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[The comm switches on and, at first, Ziggy is quiet. He holds Pink's cat, Fido, in his lap and scratches behind the animal's ears. His expression is solemn and he lacks his usual smile and make-up.]

...Those who need to probably already know that...Floyd Pinkerton...Pink...has been taken into police custody.
I made the call that led to the arrest. I know it was the right thing to do, but... I'm still sorry for everything it means. I'm sorry for those who have been hurt. Sorry for those who are still hurting. Sorry I didn't catch on sooner... that I didn't stop him from making these mistakes.

[He sighs, lowering his face to press against the less than amused cat before straightening up again.]

I'll be seeing after his pet and, I suppose, his belongings as well until he can return home or chooses someone else to tend to his affairs.
That's all, I think.... I just thought I ought to say something...
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[It's been a while, but the video flicks on to show Ziggy's colourful MAC flat, with its twinkling strings of lights and decorative scarves. Ziggy, himself, looks to be in a fine mood, a loose long-sleeved shirt hanging off one shoulder as he smiles his sharp and jagged smile at the camera. His eyes are wide and strange, no contacts to disguise the cat-slit shape of his mismatched pupils or the vibrant, inhuman gold/green of his irises.]

Hello, city.

I...am not even going to touch on this strange plant behaviour. I am just going to stay inside and hope it goes away, if that's alright.

That aside, I'm looking for any skilled musicians in the city. I'll try my luck with posters and ads in a bit, but wanted to approach other imPorts first. I would like to have a full band again. I'll need a bassist and a drummer at the very least. A synth player would be wonderful as well, and a second lead guitarist. Also, anyone good with electronic music, programming and mixing.

If you're familiar with my usual sound, that's a plus, but I want to change things a bit as well. It's time for something new.
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[The video clicks on and shows Ziggy, looking a lot better than he did in his wounded panic on Saturday. He doesn't look at all pleased, though, and possibly somewhere between nervous and frustrated. He still hasn't returned to wearing his contact lenses, leaving his slit pupils exposed. The background isn't his apartment at the MAC. It seems to be a hotel room.]

I couldn't be at the town meeting, and I'm rather glad for that with all I've heard happened there. It seems that you found one of the skrulls among us and, by imprisoning him, you've smoked out another. Maybe not as it was intended.

I would like to talk to the skrull in quarantine. I've seen that he has access to this network, still.
If you're reading this, I'd like to talk to you. I want to understand who you are and why you're here, in your own words. I understand if you can't or won't answer, but I couldn't go without trying to make contact.
I'll try to come to you, if it's necessary, but I've been wounded already and I'm honestly hesitant to be out in the city right now, with their paranoia as it is. One of your kind came to see me --though I didn't know her for what she is until now-- and did me no harm. Meanwhile, in their fear and anger, what I believe to be a human kidnapped and tortured me.
Since then she's resorted to violence, herself. I want to know what's going on from both sides before this gets even worse.
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[The video starts with no clear focus. It shows the filthy sidewalk of some back street. There's a groan and the shuffling, scrabbling of feet on the pavement. He twists and rotates the communicator, allowing the network to see Ziggy's face. He's been battered, that's clear, and seems worn if not in shock, his eyes distant, un focussed....and with slit pupils. There's an attempt to lock this to Floyd Pinkerton, but it proves too much effort in his current condition.]

.... Floyd... Please... I..I need...

Help.... please..

[The image flips and twists as the communicator topples to the ground, showing Ziggy's stumbling feet against before the rest of the man slides down the wall and into view, very possibly unconscious.]
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[The video flicks on and Ziggy looks well done up and dressed up to go out, but looks quite tired. The room is dim, which is normal, lit largely with strings of white fairy lights tinted by the thin silk scarves that decorate the ceiling and walls.]

I've been more than a little put out by the news over the network lately. What's happening and how people are reacting... The atrocity exhibition of putting the body on display like some medieval criminal hanging in a public square. ... I understand that people need to be prepared --trust me, I do-- but...

[He sighs, running his hands through his hair and clicks the feed off. It starts again and it's a few minutes later. A different angle and his make-up has been touched up, perhaps? Hard to say.]

Enough of that. there are enough people going on about potential threats, hmm? Let's have a more positive subject.

I'm very excited for the concert coming up on the 12th. I'm going to be performing and I hope a lot of you will be coming out for this. It will be the first time I get to put on a real show with complete freedom over the songs and costuming since arriving here. I'm going to do the best I can with the time and resources I have. Should be interesting, to say the least.

