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Testing, one, two, three. [Quentin is no where to be seen but the camera gives a clear view of his kitchen counter-top.]

It's been a while, denizens of The City. As most of you may recall, I was the winning bidder for an exclusive set of collectibles during the charity auction. I spent nearly two-thousand dollars for such fine craftsmanship and I know what many of you are thinking. One, where the hell did I get that kind of money, and most importantly why the hell did I spurge on such luxurious items?

Why, for entertainment by yours truly. There's a little bit of something for everyone here.

[cue the Thor puppet, who looks especially beautiful with his luscious golden locks. He is standing next to a red bottle of L'Oreal Color-Vive protecting shampoo on Quentin's kitchen countertop. In the most (read: not very) masculine voice possible;]

I am called Thor, god of Thunder who is far too beautiful to do the tasks of mere mortals. I believe there is nothing left for me to do except forsaking my status as god of thunder to become the god of hair, as mine is so wonderful and long- [the Thor puppet is interrupted mid hair flip to the rough cry of freedom coming from the Captain America puppet who jumps.]

'MURICA. Stop right there son, this is 'murica and we don't have no god of hair. We have FREEDOM. But what the hell do I know about freedom with my stupid little head and my cute widdle wings on my face? I represent everything capitalist scums enjoy with my good friend, Tony Stark.

[The Stark puppet is thrown in front of the camera before Quentin moves the camera to show Spider-Man, the Wasp, and Black Widow puppets being carried/devoured by a giant spider made out of legos. It's pretty big ande detailed for something made out of legos.]

Help us Avengers!

I can't because I am too busy being a capitalist with Tony Stark, son. [The camera turns back to Tony Stark and Captain America who seem to be chilling on top of a throne of toilet paper. Quentin announces the end of this puppet show with a curt laugh and with the words;]

To be continued...

[The view suddenly shifts to this monstrosity and Quentin quickly adds in the sound effects of] SNIKTY SNIKT. [Before turning off the camera... to be continued in the comments.]
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Go make a change in the world. Everyone wants to, why not you? Look around you and see the change, be inspired by it. Now's your chance to voice your concerns because I'm going to set you free from those conscious inhibitors that prevent you from speaking your mind.

Go on. Let them know that you've got the power.

[ooc: Related to the Subliminal Message plot! It ends tonight at Midnight!]
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Attention plebs of the city! Yeah, you, I'm talking to you! I have an important announcement to make. It's essential that you pay attention because following that I will be making an offer in addition to the announcements. So listen up!

As we all know, Rachel Grey has left the city. She was one of the two omega telepaths, leaving only one omega telepath. Me. Quentin Quire!

Now I know this is hard for some of you to comprehend. Don't worry, I'll spell out what this means for your primitive minds. By being an omega mutant, you're essentially the best of the best. Let's face it, folks, only the best could come out of homo superior.

What this means for you flatscans and dull thinkers? It means that I am willing to help you out with your telepathic problems. For a fair price, of course. Now, there are other telepaths in the city, I won't lie. But if you want the best outcome, you'll get one-hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed with my service.
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[The camera opens up to a view of people ice skating. Random couples holding hands, to children taking baby-steps and falling down. There's a groan on the other side of the camera, and Quentin doesn't sound pleased with the skaters.]

What a bunch of amateurs. Doesn't anyone know how to skate? I didn't come here expecting anyone to do the Axel jump but, I also expected more out of these losers than the bunny hop jump. I bet these morons would be impressed by a simple cherry flip.

[There's another sigh.] I'm bored to tears. Anyone wanna come show up these bozos? Or maybe start a game of ice hockey to chase these suckers out?

Otherwise, I'm going to lutz jump these assholes into the new year.
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[Cue a hurried view of the streets. The view is clearly someone running from someone else as there's an angry shout from faraway-] "GET BACK HERE YOU ROTTEN PUNK!" [People jump out of the way to avoid the goose chase, some by surprise and others seem to move without looking up, almost like they were calmly told to move out of the way. There's a response to the faraway voice that sounds close and familiar.]

Only if you can catch me, fatass!

"THAT'S VANDALISM THAT YOU DID THERE, PUNK!" [Quentin turns the camera onto his face, and he looks super angry.]

Alright, fess up. Who called the truancy officers?
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Okay, who here has a YouTube? [ Here's Striker! Here's Striker looking irritable, and then he swings it around to a computer screen, which has his YouTube channel on it. It just hit 300,000 subscribers. Yes, Striker and his shitty teen team doing inadvisable and occasionally drunk things on YouTube in front of a large audience is totally the PR that imPorts need right now. ] Because you need to subscribe. To me. I'm not even in the top 100 yet, how is that okay?

[ The camera swings around to Quentin Quire. ] This is your fault somehow, I'm pretty sure.

