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This post is intended for all the newer ImPorts on the Network, and for everyone who has had some kind of encounter with Vulcanus. After what happened with New Vesuvius, I think it’s time we all shared some information.

My name’s Jack Bauer. I've been here for a few years, first with the police, now with the Department of Integration. I was around when Vulcanus first went public two years ago. If anyone wants to know more about this conflict- who they are, what they've done- I can help you.

This fight’s been going on for years, a lot has happened. There aren't many people left who have been involved since the beginning, and there's a lot of people here now who weren't present for the Skrulls or the plague. I know the information that’s publicly available doesn't have a lot of details.

I don’t have the full picture. I don’t know anyone who does. We need to fix that if we’re going to win this.

[Jack pauses and takes a breath.]

That’s why I’m calling for anyone who has any knowledge or experience with Vulcanus to come forward now, on this post. Whatever you’re willing to share with the Network, whatever questions you can answer, anything to help new arrivals get their bearings on this thing.

It’s important that every ImPort in the City knows about this, because the second you got Ported in here, you became a target. You’re part of this whether you like it or not, and it's in your best interests to learn about the people gunning for you.

Vulcanus doesn't flinch at going after innocent people or children. They’re willing to hurt anyone who’s an ImPort, as well as any native that’s in their way. They're a threat to the entire world, and other universes besides. The atrocities in New Vesuvius are just the latest proof that they have to be stopped.
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This is Jack Bauer.

[Jack is speaking quietly, his voice hoarse and muffled.]

By now you've probably seen the statement posted by the terrorists who've seized control of NOHoPE. I can confirm this statement is accurate. This facility has been occupied, people have been killed, and its staff and patients are now hostages. I've managed to escape, but they're searching for me. I don't have much time.

[He goes quiet suddenly. There's the sound of footsteps passing by, two pairs of feet in heavy boots. Jack only starts talking again once they've faded.]

These people are professionals. They are well-trained, well-equipped, and they are serious about killing people to get what they want. But you can not give into them.

Maybe you agree with what they’re saying about me, about the things I’ve done. Maybe they have a point. But the fact is, they lost all legitimacy the moment they attacked a hospital and took innocent people hostage. The fact is, they are trying to make this world safer for criminals and terrorists by going after some of the bravest people in the City.

[Jack pauses, takes a breath, listens again.]

I know my so-called ‘accomplices’ are probably listening to this. If you are, I want you to listen carefully. You have nothing to be ashamed of. There are people who are alive today because of the things you’ve done, the things you’ve helped me do. You put it all on the line and never asked for anything in return, not even any recognition. I owe you a lot. And no matter what anyone says about us, no matter what these terrorists do, I want you to remember that.

I’m going to hide out as long as I can and look for an opportunity to sabotage the building’s security. If I can shut down the systems interfering with ImPort powers, I can create a chance to rescue the hostages. When that happens, I need people on the outside ready to storm the building. But first we need to know where the hostages are being kept and where the power-dampeners can be disabled from. If anyone has that information, I need it now.

And to anyone out there who is working on a plan to resolve this crisis, I need to talk to you.
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[Video shows Jack's face as he holds up the camera in front of him. This is a rare moment, Network: he's smiling.]

I just wanted you all to see this.

[The camera view shifts and lurches as Jack re-positions the communicator. It settles on a three-storey building surrounded by gardens: the exterior of NOHoPE.]

I've been waiting a long time for the chance to look at this place from the outside again. [Jack pauses.] I know it probably doesn't look like much to you, but for me being able to see this... it means a lot.

[Jack turns the communicator again. The camera returns to his face. The smile's gone now, it's back to business.]

I've been discharged. If anyone wants to get back into contact and catch up, let me know. That goes especially for anyone who's with the Department of Integration. We're going to be working together from now on, and I want to get up to speed as soon as possible.
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[Jack's voice sounds strained. He has to yell over the noise of a raging storm: thunder booming like hoofbeats, driving rain spattering against a window, wind howling outside.]