To make sure it's the best show it can be, I'm looking for musicians. Energetic, talented performers to back my set. Guitar, bass, drums, and backing vocals all welcome. It would be helpful to already be familiar with my work. Or...well... Bowie's, I suppose? Though I'll be making some changes.

I would also like to start commissioning custom clothing again. Before looking elsewhere, I'd like to know if there are any designers among my fellow imPorts? I don't have a great deal of money to spend just yet, but I am very loyal to a good designer and tailor once I find one. I'll be both model and walking advertisement as well as paying what I can. Let me know if you think you can handle something of an..eclectic and eccentric style.

[He puts up pictures of several previous costumes] )
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[It's late afternoon, but it seems like someone hasn't been awake long, given the loose long t-shirt and apparent lack of trousers underneath. Musicians tend towards nocturnal behaviour. He's awake now, though, and has a stack of library books, CDs and a dissected newspaper scattered on the couch beside him. There's an empty gin bottle on the table, though it's hard to say how long it's been there.]

Hello, big city. How are we today?

I'm getting more settled and comfortable here and, really, I suppose it's not so bad. It will take some adjusting and getting used to, but there are far worse things. I've always rather liked New York, anyway. This may be a different version, but no less full of life and energy.

[He yawns, the stretch of his arms showing off brightly striped briefs before the black Stooges shirt lowers back down. He bites at his lower lip and puts his fingers through his hair, hesitating...]

I've been putting off asking for help with something... I'm not sure why. Pride? Fear? Both? I...can't really keep ignoring it, though.
All of us --the imPorts-- get some sort of ability? What if you can't quite handle it? What if this 'gift' is getting in the way of everyday life or becoming too much of a strain? Is there any way to just...turn it off?
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[Terrible, wobbly video. Music and conversation. A bar? The screen steadies slightly, focusing on a grinning couple of rock stars, who both look like they've already had a few.]


Yessss! Mm. Help us make the most of it?

[Ziggy, in his pure white, well fitted suit and white silk tie leans heavily on Pink’s shoulder and holds up his martini glass in a toast towards the camera, giggling all the while. Pink isn't nearly as well-dressed, just slacks and a nice black shirt and a glass of whisky, but he's just about as drunk, an arm slung over Ziggy's back in a friendly effort to keep the other bloke steady.]

We'll even buy the first round. It's a celebration.

Don’t make us celebrate alone, darlings. This deserves a real party.

((Joint post between Pink --[livejournal.com profile] backatthehotel-- and Ziggy --[livejournal.com profile] screwedupeyes))
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[The video flicks on and Ziggy's flat in the MAC is a bit more festive, with christmas lights hanging from the headboard of the bed he sits on and pinned up at the tops of the walls. A small stereo has the radio on in the background, quite soft. Ziggy's very well made-up and in a quite festive sweater.]

'Ello, city. How are you all this evening?
I'm afraid I've wasted quite a lot of the money I've been allotted, but I couldn't help myself. I love holidays. I went down by the shops and got a few outfits...and I just had to get a few strings of fairy lights. I may leave them up year round.

I also picked up a used stereo so I'd have some music in here. Helps it feel a touch less lonely. Though it's still hard.

[He brings one manicured hand up in front of his face, chewing at a shiny red thumbnail.]

I went by the record store... Not records anymore, though, are they? Better formats... Anyway, it seems I didn't write any of my music. Not here, at least. Some bloke named Bowie did. If any of you've been confused, 'm not him... I'm just Ziggy. Which I guess doesn't count for much now.

M'sorry... I've gone all maudlin on you lot. This is a happy season. [He shakes his head and sits up straight again, reaching to pull a bottle of cheap red wine from a table off camera.] Happy Christmas eve, all. I hope Father Christmas brings you all something lovely in the morning.
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[After settling into his new living quarters best he can over the last day or so, Ziggy flips on the camera to the network to give it a test. He smiles for the camera and gives it a bit of a wave. He did his makeup just for this.]

Hello? Good. Things seem to be working. Didn't have anything quite like this before... Mind you, it was 1972. Nothing much like this to be had.

[He laughs a bit nervously and lights up a cigarette.]

I'm new here...though, you'd likely sussed that out already... and still at something of a loss. Everything's so different an' I'm not quite sure where to start. I've...also been feeling a bit off since arriving.
Grateful as I am to have a place to stay, it's also...a far cry from what I'm used to. The loss of my bank account and wardrobe are also a bit of a hard hit...

[He takes a deep drag and shakes his head.]

Sorry. I've gone off rambling. That won't do.
Let's start at a proper beginning, shall we, darlings? I'm Ziggy. Pleasure to meet you all.


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