How is it my fault? [ Quentin just rolls his eyes at the camera. Obviously not buying any of that sassypants talk. ] If anything, it's your own fault.

[ SUPER AFFRONTED: ] Uh, excuse you. Maybe if you weren't so obscure on Twitter...

I have more followers and hashtags on Twitter than you!!

That's bullshit, QQ. Prove i-

[ Aaand the feed cuts out so Striker can defensively check Twitter numbers on his comm. ]
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With school being in session and all, I guess it's time to start mass producing identity cards for both high school students and college freshmen. It isn't much but, it's a little bit of cash and something to do while all my loser friends are sitting on their hands in boring classrooms.

I'm really glad I don't have to go to some fascist school. I mean, seriously. I was already a genius when I was in diapers, you think school is going to teach me note-worthy shit? Being taught how to be a victim isn't that important. Except maybe to the government. Unsurprisingly, of course, since it's their systematical tool to make us all into cogs for their murder machines. That's why they're so tight about forcing you to go to school.

Just remember school kids, Q is for Question Authority!
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[ Striker and Quentin are on camera. Striker has regular clothes on instead of his lightning onesie, and he's standing in a kitchen, clearly not one from the MAC. He looks a bit vindictive. This is what you get, team jerk. ]

So if you, hypothetically, have an immortal guy's corpse in your fridge how long do they usually take to come back to life? Also is it weird to put your food in there with them? Hypothetically.

[ Quentin is also wearing regular clothes, for once, and looks extremely pissed. There is food all over the counter. ] Maybe he's alive now? Give it a knock, Striker.

He'd probably try to get out if he was. [ The implication here is that Striker wouldn't help him!!! ]

Wow so my fucking food is going to spoil and it's all dead-ass Terry's fault. That just adds the icing to the cake of catastrophe that is team assholes.

That sounds about right. [ He will remember to protest that name later when he's not being a huge dick. ] You should probably mention that Jenny fucking died too, you know.

Oh right. Jenny is also dead, but we couldn't steal her body. [ a pause. ] Her fat dead ass is also responsible for our rotting food.

[ Striker finally wanders over to the fridge and pulls it open. You can see a familiar black mess of Terry hair in the corner of the shot. ] Ugh. Still dead.

....... Let's cut his hair.
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[ the video opens up to the stretch of green, fenced field that may or may not be vaguely recognizable as the anglo-scottish border. in the distance there's a road, but besides that and the wire fence, there's just a group of teenagers standing on the scottish side that look distinctively like they're up to no good.

from off camera, a girl's wry voice can be heard:

Still fucking think we should call it the Authority.

[ terry's keeping his distance from the others, all furrowed eyebrows and frowns. if he's going to do this, he's sure as hell not doing it next to the telekinetics or mr. friggin' lightning pants over there, so he situates himself furthest away from the camera, tactically near some foliage. ]

Who the hell even cares what it's called.

[ striker is front and center. because he's striker. he's wearing regular clothes instead of his lightning pants, which is a courtesy to you guys, since otherwise he would have to pull his onesie all the way down to his butt just to free willy. ]

You should. If you don't have a good name, you can't have good branding. [ And then, pointedly: ] And "Authority" isn't going to generate good branding.

[ julian is a few paces away from striker, their new king of social network. he's dressed normally, with his jacket sleeves wrapped around his arms and his metal hands being floaty at his sides. ]

This whole thing is about rejecting authority anyway. But I don't even know why we're debating it. [ He glances between them all. ] You know you aren't beating the Hellions for a name. It's got way too much of a ring to it, and you're lucky enough to have me on board, which means no copyright issues. You should be fucking grateful.

[ he pauses, then looks out at the wild, untamed gross, nature-filled scottish landscape before them. ] So are we doing this, or what?

You guys are insane. No one is going to remember the Authority or the Hellions.

[ a few steps away from julian is quentin, he smirks at the fence and then to the guys. with a casual shrug he shakes his head before placing his hands on his hips. ]

Are you pee shy, Jules? [ another quirky grin. ] The Omegas have no room for shy little babies.

[ the camera turns around so that it's facing jenny, who exhales smoke from her cigarette at the feed before addressing it: ]

Fuck you guys. You're all shitty team leaders with shitty team name ideas. [ she makes a face, sticking her tongue out. ] And no electric piss or crossing streams, assholes. Nobody likes that shit.

[ there's a distinct symphony of tsssssss sounds. jenny rolls her eyes at the camera. ]

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Way to make me out to be one of the shittiest friends ever, Porter. I mean really, couldn't it have waited? But, whatever. Looks like I'm back after a whole day without me. Did you guys miss me? I'm sure some of you did.

I have a neat little trick to show you guys, watch.

[you see those five quarters on the ground? they are now glowing blue and floating off the ground albeit slowly. qq sounds pretty smug and even laughs.]

