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[and shaky, as he's trying to hold it, keep his coat closed, and wrangle two cats all at the same time. Alastair is beyond panic - he heard about the buildings and ran to evacuate Hell Towers 10th Floor before anything serious happened]

Does. Does anybody have space for a guy and a couple cats until this weird building thing is over? Ow! Dammit, Aome, no, stay here!

'cause I mean I can sleep at Dancitron if I have to but I'm not bringing the cats there.

Shit, look at all the buildings...
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So I was bored enough to look back through the posts that went out every time people got sent on those inter-dimensional field trips. Yeah, that bored. I was curious whether we were due for any more surprises anytime soon.

It looked to me like those jaunts happened pretty much every two months. And the last one was just before Halloween. You know what that means, don't you...?

[he sounds way too gleeful to be reporting this]

It means that there's a pretty good chance Christmas is gonna be ruined.

But then, around here, it usually is.

Boy I hope the pattern holds true. Some of you really deserve a vacation. I mean, really. Deserve it.
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Geez, I just looked back and people aren't kidding...a lot of us have gotten ported out lately. It's too much to hope that we're all going home, right? Maybe I'd better start making preparations.

Which makes me wonder. How do people decide who to leave their stuff to, when they go? I've ended up with a business, an apartment building, two cats, five motorcycles, and a jet shaped like dragon thanks to people Porting home and deciding I'm somehow responsible enough to own all this shit. Someday it'll be my turn, and I don't know who to pawn it all off on. Since, I don't know if I trust anybody to run Soundwave's dance club or handle Kaiba's jet.

It's funny, you know? How much some people leave behind, and how others just get completely forgotten. How much are the rest of us going to leave behind? Are you building a company that's just going to fold a month after your precious ass Ports home? Or are you building a lasting legacy that's still around years later, like statues in Central Park, something for people to look at and know that Imports were here. Long after we're all gone, are we going to be remembered by anyone besides the sensationalist pseudo-documentaries on the lowest-tier history channels?

...ever watched those? They're hilarious. It makes no sense to be flailing about whether or not aliens exist when I know for a fact I've talked to quite a few right here on the network.

Oh well. Guess it's back to figuring out who wants my cats.
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[for a guy who mocks goth kids, Alastair is looking slightly goth today. A little too much eyeliner, and that's seriously a black trenchcoat instead of his usual gray. He's going to rue this when the latest round of Porter shenanigans wears off, but right now, he's dead serious.

And it's never a good sign when the Oricalchos is already glowing green on his brow

You ever just wake up one day and say to yourself, I've had enough?

Not to scare our latest round of newbies, but none of you are the one I'm looking for. I've been waiting for him for a long time, and still nothing. I think I've had just enough of it. What does anybody need with a heart anyway?

I feel like I've been forgetting my real mission, for I don't know how long. But there's something I've been meaning to do, all along, and after watching the brainless idiots writhing around in that dance club the last couple nights, I feel like I oughta get back to that mission. Even if I can't find mine, it's what I'm meant to do. What they made me for.

Anybody tired of it all, want an escape? I can help. All it'll cost is your heart.

[he tries the whole evil-laugh-and-dramatic-fade-out thing, though he hits the 'send' a bit too soon and cuts himself off. The 'hearts' he wants to capture are souls, though, even if he doesn't realize it]
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So, hey Network.

[he props up the comm in order to show that he's in Dancitron again, this time behind the front door kiosk with a lovely backdrop of shiny, flashy promotional posters. The ones directly behind his head are relevant to this announcement]

God only knows what's going to happen in the next day, week, or month, so I thought I'd take this lull to make a commercial. See, Pride's coming up later this month, and seeing as how I own a dance club now, we're having a weekend of parties. Everyone's invited. The big night is Friday, so everyone can be nice and hung over and exhausted for all the parades and rallies the rest of the weekend.

[he thumbs over his shoulder at one of the very rainbow-y posters] That's June 28th in case anyone needed to know. I'm doing the usual no cover charge for Imports if you flash me your tags or some other proof. Oh, and uh...

[he looks away, smirking. Should he? Yeah, he should.] ...I'm also gonna pay for your first drink, to congratulate everybody for managing to make it through today without posting about everybody's daddy issues. Thanks, on behalf of the rest of us who don't care. Drinks are on me

Want more details, hit me up.
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[and now for something ridiculously self-indulgent:

Alastair is in his tightest-ass clubbing clothes, currently sitting on a leather lounge booth with two gorgeous men draped against him, a drink in each hand, and a blank smirk on his lips. Live from Dancitron, broadcast courtesy of a third hot guy holding the comm

Four years, assholes.

