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[Katniss sounds much the same as she did when she arrived. A little distant, but there's an ache in her voice that wasn't there before.]

Some of you might know this already, but Primrose Everdeen's gone home. ....So has Bucky Barnes.

...That's it, I guess. I just thought people would like to know.


Nov. 14th, 2012 09:53 pm
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[Katniss sounds distant, to say the least. It's in reference to the current goings-on at Yankee Stadium, predictably enough. She is trying her best to stay composed, to not think about it, not remember like she does every single night in her dreams, but it's -- not working. Especially not with this.]

Eighteen instead of twenty-four. One victor. Maybe two, if they break the rules like we did. [Her voice changes abruptly, from something distant and almost fuzzy to something much more raw, a cynical drawl.]

So. Who's the sponsors? Who's going to choose who lives and who dies? We may as well make this place more like home, it's already turning into it.

Happy Hunger Games, city. May the odds be ever in your favor.
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[Katniss' comm has been turned on by the inquisitive paws of a certain kitten. It's not showing much, aside from a lump thrashing around in a pile of bedclothes. --But wait, if one looks close enough, they will see that that lump is Katniss, in the midst of a nightmare. So, basically, it's every Wednesday evening.

In any case, the thrashing lump stills for a moment or two, followed by some incomprehensible mumbling. Then she's sitting straight up in bed with a (rather loud) 'No', arms reaching for someone she can't quite grasp, and she sags back against her pillows, shaking. Katniss takes a moment to catch her breath, get some measure of sense back, and Jasper mews quietly at her from the end of the bed. She starts and looks for him, with a sleepily mumbled:]

[But he's not here, it's just the cat, and she scoops him up and grabs the comm with him, giving it a sleepy, uncomprehending stare, before she turns off the video and sets it aside.]

Stupid cat. [And then the feed times out. But she's already awake, she might answer.]
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[There is a small girl wandering Central park, a certain kitten named Jasper cradled in her arms. Beside her, leaning up against a tree, is a bow that looks to be rather bigger than she is -- it may look familiar to a few people.

Katniss is not sure what to do, here. There are people that know her, and Prim is here, but Prim is older than she is, and that can't be right. Prim's supposed to be small, about six, now. Her mother and father are nowhere to be found, either, and this looks absolutely nothing like home. Maybe this will make her feel better. She scoots up against the tree, rests a hand on the bow and leans back, singing something quietly to herself. For those who are paying attention, this is how the song goes:]

Are you, are you, coming to the tree
Where I told you to run so we'd both be free
Strange things did happen here, no stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

Are you, are you, coming to the tree
Wear a necklace of rope, side by side with me
Strange things did happen here, no stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

[She only sings a little, but it is enough to quiet the squirming kitten, and she pets his ears carefully, before turning her attention to the comm.]

This isn't district 12. Where's my father?


Aug. 28th, 2012 08:12 pm
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[Hello, City, have Katniss looking very intent. She looks somewhat more cheerful than her last few posts have warranted, mainly due to at least one recent arrival.]

I haven't been able to find any good bread here. Not like we have at home. [For just a moment, that mask drops and she looks slightly wistful.]

But I want some, for my sister and I. Does anyone know where I could find any?
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Haymitch Abernathy's gone home. For anyone who cares.

[Not that a lot of people knew him, but still, they should know. Someone besides her should care, she thinks. She refuses to add more to that message, though.]
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[Today, Katniss has been lurking around the clinic as per usual. Something was a bit different than normal, however -- Peeta's disappeared. Eventually, she found his comm in his room after going in and badgering some people about it. At the moment, she is curled on her bed looking disconsolate with Jasper the kitten somewhat nearby. She turns her attention to the comm eventually, her voice sounding peculiarly flat and rehearsed.]

Peeta Mellark's gone back home, I think. If anyone knew him.

[She turns the video off after that, but she's open to responses.]
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[Check it out, network! It's a cot in a shabby-looking rathole of an apartment. On this cot is a pretty adorable two-legged kitten with a piece of twine tied in a bow around its neck.

This apartment might look vaguely familiar if you know Katniss or Haymitch, because then the camera's getting turned around and there's Katniss, staring at you all with a lifted eyebrow.]

What. I don't even like cats.

