my part of the bargins changed a bit but shit i bet this is even better im a heck of a lot closer to jane than before.
Anyhoo point being can i use someones computer so i can im them? Thanks!

((ooc: Text opt out!))


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