Come on down to Dancitron, tell me how long you've been here, and I'll comp your drinks.

Don't worry, there's girls here too. Hey, hey - show 'em the dance floor.

[the guy holding the comm turns it so the camera can catch the action on the floor, where there is in fact a rather happy throng of all sorts casting their cares to a Saturday night. Whatever evil is going on elsewhere, the party's here. The camera returns to Alastair, who's clearly already had more than the two-fisted drinks in hand]

Gotta have fun sometime, right? C'mon!
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I am never complaining about the Porter where she can hear me ever again. Lesson learned, man.

[long pause. Almost...dramatic. Deliberate, at least]

I heard stuff about Vulcanus. Who wants it?
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[there's a breath's pause before Alastair speaks; he's aware he only ever posts to complain but it's totally called for. Really. Totally]

Next month, it'll be four years. And they're all gone. Everyone I ever even sorta liked, everyone I trusted, everyone I needed...they're gone. And never coming back. And I'm still here.

[beat] ...no offense Ruka, you're still here. But you're like the last one.

I don't know why I still can't fit in. People don't peg me for an Import, they just think I'm some hipster hacker guy, they think I pass, but I know better. I've tried for four years to just fit in and have a normal life, I even had a nine-to-five with benefits and everything. But there's a flat in Brooklyn that isn't normal, a garage full of motorcycles that aren't normal, and deeds transferred to my name for businesses that aren't normal. There's a goddamn jet shaped like a dragon that belongs to me, that's definitely not normal. I just...don't know how to make it all work.

Ever wanted to just throw it all away? Skip out on your rent and your taxes and just throw some clothes in a saddlebag and hit the road, never to look back? Man...that'd be nice.
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[on and off throughout his post, Alastair is occasionally glancing over his shoulder or around the club behind him - his Case of the Willies is in high gear thanks to the Wild Hunt, since he's had his soul yanked out of his body a couple times before. Does he know this? Of course not!]

Okay so...this is a weird request but I'm kinda desperate. It's bad enough last night was like the worst night in Dancitron's history money-wise, but now all of my DJs have called out sick or dead or high or something and I've got nobody to perform for tonight. Anybody with even the slightest talent when it comes to playing music, live or off a mixer, wanna step up for a last-minute gig? I'll pay double. Anything to keep from having to shut down for a night.

[another glance over his shoulder]

Man, I keep getting his feeling on the back of my neck like somebody's watching me, or stalking me. But nobody's here yet, not even the bartenders.

Anyway...yeah. Any of you lot know how to spin records? That's...that's all. [goddammit Wild Hunt stop passing through the dance floor, it's enough to make a paranoid guy lose his shit on camera]
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[coming to you live from inside Dancitron - dark and empty, at the moment, since it's the middle of the day and who opens a dance club that early anyway. It's the quiet before the chaos, a glimpse at how a hot dance club can be perfectly mundane when not packed with bodies and music]

So it's been a while since I made any kind of public service announcement. Guess it's sort of time. If I ever want tenants and customers, at least.

[flop! into a squishy leather booth seat]

So this? Is Dancitron. This is the club I inherited from some pretty cool guys. Soundwave started it a couple years ago, and it's been under the radar but successful ever since. Shockwave and Skyfire had it in turn, but they're all gone now, so it's mine now. I quit StarkTech in order to run it, and I gotta say, it's probably the best choice I've made in this place.

That said, with all the shit going down around us, this place is still pretty Import-friendly. I think half the regulars come just for the chance of brushing shoulders with one of us. It's like that time the City got taken over by nerds crying about their favorite comic books disappearing - they came here to worship, not to wreck the place. And they still do. So fuck Vulcanus, this place is a safe haven. So I'm thinking, maybe I'll offer regular drink specials and shit to Imports. Flash your comm and you don't have to pay the cover, or something.

And if anyone's looking for a place to live that ain't the MAC, I've got two floors of an apartment building in Brooklyn. Yeah, yeah, I know, but my neighborhood hasn't been bombed, rioted, invaded, or otherwise affected by any of the shit that usually concentrates in midtown or the harbor. It's safe, rent's reasonable, and the perks are good. Just let me know, I can show you a flat anytime now.