Something's wrong. Something's wrong, I can feel it. Call it intuition, call it gut instinct, I don't know. There's something out there.

[Jack sighs. His voice has a quiver to it, as though he is shivering. The storm moans in the background. Hail rattles like bones. A Wild Hunt that targets those with blood on their hands really sucks for someone who's killed as many people as Jack Bauer.]

I think it's coming for me. I'm being watched. Don't ask how, I just know. And the staff here, they keep telling me nothing's wrong with the hospital's heat. This place is freezing! Whatever's happening, it's not natural. [His voice is a growl.] I've tried to warn them, but they just say the building's secure. We're running out of time and they're not listening!

[Jack is yelling now, but he can barely be heard over the wind. The howling is building in pitch, sounding less like weather now than it does the hunting cry of a pack of angry animals. Jack breathes for a moment, listening.]

It's not safe here. Not for me, not for anyone near me.
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[The video is shaky, trembling. It whips across what looks like an office break room, giving a blurry impression of several terrified people kneeling on the floor with their hands behind their heads. The view comes to rest on Jack Bauer, standing in front of a wall with what looks like Spanish motivational slogans, wearing dirty jeans and a black jacket. There is a scowl on his face and a gun in his hand.]

Keep that camera steady, damn it! [He fires a shot into the ceiling for emphasis, accompanied by screams from his captives. Jack glares at them until they quiet down. It doesn't take long, the way he's acting. When he starts talking, his voice is a snarl.]

cut for length )

This post is your last warning. If you're working for them, quit. If you're backing them in any way, pull your support now. As of right now, none of you are safe. I'm coming for all of you.

[Jack slashes a finger across his throat, and the hostage cuts the feed. Jack is very thoroughly under the infection's influence right now, and talking him down by getting him to reveal some of his secrets is the best way to save these hostages.]
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My name is Jack Bauer. I used to work for the police, before that I was a federal agent. If you’re receiving this message, it’s because I’ve identified you as someone I can use. Someone with the skills and perspective I need for an important mission.

About two years ago, there was an idea. To put together a group of people with a special set of talents. Not a permanent team, not heroes. Operatives, for a one-time mission. People willing to do the things that no one else could, or would. People who were dependable.

Some of you have heard about that mission. It went wrong, the intel was bad. It was my responsibility, and I accept that. I also accept that it prevented a devastating attack on this City before it could ever get close. That’s why I’m doing this again, because once again, there’s a situation outside of the City that needs to be dealt with, and not by anyone in a cape.

What I’m asking you to do is secret, illegal, and extremely high-risk. If we fail, we’ll be international fugitives even if we survive. If we succeed, no one will ever know what we’ve done. The people whose lives you save won’t thank or praise you, because they won’t know you. The only thing I have to offer is the chance to do some good. Aside from that, I’m asking you to risk everything for nothing.

If you think that sounds like a good deal, meet me at midnight at the address I’ve attached. If you don’t, I’ll trust you to keep this message a secret instead of informing the cops. Either way, you should delete all record of this message.

That’s all. Bauer out.

[Log is up here!]
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[Jack is sitting somewhere dark, wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. Beside him is a shining, albeit somewhat dented silver trophy- the Stanley Cup of hockey. Behind him is a screen showing a news report about a series of murders, assaults, burglaries and arsons targeting organized crime both in the City and New Jersey. The acts have been attributed to rogue Import ex-cop Jack Bauer.]

This thing was stolen sometime in April. [Looks at Cup, back at camera] I got it back earlier this month. It will be heading off where it belongs soon.

Honestly, I don't even care about hockey. [shrug] And I know there are bigger priorities around here than recovering stolen property. I took this back because it was the right thing to do. I also did it to make a point.

[Jack leans forward a little, looking earnest.]

