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[ There's a little fumbling with the communicator, and a girl's voice speaking away from the mic (No, no, it's okay, I-I've got it--) before the camera turns in her hands to show two faces that are probably familiar on the network after all these (crazy) years. There may or may not be a little nervous energy. (or a lot.)

Abby glances at Jaime for a moment before turning to address the feed.

Uh-- so, yeah, hi, Network.
[ She clears her throat a little. ] It's Abby. Again. Hope you guys all, er-- had a nice Thanksgiving? And. Yeah.

[ A hesitation. She totally doesn't know what she's doing. ]

Soooo. Anyway. Me and Jaime... We kinda have something to tell everyone? A-And we figured we better give the good news before, like, it got out some other way, with naked Santas or somethinnn-- ehhhhhh.

[ She makes a face, like she didn't really mean to say that, lifting her hands pull briefly at her own cheeks as she gets progressively more mortified. ]

What I mean is--

What she means is – [ Jaime fidgets and grabs a squirming Abby arm, holding it up and tilting her hand to be shown. ]

See that? [ The ring, y'all. ] I put that there. As in I asked if she'd marry me [ Grinning at her, rather than the camera. ] and she said well, I GUESS...

Dude! No way, I totally said yes. Yes times a million, okay? [ His grin is apparently infectious. Because when she looks at him, her nervousness goes away and she's smiling pretty big. ] So, yeah.

We're getting


Sep. 1st, 2012 07:08 pm
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[ at even intervals, there's alternating sounds of a reloading click and single shots of gunfire, echoing off the walls of what appears to be a shooting range. from the camera angle, abby is visible, though maybe hard to recognize at first, with her hair tied back severely from her face, her eyes shielded by protective glasses, and the large earmuffs covering her head.

she's also unusually calm, with something hard and focused in her expression. it's the first time she's been out of her home in a week.

Sometimes, I think it helps a little to cry when you're upset.

[ she squeezes off a few more rounds before setting her rifle down, pulling her muffs off her head to hang around her neck before she reels her paper target in. there's close clusters of shots in the center of the chest and head. she's still visibly wearing that band on her ring finger. ]

But sometimes I think you just have to shoot something.

It makes you feel better. If you imagine it's your problems, or someone that hurt your feelings. It makes you feel less helpless and weak.


Aug. 21st, 2012 10:48 pm
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[ the hands holding the communicator keep shaking. the feed shows an unsteady view of someone's room obscured by smudging fingers. muffled and quiet, there's a strange noise in the background, a wavering, high-pitched noise, like a repeated hiccup or a sharp exhale, over and over, irregular. like someone hyperventilating and crying at the same time.

finally, the comm gets set down. someone sits in front of it, slowly. from its angle on the floor, it doesn't show anyone's face -- just a girl from the middle down, in the middle of a room that looks like someone tore it apart, looking for something desperately. some evidence, some sign, something. her socks are mismatched. there's wet streaks on her pink t-shirt. the awkward sobbing sound doesn't stop.

her hands fidget in her lap. she twists a little golden band anxiously on the ring finger of her left hand, around and around.

finally, her voice-- thin, barely there-- comes on:

I-- I couldn't. F-Find a note or anything. I-- His communicator...

The buses? Was he-- on one of them? I-Is he with you? Anyone?

[ a choking, desperate exhale. ]

Someone answer me.



Jul. 22nd, 2012 09:00 pm
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-- swear I heard something.

[ The video comes on a bit too zoomed in, pointing at the shoulder of someone's bright pink hoodie before the feed finally gets adjusted, and you can see Abby's anxious face. She's talking to someone not visible to the camera yet, but behind her, you can see what looks to be a pretty rickety, dingy, cobwebby apartment that looks like it may or may not have been built in a previous century. ]

I'm not crazy, okay! I heard it. Honest.

I've checked like five times, Abby, come on.

[From off-screen, Tommy sounds just as anxious, even as he tries to be reassuring. The sound of cupboards opening and closing can be heard in between words.]

It's not like there was a real reason why no one wanted this place, besides it being -

[There's a deep groaning sound, like one would hear from old stairs. Tommy freezes behind Abby.]

... That wasn't me.

