Oct. 25th, 2013 02:30 am
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Just once, can we like, go to space or pilot some giant robots or blow up a meteor that's on a collision course with the Earth or fight some aliens or I dunno, ride around on jetpacks or something or do SOMETHING COOL instead of the stupid fantasy village and the wild west?!

I think we earned it after those other two.

I guess three for some of you guys.

I guess the dinosaurs are kinda cool though.


Jul. 8th, 2013 11:39 pm
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okay so uh
my powers have been screwed up since I got back from that other version of the city
really screwed up
I'm pretty sure I know why but I dunno how to fix it and without getting too much into details here, I really don't wanna stay like this.
so uh
does anybody like, know anything about this? or how to fix it maybe?

also, I can't find ruka
she should've been back by now, but
well, if you see her, please just tell her to call me or somethin?
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Hey guys!

[The first thing seen on the video is a grinning young man, appearing to be in his mid-teens, sitting in what appears to be the front passenger seat of a car. He says something else, but it's not heard particularly well over the radio. Which is on. And kinda loud. After a couple seconds of this, someone just off-screen scolds him that he's being too loud. He grimaces for a sec and reaches a hand out, turning the radio down.]

Okay, okay, geez, I'll switch to text.... [He shoots a look at the person off-screen, who's apparently driving the car, before the video abruptly cuts, continued only by text.]

Hey guys!
There wasn't any decent dessert left in the house, so I convinced Ruka that we should go get ICE CREAM! So we're goin' to get some!
...and then I realized I don't really know any good ice cream places around here that are open past 10, so, uh. Anybody got any ideas about that?

Oh yeah! And, uh, my name's Rua. I'm Ruka's brother. I was here for a year like three years ago, aaaand, I got brought back like five days ago! But, uh, I haven't said anything yet 'cause I've been trying to jailbreak the dumb OS on my communicator.
So. Hi! What's up?


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