The point is there's more we could be doing here. We could be doing more about the murders, the acts of terrorism. About how the government has been corrupted and infiltrated, about how people are attacking us on the streets. We could be pushing more, going further, hitting harder.

[Behind Jack, the news is interviewing the tearful widow of someone he's supposed to have killed. If Jack notices, he doesn't show it.]

In order to get this Cup, I broke into a man's home based on information I got off the street. I held him at gunpoint when he came home with groceries. Then I broke his window and destroyed a car to get myself out alive. Now, I can live with that because I know worse things happen in the City every week, and that something has to be done about them. And because I know it worked.

If you think you can live with that too, contact me privately. I've got information.
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[Jack appears in a shaky screen, wearing dirty clothing. He looks shocked, haggard, completely spent, and more than a little disoriented. He touches his face for a moment as though feeling for a wound, but there's nothing there.]

I'm back. I never thought- I never knew-

[Jack trails off and squeezes his eyes shut. Two years of memories and physical age are slamming back into him on top of the very bad day he just came from. He takes a deep breath, processes.]

I need an update. I need to know the status...

[He breaks off again, uncertain, confused. Then there's a shout and a wooping siren. Jack looks over his shoulder. When he turns back to the camera, there's the sound of feet running, his and two other pairs. His face is hard and grim.]

Fuck it.

[The post ends. Responses will be delayed ICly since Jack has been spotted by his former colleagues near the Porter Building, and needs to leg it.]
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[Jack faces the camera and clears his throat. He's sitting on the bench in his sterile white Superjail cell, wearing the appropriate jumpsuit. He looks serious and thoughtful.]

I've been thinking a lot about why I'm here. About the things that happened, the things that I did. About this City and what happens here.

[He looks down for a second to choose his next words, then back up at the camera. His stare is level, intense, focused, which is why he doesn't notice that he's started to glow.]

I've decided-

[The flash is bright enough to completely white out the video for a moment, and when it fades, he's gone. After more than two years, Jack Bauer has finally gone home. Somewhere offscreen, alarms begin to blare. A prisoner has just gone missing.]

[ooc: No replies from Jack, obviously. He'll be back in a few days after his canon update.]
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This is Bauer, evacuate police headquarters, repeat, evacuate police headquarters immediately! We have a confirmed bomb threat against the building, less than ten minutes before it blows. Get everyone out of there now and get bomb disposal on site. Detective James Stiles is working for the Zero’s Children gang, he’s sold us out. I'm going to get him and find out where it is.

Someone also needs to rescue an informant we have, Mike Ryde. Stiles exposed him and they’ve got people on the way to kill him right now.

Seras and I are about to assault, I won’t have a lot of time to respond. I’ll resume contact once I have the bomb’s location.

[ooc: Responses will be intermittent because Jack is about to be in a shootout]
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You accused Sherlock at the meeting. That means you're probably not one of them.

I've got something you're gonna want to see.
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[Jack's voice is strained, angry, hurting.]

This is Bauer. I need a healer. Now.

[And just so no one gets the wrong idea about Skrulls or anything:]

I ran into Lust, she took me down. Don't bother going after her. She's long gone.

Damn it!


I need forensics in here. She was using this warehouse... [Jack breathes for a moment, heavy and ragged.] There could be evidence here.

[ooc: Jack had a skirmish with Lust that ended badly, and is now bleeding quite a bit.]
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...with repairs to the damage in Battery Park well under way.

[The anchorwoman looks like she's having a bit of trouble keeping a straight face as she begins this next item, but gets much more serious as she reads on.]

In other news, consumer advocacy groups are demanding a product recall of the Roomba, following a series of bizarre accidents within the City involving the robotic vaccuum cleaner. Recent reports have claimed that some Roombas have started roaming homes well outside of their standard programming, sometimes sucking up valuable items like jewelry along with household dust or damaging other objects.

