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It looks like we've got another batch of new people coming in, huh? I used to pay attention whenever that was happening, to see if someone from my world was going to show up, but now...I don't know. It doesn't seem important. Not sure I'd wish this place on anyone else anyway.

What about you guys? There's someone you probably want to see again, or someone you really hope doesn't show up. Especially with so many superheroes here. [A pause.] It still feels really silly to actually use that word and be completely serious.

Either way, I'm not trying to make anyone sad or uncomfortable here. I'm just curious, and really bored. That's what the network is here to help with, right?
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I've been putting this off, because I didn't want to deal with it, but it looks like I can't just ignore it any longer. [Without people prodding at him, anyway.]

So, here: I'm sorry about that...whatever that posted as me last month. Like the others, it wasn't really me. Mostly, I think. The whole deal is complicated, and I don't really get it, but I know it said some hurtful things and I thought I should apologize. And to the people who didn't know me before then, I wanted to say I'm not really like that. [most of the time.]

There. That's all..

[Private to Kanaya Maryam] )
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[The comm feed is unsteady, giving brief glimpses of the person holding it- Shinji, or at least something that looks like him, with yellow eyes - and the building he's standing in front of, some kind of massive metal pyramid.]

I'm not going to waste my breath on you people and give a long speech explaining what I want. You don't deserve that. [He spits every word, teeth grinding together in between them.] You're failures, all of you. You can't even save a bunch of kids, and even if you could get your act together and try, you don't get that it doesn't matter. Not a damn bit of it does.

The only thing that matters is how much you can get out of everyone before you have to hurt them. Push them away, kill them, whatever. Life is all about hurting. It's the only constant. Hurt and get hurt until you can't any more.

[He starts walking towards the pyramid, thumb sliding over the screen. A thumb covered in blood.]

So come on,. heroes. or whoever the Hell. I'll show you how little you mean before I crush the life out of you. Or before you do the same to me.

It's all any of us are good for.
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So I see the world is still here.

[Shinji's voice is just lousy with deadpan sarcasm.]

It's almost disappointing. I was at least expecting some supervillain attack, but I guess even they don't care about ridiculous rumors you read on the internet.

All I'll say is that if this world has made it all this time without ending, then it probably won't any time soon. As long as humans don't mess it up, which, I suppose, is possible. [And likely, he thinks but doesn't say.]

Now, can I go back  to never hearing about this again? Please?
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[The first few seconds of this post are completely silent.]

...I never know how to start these.

[At least that's honest.]

I've just been thinking lately, and I guess you can only go so long talking to yourself before you need to just. Hear other people. Anyway, It's almost that day. December 13th. The first time I arrived in the City, two years ago. It's not really important or worth celebrating or anything like that.

It's just...things were so different back then.  Coming to this city, in this time, meeting all these weird people. It was even my first winter. It was new and exciting and, I don't know, it made me happy. But now it just how things were back home, which - ]Okay he's not explaining all of that] isn't good.

Whatever was special is gone. I don't know if it's just, time or stuff like what happened with everyone [Is that a crack in his voice? Nah.] but it's not the same. Is this how it's supposed to be? Finding something special just to see it fade away?

[Silence again.]

Yeah, I don't know what I'm talking about either.

[And it's over.]
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[The man in the video is definitely Shinji, even if his face is slightly more manly than before. Slightly. It seems he's cursed to be pretty forever. Even with his size-changing plugsuit on he looks uncomfortable and ridiculous.

When he speaks, his voice is only a few octaves lower than it used to be.]

So, this happened.

[He has the most deadpan look on his face.]

Are we keeping a running tally of everyone who got hit with this...whatever-it-is? It might help to keep the kids from running off into traffic if we know who they are and if they remember or not.

[It looks like he's briefly considering saying something else, but instead he sighs and tosses the comm aside.]
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Five months...

I was expecting to be sent home before now, but maybe I won't go back. Not for a while, anyway. I don't know if that's better or worse.

The longer I'm here the more I hate not knowing if I'm going to be gone in the next second or the next week or whenever. That's kind of like being afraid of dying, isn't it? You never really know, and the thought stays with you even when you're trying not to think about it.

[Wow, morbid Shinji. He lets out a quiet sigh.]

It's especially weird to think that if I go home, I'm going to have to wait to be fifteen again. Time isn't supposed to work that way. And if I leave and come back, will it not count here any more?

[And that's the closest he'll get to talk about his birthday.]

Everything about this place is such a bother sometimes.

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Sorry I was acting so weird last week. And that I haven't been around much since then.

[Because he has shut himself away for the whole time.]

Before you ask, no, I don't want to talk about it. In fact, I rather we just never mention any of it again, okay? Just...forget whatever I said. I wasn't myself.

[A pause.]

That's all.
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[It's a video post! From Shinji! And he's smiling. Terrifying. He's got his comm held up and angled down so that it's clear that someone is standing next to him, and that they are, in fact, holding hands.] I don't usually admit when I'm wrong, but in this case I gotta say, the speed dating thing was the greatest time of my life. I'm glad I got talked into it, so that I could finally find the person who makes me feel complete. [And the comm is angled to the right to reveal that the girl next to Shinji is...]

