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[The video feed flicks on to the interior of a warehouse that would be familiar to those who had been their previously or seen it in Bight's previous posts before it pans to Bight himself as he regards the feed.]

Although my recent work has taken my time a good deal the last few weeks, it has drawn my curiosity to the ImPort population at large.

I am curious as to who among those here make particular use or have experience with magic of one form or another and the workings of magic in other worlds in comparison to that of Krynn.

Private; Bradbury

Greetings, Bradbury.

I do believe I may have a number of things you may be interested in, I've spent the better part of this month refining and testing a number of wards that would provide greater magical security to City Hall.
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As a number of you may know, a number of fellow ImPorts were left far fuzzier than usual.

[With a half glance behind him, a particular tiger could be seen reclining on a couch nearby]

I am currently looking into potential ways of returning them to their normal states. Normal methods of disruption and dispelling have proven ineffective.

I ask that anyone who has had experience with such transformations, particular in regards to magical based transformations to respond, any assistance or input you may have would be appreciated.


Jul. 21st, 2012 12:38 am
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[The video clicks on in the midst of one Hogan Bight dressed in what appeared to be a medieval styled golden tunic and leather pants, attempting to work the strange device in his hands, giving a fairly close up view of Bight’s face, looking somewhat bemused as he presses a few more buttons. He appears to be on the roof of a building, the M.A.C. for those who would recognise it.]

Such a strange device, as complex as a gnomish contraption, though fortunately less volatile.

Ah, working at last. Good.

[He sets the device down on the ledge before him, drawing himself up to his full height, confidence clear in his posture, a far more solemn look taking its place on his features.]

This world is new to me, a far cry from home. It would appear however, that conflict is as ever present here as it is on Krynn.

[At that he casts his gaze in the direction of a damaged building evident in the background before turning his attention to the device once more]

I have read what information is available, however I would appreciate any further knowledge that can be imparted on the current situation of this city, its technologies and its threats.

However, for now, allow me to introduce myself, I am Hogan Bight, Lord Governor of the Lord-City Sanction.

A city now worlds away, perhaps however there are those who yet know its name.


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