There have even been cases where the robots have apparently become hostile and attacked owners and pets, resulting in three dead cats, two hospitalized people, and one death.

[The view cuts to an external shot of a house in the Turtle Bay neighbourhood which seems to be surrounded by police tape.]

That's right, the owner of this home was found dead in his kitchen yesterday, his body seemingly mangled by a nearby Roomba. Police are investigating, and the robot has been taken into evidence under stringent precautions. The CPD is refusing to speculate on links between the death and other accidents, or on whether this is yet another inexplicable tragedy brought about by the Porter.

[Cut back to the anchor, who looks like she can't quite believe what she's just read.]

The Roomba's manufacturers have declined comment. We'll bring you more on this story as information becomes available.

[ooc: Part of a little plot involving Ned and the police; open to character comment!]
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For whoever it affects... the City Police Department's Special Tactics and Rescue Service has been disbanded, effective immediately.

[Jack snorts.]

Budget cuts.

I also want to say that due to his government connections and the extreme violence of the crime, the police force is putting a high priority on the investigation of Jerry Redmond's death. If anyone has information about this that they can share with us, please come forward.

Police filter )

Informant Filter )

[ooc: This marks the end of super-SWAT for the time being, sadly. The team may be brought back in the future when it looks viable again.]
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I’m getting reports that this... soul-sucking attack has been dealt with. Can anyone confirm whether the people affected have recovered?


All right, listen up. Since we got caught flatfooted by the Crabhammers, the Commissioner wants us to increase our information-gathering capacity. A new comms filter has been set up between us and a number of Import informants that have been identified as reliable. So if you need more people keeping their eyes open for a case but can’t go public, that’s what they’re there for. Just make sure the names on it don’t get spread around.

We’ve also got a training exercise next weekend. Aaron and Seras are going to be teaching us anti-vampire tactics in case someone tries to build an army of them again. I expect you all to be there, because we’re going bowling afterwards. You can thank Zatanna for that, it was her idea. It’s a chance to relax, get to know each other a little better, maybe we’ll go out somewhere once we’re done. Bring your friends if you want.


If you’re getting this message, than you’ve been identified as someone the police can trust to work with us in keeping this City safe. This filter will let you contact the Import officers on the force as a group whenever you have information to share. That means no more bottlenecks, no more talking to us one at a time. In return, we’re going to be contacting you whenever we need more ears to the ground for something. The goal is to streamline communication between the police and other investigators, hopefully make us both more effective.

For starters, someone dropped a load of nitroglycerin off on Friday with a note that didn’t explain much. I want to know where it came from, and what it was going to be used for. I especially want to know if there’s more out there.

There’s something else. There have been some disappearances that need to be looked into. We think they could have been going on since April, with maybe two people vanishing a week. Whoever it is, they’re mainly targeting the vulnerable- homeless people, escorts. No witnesses, no evidence, no ransom demands. Some watches have been left behind, so theft probably isn’t a motive.

Whatever is happening here, it needs to be stopped, now. Anything you’re able to dig up on this will be appreciated.

[ooc: Copcast training and bowling log on Saturday. BE THERE.]
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You know, it's funny. When I first got here, when I found out about what had been going on in this city... part of me wondered how the place could survive. A lot has happened since the first police force disappeared. There's been a lot of destruction, a lot of people have died. Back then, I thought that any city dealing with the things that happen here would start to decline. People would get scared, lose faith, go someplace safer.

I've been looking at some data. Last night the police responded to a fight over a motel room. The entire building was booked. The night before that, there was a dispute over apartment space, the last one available in the complex. Before the pigeons and rats, there were noise complaints about a block party for people who'd just moved in. There's more incidents like that, a lot of them.

I'm glad this place seems to be growing in spite of everything, that people still want to live here. Still, it's strange. You wouldn't expect to see this many people coming to a place that can be this dangerous. I don't think it's an issue, I'm just curious. Has anybody else noticed anything like this? Has anyone got an idea why this is happening?