[a pause and a shifty glance. Not that he wants to bring up depressing things, but...]

's the first round of holidays I won't have my family with me. What do you guys think about having some of those Import specials this weekend? Get in free and drink for free. Especially if you're like me and got nowhere else to go. [come assuage my loneliness by drinking and dancing, in other words]
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So, like...did anyone else not go to Venezuela?

No offense to the guy who called me or anything, but I'm just not that interested in Venezuela. Peru, maybe, but even then...nah. There's not much there I'm into. Besides, it's not like I'm exactly the poster child for Imports who behave and use their powers responsibly.


Got too much shit to do anyway. Seriously, people need to stop leaving me their businesses when they port out. What makes you guys think I'm a responsible adult?

[PRIVATE: lazily encrypted to Tony Stark]

HR has my resignation letter. Sorry I couldn't give two weeks, but things just came to a head real fast. I'm apparently owner of a dance club now, and I can't manage that and hold down a nine-to-five. Nothing personal, I really enjoyed all the programming work. But you know how it is, right? I'll clean out my desk right away.

[end encryption]
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So, uh. If I want to be in any shape to travel, I need...I need a healer. Like, now. This? [pointing at his left shoulder, where his t-shirt is all stretched out over his casts] Can't be like this if I want to fly to Croatia this weekend. I mean, sure, I can ask some favors of people with the power of instant travel, but the fact still remains that it really sucks trying to get around with only one working arm.

It really sucks.

I don't even know who's still here who has a healing power. Um... [okay awkward moment] Rapunzel? I remember you saying something about healing people. But...I guess I'll understand if you don't wanna be reminded of...that.

Still up for taking care of cats, Ruka? If I can get healed up, I'm gonna make this trip sooner than later. I don't want my homeland shutting down the borders before I can even take a look.
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[not that he wants to show the state he's in, but he knows people will ask if they hear his raspy voice. The comm is tilted at an odd angle in a dim room, but it's very obviously the hospital and Alastair is very obviously in a bad state. He's holding the comm in his good hand because his entire left shoulder and arm are bound up in casts. Still has a black eye and visible (though healing) cuts and bruises. The Major's vamps did a number on him. He speaks very quietly, tiredly]

So. Guess you gotta have friends to get rescued around here.

No, I guess that's not totally right. Somebody brought me to the hospital, so...if it was one of you...thanks, I guess. Did...did somebody get him? The Major. Did anybody kill that [whoa tears in his eyes] bastard? I've been unconscious for two days, I haven't heard anything.

Can...somebody feed my cats? I don't know when I'm getting out.

[he looks away from the comm at the rest, it's hard to say]

S-shockwave? I can't type up encryptions right now but...I need to tell you something.

[somebody let the Major's taunting get to him. Deeply]
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[the video pans across the sleek metal lines of the Blue Eyes White Jet, which really is as ridiculous as it sounds, still parked on top of the KaibaCorp helipad. Don't ask Alastair how he got up there, KC security hasn't realized it. Yet.

He speaks from off-screen while he admires the jet via video

Do you have any idea what it's like to own something in name, but not be allowed to use it?

I have always wanted to fly this thing. I think the one back home was built like a Harrier, with vertical takeoff. I know what it looks like but dude. I'd love to take 'er out for a spin. And then the jackass goes and locks it with a fingerprint lock before porting out. If I'd known he'd do something like that I would have saved something with his prints on it, geez.

You gotta admit, it's impressive. The guy comes here, doesn't give a shit about powers and heroes and just goes and starts rebuilding his company from the ground up. In just a couple years he's got corporate headquarters, an indoor amusement park, his own satellite, and even re-introduced the game of Duel Monsters to a whole new world. And then he's gone, and it's all still here, it's a part of this place. I can still go to the game store on my lunch break and pick up packs of cards.

[okay, finished ogling. Brief glimpse of the sunset before Alastair turns the video to him. Srsface]

So. What have you done to leave your mark on this world, today? Or are you just gonna fade away, disappear one day and no one will ever remember you were even here?

I'm kinda thinkin' I don't want to be forgotten.
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Oh my god.

I finally turn on my comm to see if there's been any news about Vector Prime and oh my god. Is this what musical week was like? I missed it by like...I don't know how long but people were still talking about it when I first came here, and I remember thinking, thank god I wasn't here for that. And now all of a sudden...