Pretty cool, huh?


Also, Jenny, I'm so sorry. That was completely out of my control.
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[cue the brief roar of a shower before the sound of the water being shut off.]

Keeping up a profile is hard work sometimes. Not in an everyday sense of style and appearance but with notable features, like your face. [the feed clicks on to Quentin drying his hair out with a towel. it's relatively normal, until you take a closer look at the pink stains in the towel and streaked across his white shirt.] Since the first impressions come from the face, we look for a couple of key traits. But, no matter the judgement, we use these keys to support our impressions and info of the person.

Say you take a guy in glasses with well kept hair who dresses sharply. What would you think of him? Now take the same guy, shave his hair and dye it, and give him faded and raggedy clothing. Would your opinion change? [he pauses briefly to remove the towel around his head, unveiling his newly dyed pink hair.] Come on, don't lie. We're all a little biased.

It's the very principle of being judged or having that distinct face that we strive for appearances.

six- voice

Jul. 5th, 2012 02:07 am
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Hey, I know it's a little late but I've got some left over fireworks. Anyone want to come set them off with me? Don't worry! I have a permit from the permit office to set these off so, who's with me? [he has no such permit.]
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Hey, for those of you who don't know. I'm organizing a rally. A rally for the safety and understanding between imPorts and Citizens. Don't worry, I've got a permit and everything for it so it's totally legal in case you're one of those authorities. That or you're just questioning my motives.

If you're interested, inquire for more details and I'll give you the location. Everyone's free to join! Remember to ask the right questions if you have any because this may be something you support!
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So, I'm looking into new apartments. The one I have is too small and I want more living space. Money may be an issue but I'm willing to work things out. Any other arrangements can be brought up in question.

Additionally, what's the strongest thing for migraines?
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[The camera's got a shaky view of what appears to be sand, before it swings around to Julian with a nice view of the beach.] Say hi Julian.

[ Julian has one hand raised, and is telekinetically dragging something big and mechanical behind him. On closer inspection, it looks like a gas-fired outdoor barbecue. ] What? …You're filming already. Whatever. [ Looking properly at the camera. ] Hey everyone. Raise your hand if you're bored with police drama. We have a solution.

How do you all feel about a beach party? Of course, this is only for people who don’t annoy us. Right, Jules?

Right. If we like you, you’re invited. We’ll be-- which beach is this again?

[ Julian leaves the directions to Quentin since apparently setting the barbecue up is a one man job. ]

It’s near Manhattan Beach Park, I’ll let you know where specifically if you just ask. Don’t want any scumbags ruining our party spirit. [The camera shifts to the empty volleyball poles.] We’ll have plenty of things to do, and a barbeque for lunch! But if you want something specific, you can contribute to the party. Just don’t feel obligated to do so.

[ Julian comes back into view when he takes a net to those empty poles. ]

What he said. Except definitely feel obligated. We know you don’t have anything better to do. This is where the action’s at. [ Julian shifts his attention to Quentin instead of the camera. ] Hey Quire, are you gonna stand there and film all day or what? They know what’s up, get over here.

Alright, alright! [Quentin turns the camera away from Julian and onto his face. He smiles, speaking briefly.]

See you soon, everyone.

[ooc; JOIN THEM!!]
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You know, I was thinking about the things you guys said about mutant rights not being a problem here. So, I did some investigations of my own and found something more relevant to, say, nearly all of you.

Anti-mutant sentiment may not be a pressing issue here. Okay, fine. But why is everyone on the streets riled up? You can't tell me you haven't noticed this? I'm talking to you guys, the assholes who keep saying that this can't be happening or that I'm just trying to start trouble. There really is no denying the physical proof and mental proof, granted some of you can't see the mental proof. But I could show you what they're thinking about us imports. And let me tell you, it's nothing pretty. Definitely not your pleasant walk in the telepathic park.

So, stay tuned because I'm going to show you nonbelievers the truth.
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[Cue an empty wall. Yes, just an empty wall.]

So I got to thinking. Despite becoming a freed political prisoner, I'm still imprisoned by the stupid expectations of this society. Why should I be expected to protect, much less serve, these homo sapiens? After all, they're all just little mindless sheep waiting to follow the herd. Maybe I want to be the one who leads them all off a cliff! But that's too easy because they're already doing that job for me. What with their hypocrisy and mutant bigotry.

[Someone steps in front of the communicator, and for a moment the wall is blocked.] They're probably in this city too. It's everywhere, even if the people who want to pretend that people don't hate mutants refuse to admit it. [Quentin steps back and lo and behold a giant omega symbol graffiti'd in red with an x right beneath it.]

I'm going to be the one who open your eyes. So, mutant haters and those who doubt their hatred, be on guard! And for those of you too busy with your head shoved up your ass to know me, or don't know me. This is all courtesy to you by Kid Omega!


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