We've still got open cases and suspects at large. I want a report on what people are working on and whether there's anything new I need to know about. If there are new people coming to this City, then let's make sure they stay safe while they're here.
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[The video shows Jack sitting at his desk in plainclothes, looking dead tired and rumpled. He's been working for a long time.]

I know we've all been through a lot lately. The past several weeks have seen a string of violent incidents, and not all of them have been related to the Joker or the gas. The police force is trying to solve them, and we're asking for information, anything you can tell us.

First of all, this man- [Jack holds up a grainy picture of Dilandau, pulled from news footage]- is a known murderer and was involved in a destructive fight with an escaped prisoner almost a month ago. He's an ImPort and is believed to be very dangerous. We're still looking for him.

We are also investigating nine deaths that appear to be random. The bodies were found over the course of a week and we have no connections between the victims besides the fact that they were extremely mutilated. [Jack's face is taut and grim, visibly suppressing disgust and anger.] Their organs were missing, it looks like something ate them. Right now it seems that they were attacked by some kind of animal, or at least something like an animal. Maybe something brought in by the Porter.

There's also two unsolved shooting incidents, both of them involving apparent drug trafficking. In both cases the people involved were killed and their money was taken, but the drugs were left behind. It could be vigilante activity, could be something else. [Jack shrugs, not terribly concerned with dead heroin runners]

If anybody knows anything that could help us with these cases, or if there's anything else that you think needs our attention, please let me or another officer know, either through our communicators or our hotline. Whatever you can share could help in making this City safer.

[Jack pauses, looks off-camera at something, then lets out a short, bitter chuckle as he turns back.]

You know, I just realized. I've been here a year today.

Filtered to Police )

Private to Agatha Heterodyne )

Private to Hiruma )

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[Jack sighs before he starts to speak]

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Jack Bauer, I work for the police. I'm announcing that the serial killer behind the murders of John Raimi, Angelica Jones, Gar Logan, Melee, and the attempted murders of Charlie Gage-Radcliffe and Leo, has been identified and stopped. We are still investigating his motives but right now it seems that a member of the police force, Keith Anyan, launched a private vendetta against Imports involving acts of murder and an attempt to demolish the Porter building. Last night Anyan was tracked down after his attack on the Porter was interrupted. He attacked me, and was eventually killed resisting arrest.

I cannot emphasize enough how deeply horrified and betrayed the police force is by Anyan's actions. What this man did he did on his own authority, for his own reasons, and it goes against everything every man and woman here risks their lives for every day. I know this can't be any comfort to the people hurting and grieving because of him, but I am sorry, deeply sorry that we did not recognize him for what he was and stop him before he could do this. And I hope that we do not lose your trust in us because of what this man did.

[Jack takes a breath and searches for more words, then decides that this is about the best he can do]

Thank you.
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[Jack's voice sounds strained and distracted]

I need to talk to someone here who has experience with... the supernatural.

[He takes a deep breath]

With ghosts, spirits, specifically.

[There's a pause with nothing but the sound of Jack breathing and muttering something]

Thank you.


I've got a... situation here, I may not be able to do my regular work until I've cleared it up. I'll keep you all updated, but right now I think it would be best for me to stay away from the station until this is resolved.

In the meantime, I want everyone to welcome John Raimi, he's going to be joining STARS as our hazardous substances expert. STARS members, his file is available on the police servers. I want you all to familiarize yourselves and get to know him, introduce yourselves and... [Jack trails off for a few seconds] ...and share notes if you've got the time.

[Another pause. Jack can be heard whispering 'Oh my God' to himself.]

I'll- I'll be in contact.
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[It’s the evening news! The anchorwoman is reading off the day’s catastrophes from her notes and is just wrapping up local incidents. As she segues into the next segment, a map of Mexico appears on the large screen behind her, with a red explosion symbol imposed on a part of its northwest coast.]