[feferi!!!! w h a t. she beams, positively radiant, and offers the camera a little wave.] Whoever came up with this is a genius! Thank you so much. I never would have discovered this without it! [she pops shinji a little kiss on the cheek for good measure.]

[Shinji's smile gets big enough to cross into "obnoxiously happy" and goddamnit is he blushing too? This is the worst.] Feferi! [Shinji chuckles. Giggles? It's like both at once.] Anyway, we just wanted to say thanks and we hope it worked out just as well for everyone else! [He turns back to Feferi, ignoring the comm like it isn't still on.] Hey, let's go get ice cream!

[she grins even wider, if that is even possible] I love ice cream! How did you know? [she flicks his nose, jokingly, and laughs herself. god, he is such a dork!]

[Shinji leans towards her aaaand fortunately for the sake of everyone's sanity, that's the end of the video feed.]
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[It's video time! Shinji has the comm pointed at his face, and the expression he's making is not a pleased one. In fact, it's pretty much identical to the lineface he's making in this icon.

After a few seconds he turns the device around to face what drove him to make this post to begin with - a bathtub, filled to the brim with water, and with what appears to be a pod of tiny plushie whales floating around inside it.

Until it becomes clear that the whales aren't floating, they're swimming. Their tails are propelling them through the water on their own. And then one of the tiny whales surfaces and shoots an itty bitty stream of water from its blowhole like a squirt gun.

The comm goes back to Shinji. And then to the whales. Then back to Shinji.]

How am I supposed to take a bath like this? [He sighs, and then looks over his shoulder at the bathroom door. And yells.] Yuma, get the whales out of the tub! I'm not using it with these things around!
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Uh, hi. I know this is going to sound strange, but-


Is anyone currently looking for a roommate? It's not that I dislike being alone or anything. It just seems safer in a place like this to have someone living with you. Someone who isn't a crazy murderer or demon or whatever happens to people in this place. That's not too unreasonable, right? And I do have money to pay rent! [sweet Trowa's car sale money] I wouldn't be asking that if I didn't. Plus, I can help with chores and cooking. The keyword there being "help". I'm not looking to be your personal cleaning slave.

Just...don't think you'll be funny by offering when you're actually a psychopath, since I'm sure the network will let me background check everyone out pretty easily.

That's all, I guess.
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[Whoever pressed the button to start the video feed is presently off screen, giving you a lovely floor-angle view of the Porter room. It's definitely clear that someone is there, though, due to the horrible retching and vomiting noises in the background. Those soon fade off into coughing, and the comm's owner crawls into view.]

I-I'm back. I can't be-

[It's a scrawny brown-haired kid, or "Shinji" for the five or six people he interacted with last time he was here. He's wearing a weird headband and an even weirder blue and white diving suit thing.]

-No. No no no, not now! I can't-I have to get back! They need me, she needs me, I can't just-


[Shinji tears the headband off, throws it across the room with a growl of frustration, and slumps against the wall.]

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[Shinji's breathing is unsteady and his voice is hoarse, clearly the result of a freak out. He's fumbling with the comm.]

S-so those shadow things everyone's been having. I...I had one, but...I fell asleep when I was trying to ignore it and.

[He finally gets a good grip. The feed shows Shinji's MAC apartment...with black shadowy splatters all over the place.]

Something happened to it. I don't know what. [Deep breath.]

Um. Has anyone else's...exploded?

((ooc: Shinji's EVA-01 construct - that he's still blissfully unaware of - reacted very badly to Shadow Gendo and used its AT Field to blow his intangible ass away.))
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Happy New Year, everyone. Even if it is technically four years back for me, but...nevermind.

[Pause. Might as well get on the topic he made this post for, even if it is awkward and weird!]

This might sound strange - okay, no, it's definitely going to sound strange - but um.

Does anyone want to buy a car?

[attached file: picture of trowa's sweet ass blue car he gave shinji.jpg]
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Is this on? Ah. Hi. I didn't really...introduce myself that well last time. My name's Shinji Ikari. And I want to apologize if I made anyone worry with my last post. I was just a little [freaking the hell out] confused by what's going on. Nothing like this is real. Back home, I mean. Here I guess it is. I'll have to adjust. Sorry.

So um. Someone was telling me something about having superpowers. Is know. True? If so, what does that mean? Can you guys fly or. Heal. Or. [Don't say anything about AT Fields.] ...Just curious.
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[Someone is breathing heavily into the comm, almost like they're on the verge of hyperventilating. In between breaths, a boy's voice speaks.] This isn't real. This isn't happening. There's no computer that talked to you. This is not 2010. This whole city is underwater.

[Whatever that was all about, it worked. The breathing stabilizes and when the mystery user speaks again, it's much clearer.] Which means this has to be fake, right? A-a dream or some weird kind of Angel attack. Right.

Listen. Ayanami, Misato, Nagisa, Fath-...Commander. If any of you are out there, please tell me you're getting this.

[Another deep, unsteady breath.] And tell me I'm not going crazy.


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