People, for the love of anything sane, if you feel the urge to sing, please turn off your comm first. No, seriously. I don't want to catch whatever you all came down with. Think of your fellow imports. Please, I'm begging you. I am so not queen enough for musicals...

Is there even anybody around anymore who even remembers the last time that happened? It's like...me and Ruka, I think. And that's it. Now that Jaime's...

[urk. that was awkward]

...uh, yeah. Public service announcement or something.
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It's a sign of just how shitty my life has been lately that I didn't even notice it was my own damn birthday.

A week ago. I'm 22 now.

Like it means anything. Like any of it matters. I am so done with this place. And now Vector's been kidnapped, and there's nothing I can do. Cops and stuff better be on that, kidnappings never just lead to ransoms and people returning safe and sound around here.

...oh, and for the record?

[he holds up a book to the camera: Management for Dummies]

Seto Kaiba is an asshole.
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[a couple of deep breaths before beginning]

S-so. About a week ago...K...Kyosuke Kiryu...was ported out.

I waited. But just like Bakura...he's not back. I don't think he's coming back.

And I'll never see him again.

[breaking...long pause for control]

I don't know what to do...I'm not good with being alone...

[another long pause, and then, as an afterthought:]

...does anybody know if Jaime's okay?
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[whichever is your favorite late-night newscast, that's where you hear the story first]

...could not be reached for comment.

We have some breaking news to report. There has been some kind of explosion at a high-rise apartment building in Brooklyn. Witnesses report that approximately one hour ago, at the Garden Heights apartments, there was an explosion on the tenth floor. So far, no flames or fire has been reported, but it seems that a corner of the tenth floor has been damaged. We've got a crew en route and will bring you pictures as we get them. If you have information or eyewitness video of the incident, our Hot News Contact Line is.....

[ooc: such is Alastair's reaction to Kiryu's departure. Damage is contained to only the 3-bedroom apartment they shared and portions of the hallway and roof; the Mancave and the 9th floor are fine (no damage to Pink's flat!). Anyone who recognizes "Garden Heights" as the proper name of Hell Towers is welcome to check up on Alastair, but he's not going to be responding to the comm at all. Or going to work for the next week :3 ]
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[frazzled? Just a little] ...c'mon comm, don't glitch on me now.

Uh, so. It hasn't been exactly a week...it'll be a week tomorrow. But I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach that waiting one more day won't help. I don't think...I don't think he's coming back.

[and that is clearly crushing news]

I checked around the apartments today and I think Matsuka's gone too. Mouse was hungry and went straight for our apartment and the other cats. God, Hell Towers is almost empty.

[he sits back from the comm screen, showing at last that he's in the Mancave. The shark is swimming lazily in the dark tank over his shoulder. A frustrated clenching of hands in his red hair, and then...]

Can I just ask what the hell is wrong with people, that they think I'm responsible or some shit? I can't take care of your businesses and houses and pets, I'm just a computer nerd who wants to live his life! So please...for the love of god if anyone else had delusions of leaving me something when they port out? Don't. Just don't. I don't want it anymore. Now I've got two floors of an apartment building where only three people live at the moment, a toy store, motorcycles, pets, and I'm even part-manager of a dance club! Whoever's brilliant idea it was to saddle me with all this responsibility...they can take it back. Really.

[sigh] I gotta do something with some of this. I...we can't keep all these cats and dogs. Aome and Pelor...they're okay, but the new cat and the dog and Mouse...they need homes. Like, soon, because that damn dog is too high-energy. Somebody...I need a hand. [with an undertone of "somebody tell me what to do"]

[encrypted to Seto Kaiba]

Look, I don't know what kind of contracts or agreements Ryou had with you, about the toy store. But I think we better set up a meeting to go over it. After hours is better, I work till five anyway. You can have it, I don't want it. I just want to do right by him.

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[he's breathing heavily and his voice sounds thick]

N...not again. I...

B-Bakura's been ported out. Just so...

...god, I can't keep doing this...!

[*most replies will be text in the desperate hope that won't glitch on him and reveal his emotional state]
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[of course it's accidental, he just made his obligatory quarterly post yesterday...