Oh my God. This is like, so-- so Excorcist-y.

[ Abby pulls at her face before turning to the camera. ]

Guys, I think we need a freaking priest over here.

We are so going to die if we sleep.

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[ good morning, network. except it is not very good because here is a very large threatening man with a very large ax swinging it at whoever is closest to him bellowing HAVE AT THEE! while destroying whatever furniture happens to be in his path. simultaneously there is a scary green man in a scary green leotard who is going to summon your worst fears, so enjoy that. he's also laughing evilly 'cause that's what super villains do.

the appropriate response, of course, is to scream. abby (still dressed in her hello kitty pjs) dodges that very large ax by diving behind the couch, so excuse the shakey and nausea inducing video feed.

Ohmygod, ohmygod. What. Is. Happening. Somebody help--


OOC cut: and then the god of war and the demon lord of nightmares ruined everyone's lives. )

Hey, Miss Headcase, now would be a great time to get your cloud on.

R-Roger that! [ NOT ENOUGH BULLETS FOR ALL THESE TENTACLES AND ZOMBIES FUUusfaklj she grabs alex by the arm as she runs by, slinging her rifle over her shoulder by the strap and pulling him with her to the window. she only lets go to jump out onto a waiting cloud. ] Come on! Hurry!

[ dude you don't got to tell tommy twice. he's totally grabbing and throwing terry over his shoulder before booking it out the window-

but manages to notice the comm in all this chaos, snag it, and give it a look ("Seriously?") before shutting it off.


Jun. 14th, 2012 07:58 am
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[ it sounds like somebody is talking with their mouth partially full. that's because someone is. that someone is abigail boylen, and her mouth is full of ben and jerry's. she's masterfully alternating between talking and destroying ice cream-- but then again, the girl has a lot of practice. ]

Being ported back in and out like this all the time is really stressful, okay? I-I mean, sometimes you're gone for a week and sometimes you're gone for a year and-- and what if some day I come back and all my friends are like middle-aged and have kids and stuff?

[ her spoons scrapes the bottom of the carton. she looks pretty forlorn about that. at length, she flops over onto her side, laying on the terry and tommy's couch that way. ]

Plus, this whole time-universe travel thing makes it really hard to maintain a relationship. I'm just saying.

[ a beat, then dejectedly: ]

Anybody wanna come over and play video games? 'Cause if nobody comes and rescues me from Ben and Jerry's soon, I'm never gonna fit into my spandex uniform ever again.


May. 9th, 2012 08:59 pm
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Back home, they used to call me "headcase." Or "Miss Freak-Out" sometimes.

[ her communicator is sitting on the coffee table. abby seems preoccupied with a ritual that's therapeutic for her: reassembling her military-grade sniper rifle. while she's clumsy with nearly everything else, she does this without missing a beat, smooth and practiced, even though it looks like too big a gun for such a slight girl.

she connects the retracting mechanism to the receiver cover before reaching towards the coffee table for her return spring.

Do you ever just-- you know, want to turn some of your feelings off? 'Cause... 'Cause they make you feel weak or stupid or... [ a beat. ] Sometimes stuff just has to be done, for the greater good, right? Even if it doesn't feel good. And fears and insecurities just-- get in the way.

[ her hands still a second. this whole time, she hasn't made eye contact. almost absently, and more to herself now: ]

I haven't been sleeping very good.


May. 2nd, 2012 07:31 am
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[ there's the sound of air rushing by, distorting the audio a little bit. if the girl whose voice comes on seems down, it's because this went down, and the uncertainty she feels bleeds into her words. ]

I-I don't know if anybody remembers me. But. It's Abby. And-- I remember you. This place, I mean.

[ a long pause, before she adds, mostly out of habit, with both the formality and slight hesitation of a young solider: ]

If there's any Avengers or Initiative members here, this is, um. Cloud 9. Of the Montana Freedom Force, reporting in. Standing by, I guess.

[ it seems she might be finished them. but at length, she goes on. quiet, but with more certainty than anything else she's said, as if this were what was really on her mind, what she really wanted to say. she doesn't even stutter. ]

And... Whoever's responsible for what happened to Jaime?

You're lucky I don't put an adamantium bullet right between your eyes.


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