“...And the investigation into the Bendis assassination continues. In international news, a massive outburst of gang violence devastated a resort in Mexico Friday evening, in a gunfight that local witnesses are describing as ‘a small war.’” [Cut to a circling helicopter shot of the resort, shrouded in smoke and flames. Few buildings look undamaged.] “The El Zorro Azul resort near the town of Atatla was all but destroyed in the fighting, which is believed to have broken out between rival crime groups during a massive international gang meeting.” [Cut to an Atatla police officer standing with an expression of disbelief in front of the ashes of the resort’s bar.]

cut for length )
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I know we haven’t had the best luck with keeping a low profile so far, but it looks like our cover is still intact, for now. That thing in the bar might actually work to our advantage; no one would ever expect a team of operatives to do something like get into a brawl.

It’s been a few days, so I want to hear status reports. What have you been able to come up with so far? What have we found out, what do we have to work with? Let’s compare notes, see where we’re at.

I’m working on finding an opening on Ramon Arius, he’s the guy who set up the resort, which makes him our best lead for figuring out what’s really going on here. The meeting’s almost halfway over. We are running out of time.
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I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think that right now it would be best for me to take a week or two away from the City. Now that Red Queen is safe... there are some things I need to think about, decisions I’ve got to make. I think I’ll go out to Los Angeles, see how things are there.

If there’s anything anyone needs me for before I go, let me know now and I’ll take care of it.


Lamont, it's Jack. Listen, I need a favour. You helped Madelyne Pryor run an air service while she was here, right?


I know I haven’t spoken to some of you before. My name is Jack Bauer and I’m assembling a team. If you’re receiving this message, it’s because you have certain skills and qualifications that I think are needed for a mission. There’s a situation developing outside of the country that poses a threat to this City and the people in it, something outside police jurisdiction that can’t be handled conventionally or by any of the super-teams. This is something that needs to be dealt with quietly and it needs to be dealt with soon.

This operation is going to be completely off the books, and I wouldn’t be asking you to participate in it if I didn’t think you were capable of keeping it quiet. I want to make it clear, this is high-risk and there are a lot of things that can go wrong. There isn’t going to be any reward here for any of us, no recognition. If we do this right, no one will ever know it happened. If it goes wrong, there’s a good chance the people involved will be arrested. You need to think carefully about this, because I’m asking you to risk everything for nothing.

If you’re willing to help me on this, meet me at seven pm tomorrow night at the basement of the address I’m attaching. Make sure that no one follows you or knows where you’re going. I’ll tell you everything you need to know. If not, then you never heard any of what I just said to you. Either way, you need to delete this message and wipe it from your communicator’s memory so that there’s nothing to tie you to any of this.

I’ll see you if I see you. Bauer out.

[ooc: Briefing log is up here.]
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This is Captain Jack Bauer of the police. We've had a difficult time over the last few weeks and have had to make some changes, but I want to make it clear to everyone here that despite everything that's been thrown at us, we are still here and we are still committed to serving the people of this City and protecting it from all threats. So if anyone has something they want to bring to our attention, any questions, anything they need help with, please tell me and we will deal with it.

Also, we are still pursuing the people responsible for last month's sleeper agent plot and the damage it did to so many of us. If anyone has any information on anyone still at large who may have been involved with this, I am asking you to tell me now. Thank you.


I think I'm getting the hang of this new rank.

I want to know who we have heading up the investigation into the brainwashing. I'm thinking of talking to the informant who gave us the location on their base, see if I can get anything else from there.

S.T.A.R.S. members, I know we've all been through a lot lately, and I'm proud of you all for how you've held up. But right now we need to move past it and focus on the job. I need to know each of your statuses and what you're up to right now, and then we'll work out what our next move is from there.
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I know there are people here who have experience with being... subverted, brainwashed, controlled, whatever you call it. Having your actions influenced by something outside of your control. I'd like to know how you deal with something like that, after the influence is gone. I know it's a very personal question, but this is something I don't know much about. I'd appreciate any information.


