nine bites

Dec. 17th, 2013 04:43 pm
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[ voice ]

[ There's the faint sound of wind whistling in the background. Is that crunch boots on snow, potato chips, or both? ]

If I dropped an empty cookie tin from the thirtieth floor of this hotel, how much damage do you think it'd do?

What if I dropped, like, ten of them?

eight bites

Jul. 8th, 2013 05:12 pm
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[ video ]

[ This may be video, but it isn't a very well-shot video. All that can be seen is a girl's upper body, wearing a grimy t-shirt, with limp red hair hanging down past her shoulders, before the screen cuts off. ]


Hey, will you answer something?

[ But it's definitely Kyouko's voice, even if she sounds kind of numb. Even if, for once, she isn't eating anything on camera. ]

I wasn't gonna ask for anything, not even an answer. I dunno what to do with things like that anymore--y'know, things that are just for me.

But I can't figure it out on my own, so someone tell me. A bunch of you are heroes, and heroes oughta know.

What's a good thing to fight for? I mean, fighting for others...that doesn't work. But fighting just for me is no good either. So...

[ She jerks the device up so that the camera finally catches her face, pale and haggard. ]

Someone tell me!
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[ video ]

[ Kyouko's face is way up in the camera, and she looks pretty pissed off. ]

Hey. I got a serious question for everybody!

[ She pulls back from the camera--only to shove something she's holding up to it. Something alarmingly...crispy. ]

How come nobody ever told me about deep-fried Oreos?

six bites

Feb. 13th, 2013 10:06 pm
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[ For once, the screen shows Kyouko with no junk food around her. Instead, she's in relative darkness, with only an apple in hand. She's eating it as loudly as ever, though. ]

Y'know, you all sure got up to a lot while I was gone. It's annoying to read back on the network, but I did it anyway, just to check. It's not like I know what happened or anything. It's all seriously confusing! But I figured out one thing.

[ CRUNCH goes the apple. She doesn't say anything for a few moments as she eats. ]

I did it. Something went really wrong when I came back from my world, and I couldn't move or eat or, I started trying to make people pay attention. It sounds funny like that, 'cause I guess they paid attention to themselves instead.

Haha...yeah. That makes sense. That's how we should live, right?! Look out for number one and everyone else can eat dirt. But, man, you guys didn't have to get all twisted like that. Who needs to see that sort of thing? Not me. It was definitely a mistake to summon them.


[ She pauses to take a last bite of the apple, then toss the core away. There's no sound of it hitting the ground; she must be somewhere up high. ]

I only made a mistake like that 'cause I was trying to save myself, y'know. So there's nothing wrong with it, and if anybody gets mad at me, I'll just laugh in your face.

five bites

Jan. 18th, 2013 06:10 pm
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[ video ]

[ The picture isn't very usefully focused when it comes on. All that can be seen is a lap, half-covered in bags of chips and...Christmas lights? Yes, unlit Christmas lights. The sound of chips being eaten as noisily as possible comes from not far off-camera. ]

Man...everyone took Christmas real seriously around here, huh? Real seriously. Like, I can't even tell you how many cookies shaped like snowmen I ate. It was a lot, so's you know!

But what's that...?

[ The girl's voice takes on a vicious quality. A hand dives into the frame of the picture, grabs a string of Christmas lights, and shakes it. ]

All over the City, people've already taken down all those decorations. They threw out their trees. You don't think that's kinda cheap? That it ends like that, I mean. A few weeks of shiny lights, and then out with the trash! Don'tcha think it goes to show? This stupid holiday don't mean a thing in the end.

Don't get me wrong! I'm not surprised. Days when Christmas meant a family sitting down together to pray with each other and have a meal together, those are long past, but they were probably no good anyway.

four bites

Nov. 21st, 2012 12:51 pm
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[ It's in the early hours of the morning when this post shows up on the network--as the dim light on the video feed attests. In fact, it's shortly before dawn. The redheaded teenage girl glaring bitterly down into the communicator looks like she's wide awake and angry as ever, though. ]

Man, you got any idea how tough this is? It's such a pain!

[ She waves the device, and the image on the screen blurs wildly. The picture jumps along a deserted side street, briefly settles on an ATM in the side of a small bank, and then returns to her face. ]

Trying to bust open this thing with no weapon and no super-strength...

[ Actually, she looks almost like she might cry. ]

It's stupid! It sucks!

[ THUNK. ]

Ow! Even kicking it does no good! But look, I gotta do something. It's not as if the 'Porter's stupid allowance is enough. The best snacks are all from Japan and those cost extra here. So, someone gotta lend me...huh, how about a pipe? A big metal pipe.

That'd do it.
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[ Only the top of Kyouko's head can be seen in the video. She's not exactly concentrating on keeping herself in frame. Or on anything, really; her eyes are sort of unfocused. The area around her is kind of weird, too--there's a lot of mist, and phantom flames flicker around her head. Not to mention the sound is odd; are those hoofbeats? ]

This is bad. Yeah, this is really bad, isn't it? I should probably--before anyone else gets hurt--well, it's not as if I care! But--

[ No more delaying. She blurts it out all of a sudden. ]

My wish destroyed my family. They're dead because of me.

[ And then the communicator falls to the ground with a clatter, exposing only a sky that the fog is now lifting from. No more hoofbeats can be heard. ]

two bites

Aug. 31st, 2012 11:26 pm
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[ CRINKLE crunch. No picture this time, only the sound of plastic and cardboard rattling around as boxes of junk food are opened--and then, without any introduction, a complaining voice. ]

Why'd all the Importants or whatever we're called here decide it was a good idea to reveal ourselves to regular humans, anyway? It's way better if they don't know.

[ ...she's kind of new here. ]

Are we gonna be honest here? If we are, I gotta say it pisses me off. Nobody'd be messing with any buses if you guys hadn't gotten up in everyone's face about what heroes you are.

We all oughta take some kinda lesson from that. That's what I think.

[ A pause for some more crunching and crinkling. Wait for it, though, she's not done. ]

And if I see anyone going on about being a hero around here after all this?

I'll beat 'em into the ground and leave whatever's still intact in the trash.

[ A rather more weighted pause; the only thing audible now is the angry huff of her breath-- ]

I'm not talking about anyone specific. There's no one like that even worth mentioning.

one bite

Jul. 27th, 2012 07:13 pm
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[ video ]


Hey, so, that machine lady--


Y'know, the one that starts nagging us right when we get here.

[ A lurching blur, another CRINKLE. ]

She's not so bright, is she, huh?

[ And the blurry, disjointed image on the communicator's screen finally resolves into something coherent: a teenage girl eating chips and staring at the device with a fiercely unimpressed expression. ]

If she's not gonna listen when I tell her I ain't no hero, she kinda sucks at this importing thing!



[ She balls up the now-empty bag of chips and flings it away off-screen. ]

Someone better tell me how I get outta here soon or I'll just hafta mess up the place. That'd prove I'm no hero, right? But it's a waste of time if there's an easier way, so you should probably just let me know now.


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