...please to excuse the shirtlessness, he was just enjoying a snuggle in bed until a couple minutes ago when the Porter interfered. This is Alastair hulking out on-camera, as his power shorted the comm to turn on and post: hands clenched in his hair, recoiling, raging, and arcs of green energy lashing out from him to other objects in the otherwise dark room. That energy - and the glowing symbol on his forehead - are the only real illumination you get

...no no no NO NO NO NOO!!!! WHY?! NOT HIM! NOT NOW!

[a slap of Oricalchos energy cuts it off there. All replies will be about ten minutes later and still shirtless]
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Man. Porter's been on a roll lately, it looks like. People are disappearing left and right. Himuro's gone too - she didn't bring in the rent for two days so I went to check and sure enough, apartment's empty.

So I guess that means there's another vacancy at Hell Towers, if anyone needs a place.

At this rate, is it gonna send all of us home? [worried] Even those of us who don't want to go?

[private to Vector Prime, Cybertronian encryptions] )
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Man...this feels familiar like whoa.

[he's here to blog-chat at you in front of the shark tank in Hell Towers. Why? Because he can. Pierre at least looks fairly well (spoiler, Alastair hired someone to take care of him) and unconcerned]

So...I know the mayor called for an evacuation and all, and there's loads of people having dreams and predicting this hell-terror thing. But I wanna know just what they're seeing. What the shit is going to happen on Tuesday? What'd they tell the mayor so he could tell the normals a story scary enough to get them to actually leave? I mean it's not like a hurricane...we don't have weather guys up and down the coast wetting themselves over how amazingly bad this storm is gonna be and if you don't get out you're gonna die...

[uncomfortable look] ...so, are we? Gonna die, I mean. Or is it overreacting. Or should I be packing up my boyfriend and brother and getting the hell out of here?

I mean, we're not on the island, we're over here in Brooklyn, but. Still. Gotta wonder. Even with the power to remove souls from bodies, something tells me I'm a whole fuckload of useless over here. Makes me kinda wish I could make Duel Monsters real like Kyosuke, I've got an army of Fire monsters that could be fun...

[huff] I kinda miss the zombies. Except zombies don't have souls, do they? Shit, I still wouldn't be any good against that.

Anyway. Comm's been pretty quiet so I thought I'd ask. But the quiet makes me think you guys with the bigger, badder powers don't know shit either. Prove me wrong.
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So, uh. Hey, network. I keep forgetting to do this, so I have to. Sorry if you're not into advertisements.

Lots of new people all the time. [lame little wave] Hi. I don't say much around the comm anymore but I'm Alastair. I've been here over two years, and somehow after all this time I've somehow been bequeathed property. Me and Bakura are the current...owners, I guess, of a couple of floors of Hell Towers, In Brooklyn, and we rent to imports so I just wanted to let all the new people know that if you wanna get out of the MAC and get a decent place, you should check us out.

It's not really hell, it's a pretty swanky place. I mean, this... [he gestures to the room behind him - the Mancave in all its glory] ...is just our tenth floor lounge and shit, with arcade games and a big screen TV. There's little studios on up to three bedrooms like the one Kyosuke, Ryou and I live in, but I'm not showing you that one because fuck if I was gonna clean just to post to the network. The rent's not too bad, thanks to Hiruma's set rates, and since we're in Brooklyn we usually don't get any collateral damage when people decide to blow up the City. Since, you know, they tend to go for downtown or mid-town. And there's an underground garage that mostly has motorcycles in it, so...plenty of room.

So yeah. Next time anyone's looking at moving out on their own and actually paying money for space, don't forget about Hell Towers. There's a lot of empty places on the ninth floor, and a few here on Ten...if you don't count Hiruma's old place 'cause I'm not letting anyone have that one. Just in case. You can leave me or Bakura a message or else my cell phone is [number].

Guess after two and a half years you just gotta bit the bullet and accept that you're gonna be here for the long haul, and start renting to new tenants, huh?
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Okay, so. Uh.

I suck at planning birthday stuff. Go figure. And I haven't been real social lately so I don't even know anymore who's all friends with Bakura Ryou...so, a little help here?

His birthday's Friday. And if that's not enough, he's turning twenty, which for most people here is like 'yeah, so?' but Bakura's really super Japanese and in Japan, you come of age at 20. So. Even if I suck at planning, he needs a big deal made out of his birthday. I don't care how much he stammers and says it's nothing, it's something.

