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[perched in a tree, his headtail twined around a branch, at least he's not super-zooming in on the feed now, but he's still a little clumsy with the comm as he starts]

According to the Network, today seems a day of fatherly veneration. [or ...vexation.]

So much of what I am, I owe to the faith my father had in me. From his example, I learned strength; the kind that bends, the kind that gives priority to the defenseless, the kind that stands again each time it falls. The kind that loves without reservation and without end. I was -- far from a perfect son, and I made many mistakes, but I hope that he was proud of me. [a momentary flicker of faltering, only brief. The transition is more certain.]

As a father myself, I realized what a great responsibility it was to guide young minds--and to be, in turn, guided by them. How much we all have to teach one another... [a quiet smile, and then he turns more serious]

It is my hope that, for those of you who had paternal love, its memory will sustain you until you are reunited. And for those of you who lacked that love, I pray you are able to release yourselves from the pain of regrets.

All will be well.
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[there's a big eye filling up the camera and Walker is smiling, an excited kind of goof, pulling back as he does, clearly not quite sure how far to focus it in. He fiddles with it for some minutes of dead-air silence before he finally decides he's got it as good as it's going to get] Hello! I'm sure this isn't unusual for you--I have read over your Network and found many in the same situation as I am - but I have a good number of questions, about Earth, that I believe may not be covered in the regular line.

I've had little reason before to spend a long period of time on this planet, but if I'm correct in my understanding, Odym does not exist here.

[there's the slightest concern, as he says those last five words, but it's gone as quickly as it came (an option denied, that's all it is), and he continues in earnest]

I'd ask your patience, and for you to tell me everything you would think useful to a newcomer. Things you would have perhaps liked to be told. This information--[oh look he has a brochure]--mentions housing. I am accustomed to sleeping outdoors, recently, so if anyone would like to take my room, say so. I would like for it to be put to use by someone who would appreciate it.

[a pause.]

Ah, yes. Introductions. I am known as Saint Walker, of the Blue Lantern Corps. If that sounds familiar, tell me... [what are secret identities??] Otherwise, I look forward to meeting you. And if there's something I can do for you, I would be only too happy.


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