I'm putting in a requisition for armor-piercing ammunition. The next time I have to deal with mechanical hostiles, I don't want it to be that hard. I'm also gonna need some repairs done to the car.

S.T.A.R.S, for those of you who don't know yet, we have a new member. Sheldon Sands is going to be our intelligence and undercover specialist from now on; Obi-Wan, that means you're off the hook for having to shave your beard again. I'm going to be running a group training exercise sometime soon so we can work on our coordination; I was thinking about renting some time at a paintball place and going through some scenarios there. Let me know when you're all available and I'll set it up.


Elisa, have you seen this? [Link is IC]
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This is Jack Bauer of the police. Listen to me very carefully. I want all of you to stay far away from Trowa Barton. Don't come near him, don't try to contact him, don't follow him, don't touch him. This is your only warning.


Guys, I've got a situation here, I might need some help. Trowa Barton's being harassed by some kind of fanatical group, I think they may be about to get violent. I'm making this a priority. I'm in the chopper now, I'm going to try to take him to a safe place. It is imperative, repeat, absolutely imperative that I keep him safe. I cannot stress this enough, Trowa Barton must be protected at all costs.

It's important. He's important.

[ooc: part of this hideousness.]
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S.T.A.R.S., listen up, we're being deployed. We've got a location from Obi-Wan on a Cult of the Damned meeting taking place tomorrow night in an abandoned church, Kel'thuzad will be in attendance. This could be our best chance to bring him down and dismantle his operation. Wesker and I have come up with an assault plan. Our objectives are to apprehend or eliminate Kel'thuzad and all his ghouls and followers, and to get Obi-Wan out of there safely. Humans are to be taken alive if possible, ghouls put down. This is what we've been training for, people.

Obi-Wan, how intact is your cover? We need you to stay in position right up until the strike begins to verify Kel'thuzad's presence, then get outta there before someone realizes you tipped us off. Wesker will be in charge of extracting you, he'll be inserted through the roof via helicopter and that's where I'll be picking you up from. Seras, Yusuke, you're storming the place through the main entrance on the ground floor, your objective is Kel'thuzad himself. Bring the cannon.

When we go in, we can expect a lot of the cultists to bolt. We're gonna set up a containment perimeter of native officers, but we still have to make sure there are no escapes. I'll be covering the area from the air, Cole, you're backing me up on the ground. Garrus, you're providing sniper support from the helicopter to anyone who needs it.

This is an opportunity for us to prove that S.T.A.R.S. is a viable unit and to eliminate a major threat to this City. Let's make sure it all goes down the way it's supposed to go. If anybody has any questions, ask them now.
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I'd like some advice from people who have experience with this kind of thing. How can a normal person take down or defend themselves against a... metahuman, superhuman, whatever you call it. If the Porter gave me powers, they haven't manifested yet, and my job means that I may have to deal with people who have abilities I can't stand up to. If anyone knows of any particular tactics or equipment that can help even the odds, I'd appreciate the tip. Thanks.


I need to talk to you.


Mister Kenobi, it's Jack Bauer, I need to talk to you about an assignment. We're considering an undercover operation to get someone inside the Cult of the Damned, and I think you'd be well-suited for it.


You wanted to meet me earlier, when I had time. Well I have time now. Give me the when and where and I'll be there.

PRIVATE TO SUPERMAN [except lol Ported out]

Superman, my name is Jack Bauer, I'm working with the police. I have information regarding the HIVE situation that I'd like to share with you and the group that you've been coordinating.
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We've got a problem. I need someone to take over for me on investigating the Scourge.