Thing is, I know a lot of people have been taking him places, and doing stuff with him lately. He's been out more than I have, which is kinda pathetic I guess. So I don't even know what to do for him that hasn't been done. Just throw a big party at the Mancave or something? I dunno. I'll take any and all ideas you guys got. It's gotta be nice - something he'll remember, something to make him happy. He needs that. He really needs that.

And, uh. Consider this a big heads-up about his birthday to everybody who knows him. Which is a lot of people.
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[scene! The hallway of Hell Towers 10th Floor, and Alastair dressed for work in a plain t-shirt and vest. He actually doesn't look like a slob of a hacker-biker-boy]

Shit. What the hell am I going to do with this...?

Well, um. People who live here...I should get your comm numbers, Bakura's not...uh. He's okay, really, just. I guess I'm collecting today. And from now on.

[a moment of awkward. Watch this young man hem and haw over being handed actual property and responsibility for once. His life, what is it]

So hey, if anybody's looking for a place that ain't the MAC, we've got a little conclave here at Hell Towers. Hiruma named it that, it's not really hell - it's actually pretty nice. We've got a Mancave with a shark... [pause. REALIZATION] Shit! Who's going to take care of the shark now? I don't know how to take care of a shark! God damn it! Stupid Porter!

A-anyway. We're renting. Ninth and tenth floors. I'll keep Hiruma's rate because shit if I know anything about renting apartments.

I think that's it, for now. Uh. Hi. Gotta get to work now. [wave]

[later, added, encrypted to Ghost, text: links to several places around the internet where he's been trolling, feeding the flames of anger against Vulcanus. He's been posting anonymously and very hard to trace, but he's been dishing out an Import's-eye view that has the natives more than just restless about the implications of Vulcanus' ploy]
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Shockwave. I haven't heard anything all week. Is he okay? Is it really him?

I'm not gonna bust in and pry. I just need to know.
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Porter's been doing her thing for what, two and a half years now? Give or take?

How many teams of superheroes have been around in that time, with big names like Iron Man and Superman?

We're only just now getting a government-sanctioned one, made up of 80% newbs who've been using their comms less than two weeks?

And people said I was being paranoid.

At least I'm getting lots of good hacks in. Feels like old times.

[encrypted via Decepticon encryptions to: Kiryu, Bakura, Shockwave, and both Mokuba and Seto Kaiba]

Boss is sending me to Majr for a business trip in a couple weeks. Just so you know that I'm not disappearing or kidnapped or anything. At least I hope not.
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[why yes, that is the Oricalchos shining out from Alastair's forehead. But he's not ranting and raving this time! Though he is out of breath...]

For the record, I want to say that this isn't my doing.

This is a warning, network. That guy who said he was going to suck souls and annihilate life in this world? He's not joking. He's serious, and he's doing it. So somebody better get up and stop him before the whole place is wiped out. He almost got me...but something protected me.

[he steps aside and shifts the camera to show the slack, gray-looking shell of a person that is one Baroona, just sort of standing on the sidewalk looking all zombie-ish and dead inside]

This guy wasn't so lucky. Must've got him before I caught up with him.

I've been following the creeper around to see if his power was real, and it is. Take my word for it. If I had taken their souls, they wouldn't be standing. There's a trail of people like this all across mid-town. My power isn't enough, somebody else is going to have to deal with this.


Kyosuke, Ryou. Check in, I want to know you guys are all right.
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[Alastair's got the visor of his motorcycle helmet flipped up, so forgive him if his shouting is a little bit hard to hear]

Boss? I don't think I can make it in today. You gotta see this.

[he flips the camera around to show the crowd a couple of blocks from the Porter building. It's massive. And these aren't all just nerds in t-shirts, some of them look pretty heavily armed and intelligent. Mingled among them are folks in business attire who look like they've just piled out of the subway stations and are both pissed and scared. Alastair is going to talk while filming]

Shit, man, I think they're serious. This is as far as I could get, traffic's at a complete stop around here and something's wrong with the trains. I've been stuck here like an hour, so really, Stark, it's not like I'm trying to be late for work.

I thought it was just a bunch of stupid nerds going 'oh no my comic books' but this is nuts. Are they really going for the Porter? Idiots!

[oh hell one of them is looking his way, and may or may not recognize the device as not just another cell phone]

[added about an hour later: voice, ENCRYPTED to Seto Kaiba using Decepticon encryptions]

Kaiba. Hear me out. I need cards. You know which kinds. I just want to know if I can get 'em off you or if I have to break into your distribution center again.


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