Mar. 31st, 2013 05:28 pm
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Anybody know where a guy can find a giant chocolate rabbit? I'm looking for something that's around forty pounds. Solid. It's important. I need to test somethin' out.


Dec. 23rd, 2012 09:40 pm
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Ok, so.
It came to my attention that there's some people out there who're really damned eager to help guys with their pants problems and are messaging random dudes in the hopes that they can help fix it.
Wait, sorry.
"pranants" problems.
And I'm flattered, don't get me wrong, but I thought I'd be a helper and explain some facts.
I'd ask Dave to help me out on this, get some cross-generational Strider action going on, but he ain't around now, is he?
Didn't think so. The man had stuff to do back home and he went to do it, I guess.
Doesn't matter. It's besides the point.

In this cut: making sure you sext the right people, spelling important things correctly, the internet has porn. )


Oct. 3rd, 2012 06:16 pm
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[Video opens. He's peering into it, shades on, generally composed. Dirk's chillnoyed, emphasis on chill, still kind of annoyed.]


[All in all, this beat what he was expecting (Red Miles, certain death, hey it's actually a city with people who aren't aliens and aren't theoretically trying to kill him) but...yeah, no. He had shit to do.]

I got some of the details. Sounds cool. Hang around a big city, shoot the breeze, be a hero. But...here's the thing. As much as I'd like to hang around and chill for a while I got stuff that I need to do back home. And I'm seriously getting tired of telling people this. [If he ends up in yet another world after this he's gonna be actually pissed. Just saying.]

So...yeah. Anybody got any info or knows how to get out of here? Let me know.


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