[Then she sets the camera down on the cot, though, and proceeds to inspect the kitten carefully. ...But she's not kicking it out of the house or anything, at least.]
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[People may or may not be used to the feed opening up with Haymitch losing whatever it was that he ate in the day before he started drinking. They might be surprised to see that he isn’t alone, however.]

Y’people here sure spend a lot of time complaining. Maybe not people on the network, ‘cessarily, but people in this city. People everywhere.

[They also waste a lot of food, but that’s not really on his mind at the moment. Eating would probably just make him throw up a lot more.]

[No, he’s not alone! Because there is Katniss, giving him a slight look of distaste -- but that’s usual enough. What is unusual, however, is the fact that she’s a little bit flopped against Haymitch, stealing that bottle nearby to take a long swig. After a moment of contemplation, she nods, and says:]

They do. They shouldn’t, it’s a lot better’n Panem. This whole city is a lot better than the Capitol. [That ‘Capitol’ is nearly spat, vehement with distaste.] So, stop complaining.

[Haymitch laughs, swiping the bottle back and taking a long drink of it. The thing is almost empty, which is going to become a problem soon enough.]

You do your share of complaining, sweetheart. Maybe this place is rubbing off on you.

[He looks at the screen, more or less realizing it’s actually...on...]

[Unfortunately, Katniss hasn’t yet, so she gives Haymitch a shove and makes another grab for the bottle.]

Shut up. Where can we get more of this? [Then she sees where he’s looking, and blinks a bit, but shrugs and moves to ignore it. Oh well.]
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[Katniss is somewhere outside the clinic, apparently doing her hovering over Peeta thing, even though he's not -- exactly present for her to hover over, right now. She's pulled out her comm, intent on delivering at least a little explanation of her last post, but this is what comes out instead:]

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free

Blackbird, fly. Blackbird, fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

[All around her, the pigeons and whatever -- animals may have been around have fallen silent, and Katniss just shakes her head, looking astoundingly confused. Her voice is good -- very good, actually, but she never sings, and she most likely will never do so on the Network again. After a moment, she scowls and flips to text.]

Something else to hate about this place. Perfect.
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[Katniss sounds as though she's been sobbing -- or screaming. Maybe it was both. In any case, her voice is low and slightly shaky, but she's still managed to post this. It was a difficult decision -- she doesn't ask for help ever, not even when she's starving, but -- this is necessary. And her fault, or so she thinks.]

Um. A -- friend of mine needs help. Peeta. I don't know how to fix him. He's -- not who he used to be.

Is...is there a doctor or ..someone who could help?
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[Once again, the network is being treated to the sight of Katniss in hunting mode. It's a bit different than the last time, though, her eyes are wide, her shoulders tense, and she is watching -- is that a polar bear? ....Yes, she is watching a polar bear very intently. She notches an arrow and lets it fly, hands sure and swift, though really she feels like they should be shaking.]

And Haymitch said they didn't have muttations here.

[It is muttered to herself, mostly, and the bear lets out a roar and starts crashing towards Katniss, who promptly brings up another arrow and fires it off, darting into the underbrush. Hopefully she's gone back far enough so as to not be easily seen, but she knows she'll have to start running soon. She picks up her comm and gives it a firm stare, finally noticing that it's on.]

Haymitch. We're moving. Tonight.

[And the video is switched off, as she continues her retreat into the trees.]
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[--Enjoy the nice view you're getting of Katniss' pocket, City. Apparently she stuck the comm in there and turned it on without realizing. She sounds rather frantic and terrified at the moment, and though it can't be seen, she is looking around anxiously, still in the Porter room.]

Peeta? Peeta! Are you here, are you okay?

[She pauses a moment, and it is clear she is waiting for something. An answer, a sound, perhaps someone to come through the door and usher her off to a cell. There is silence, and then, quieter, almost desperate:]


[More silence. The girl finally glances at her pocket, sighs, and pulls out the comm. The look she gives to the screen is tired, very much 'I am not going to take your shit, so don't even bother trying.']

Where is he? [She is not going to bother with bargaining, no, she knows better than that. Just some assurance that he's alright, that would be enough. Perhaps.]

You promised me once you wouldn't lie to me, so tell me. Where is he?


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