[The video Kel'Thuzad just showed him of undead children plays]

Kel'thuzad just contacted me by name. Looks like I've been making it difficult for him to recruit more cultists, so he gave me an ultimatum- either I back off or he's going to keep doing this. To children, to whoever he finds. I told him I'd do what he said because I think this could be an opportunity. He's watching me, and right now he thinks he's won. If someone else keeps digging while I back off, we could catch him making a mistake, and then we can take them down. S.T.A.R.S members, I want you all to familiarize yourself with the last engagement we had with these people. If all goes well, you'll have point when we move on them.


There's something else. I got my hands on Shego this weekend and interrogated her; but she managed to escape and I didn't get much. She didn't know much about what was on the disc, and she has no idea what the HIVE was doing with it. I did find out that she stole it from some kind of central headquarters they have in California though. She also told me that she hid it at the Lincoln Memorial before she was killed, but that information's almost definitely out of date now. I'll follow up and keep you all posted.


Look, I know official policy is for us to stick to the City on this HIVE crisis, but this intel could be valuable to the defense of the City. I need approval to share it with some of the heroes who are organizing to stop this thing; they could be able to act on it better than we can and they might give us some information in return. I was thinking Superman to start, I think we can trust him.
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I need to talk to anyone who knew this woman, known as Shego. Associates, enemies, contacts, if you knew her, if you can give me any insight into her activities, or if you knew anyone who knew her, I want to hear from you, now. Don't make me find you.


I assume you all saw this. Based on this statement and what we already know, it's looking like the Mayor of Los Angeles has been working with terrorists and is responsible for the blackout of the City and the theft of whatever it was the Porter AI wanted retrieved. If the government thinks the HIVE was behind the bombing of the museum, that means that attack and Shego's death were a part of this as well.

Now, before she died, Shego mentioned that she hid something, she implied that it was what the people who killed her were really after. I think that she was recruited by the Porter to get this thing back, and they killed her and a museum full of children to hold on to it. We need to find it before they do, or the Porter does. Whatever it is, it must be incredibly important to both of them.

The authorities in DC have been freezing everybody out on this, so right now I'm open to ideas on how we can put a stop to this before more people die. For now, I'm taking the helicopter up on a test flight tomorrow, we're probably going to need it soon.


John, Agatha told me she gave you the codes for the helicopter's lethal weapon settings. I need them.


We might need S.T.A.R.S. operational sooner than we thought. Did your team ever handle anything on this level at home?
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This is Jack Bauer, I've been put in charge of the police investigation regarding the recent blackout of the City. I'm posting to ask anyone who has any information that could help us to contact me either at this communicator or using my phone, or at the the police hotline. We are doing everything in our power to find out what caused this and whether it poses a threat to the safety of this City and its people. Thank you.


I've been talking to all city grid management personnel I've been able to find who were on-duty at the time of the blackout, and none of them can remember anything besides losing consciousness simultaneously. I was also able to get a few minutes with James Welter, but all I was able to get from him is the same thing he told the news. He saw shadows without bodies. We haven't turned up any evidence at the site itself yet. I hate to say it, but we might be looking at something supernatural here, and if that's the case, I have to tell you that I have no experience in this field.

I did find a couple references on the Network archives to people with shadow-based abilities: this man, known as 'The Shade', and whoever the Kashira Players are or were. Neither of them has been seen in person or on the Network in months. I think a new player is more likely, but right now we just don't have enough information to say for sure.

If anyone has any ideas about this, at this point I'm open to suggestions. In particular I need to know more about the last blackout this City had, anything that wasn't discussed in Stark's press release. I'm going to ask him about it myself, hopefully he'll tell us something we can use.


Mister Stark, my name is Jack Bauer, I'm working with the police on investigating the cause of the recent blackout. I'd like to ask you some questions.


It's Jack Bauer. I'd like to know if that offer is still open. And what kind of experience you have with... [dammit he can't believe he's saying this] the supernatural.


Lamont, it's Jack, I need some information and I thought maybe you could help me. What do you know about EMPs?


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