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[The video shows Doom, in the center of the UN General Assembly Room. The room is filled with rather frightened looking representatives seated all around, at their various stations. It appears that his comm has been linked into whatever video equipment is normally in the assembly.]

Representatives, the nation of Latveria thanks you for your patience with these preceedings, and I am pleased that we seem to have come to an agreement at long last.

[A man toward the back of the assembly yells something dissenting and is promptly subdued by a Doombot. It's not specifically shown, but the metallic clanking involved implies little else.]

Now to the purpose of this meeting.

As of one hour ago, Latveria has been formally inducted into the United Nations, in accordance with subparagraph six of the UN Charter. All serious inquiries regarding the validity of this induction have been answered and resolved, and we of Latveria, and more importantly, we of the UN are satisfied with the outcome. I, Victor von Doom, will be acting as representative of Latveria until such time as another qualified official can be appointed.

Since Latveria is at a geographical disadvantage in this plane, the United States representative has been so kind as to offer the UN building and surrounding area as a Latverian annex until our proper land can be successfully reappropriated. To the representatives of Romania, Belgium, and Hungary, respectively, our next step on this glorious new path rests in your hands. Doom, and the people of Latveria, have the utmost hope that we can arrive at a satisfactory settlement quickly.

Once again, thank you for patience and your service to your great nations.

[And with that the feed ends. The broadcast has been relayed to the various news stations around the City as well, so expect there to be broadcasts, rebroadcasts, and the devastatingly good-looking anchor crew going nuts for the next few hours.]
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[The program resumes from a commercial break by flashing an animated logo of the broadcast network. At a standard newsdesk are three very attractive new anchors. They seem concerned in that very purposeful, television news anchor sort of way. Their brows are all perfectly furrowed, and one of them is shuffling papers in an effort to appear busy, or as though she's carefully studying some report. The camera focuses on one, in particular, a blond man in his mid-thirties.]

If you're just joining us, we've been discussing the closure of several blocks in Midtown. The cause of the conflict is, at this time, unknown. However, since around two in the morning, there have been reports of what witnesses have described as human-sized robots blocking people from entering or leaving the area. No terrorist groups have claimed responsibility for the incident thus far.

[The camera zooms out, and an animated chart appears in the left corner, highlighting the blocks effected. From off camera, a woman's voice is heard. She's presumably the lady who was ruffling through papers earlier.]

If you'll pardon the interruption, Bart, more concerning I think is the actual geographical location of the lockdown, as some law enforcement officials are calling it. The center of the effected area seems to be the UN Building, and, as we know, there were some questions about how business day resolved itself for them yesterday.

Thank you, Dianne, that's a valid point, but at present, there's no way to determine if this is an actual attack on the UN, or of it's merely a coincidence. Again, there has been no group officially claiming responsibility for the incident, and the City PD has thus far declined comment is well. All they will officially state is that officers are "working on it", and attempted to maintain control of the area around the lockdown.

[Again, the camera switches angles, showing the newsdesk and it's three anchors again. The next speaker is a man in a blue suit. He has the same calculated concern as the other two.]

Well, Bart, I think it's a little naive to even suggest that the UN building being scooped up by this is a mere coincidence. Further, we've been dancing over the issue of import involvement all night. The fact is that we live in a city of unknown superpowered entities and people of extreme intelligence, not to mention the technology that they can bring with them from their respective worlds. Rather than expecting a statement from terrorists, I think we ought to be looking more locally.

Well said, Tom.

On a more practical level, the MTA has suspended service on the 7 train in Manhattan until such time as a resolution can be reached. If you have to venture into midtown at all, it's recommended that you avoid anything east of Lexington.

And if you have any theories on this mysterious incident, please contact us via twitter @ NY1, or by commenting on our blog. We'd love to hear from you.

[And with that, the camera zooms out and they go to another commercial break.]
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[Good morning, City! Welcome to another episode of the Early Show! Settle in, grab your coffee and prepare to tune most of the fluff pieces out. There's nothing super remarkable about this particular broadcast, but people paying attention might notice this tacked onto the business section.]

And lastly, we're joined by Tom Tucker of the City's weekly news with a special report on Import businesses. In particular, the formation of a new venture and the potential it has to help the community in the wake of its recent tragedy... Tom? )
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[Doom is once again in his lab, tinkering away on a robotics project. In the background, there are several body parts like this just laying around. There's also the lovely Susan Storm scribbling frantically in a notebook in a much better lit corner of the room.]

I am curious to know what the denizens of this network thing about heroes. Would you consider yourself to be one? Would society? Does society's definition of what is heroic contradict your own?

Perhaps you views society's definition as being incomplete. Perhaps action in the moment is only a minimal part of what it means to be a hero. Perhaps it could be said that true heroes are ever-present, vigilante. Never... Vacationing.

[He pauses. Carefully eyeing Susan's reaction for a moment.]

To me a hero is someone who does not shirk his responsibility once the initial battle is won. Someone who is not only capable of defeating an enemy, but recovering from one as well. To me, an actual hero is very difficult to find in this city.

[He nods once, and the robot hand he's been tinkering with starts edging forward, eventually turning off the comm.]
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This week has been illuminating in many of my pursuits.

It may interest some of you to know that the Skrull body which was discovered by one of my Doombots is, in fact, a fraud. It was bewitched thoroughly, to the point of being indiscernible from the actual Skrull that Namor found except through magical means of investigation.

There are few creatures here I would think powerful enough to so convincingly enchant something, especially against my magics. Rest assured, Doom will not rest until they have been found. Until then, I would advise that the rest of you be wary of those around you who have show proficiency in the mystic arts.

[There's a pause as he shuffles something on his lab table.]

Redbird, an update would be appreciated.

[Private to Ghost]
You wished the cadaver.

[Private to Namor]
The week has been eventful for you as well, old friend.

[Private to Sue Storm]
Remind me again of your field of study, Doctor Storm.
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[Hello, network. This is a video of a very tidy, but very sinister-looking lab. It's well-lit enough to function, but not to be bright, cheery, and sterile like one might hope. Strapped to a table is a skrull corpse. It's clearly been opened up, and there are several jars on the ends of the table that appear to contain the most interesting, alien-looking organs. Doom is peering at the camera from the other side of the table. His mask can't exactly emote, but the expression works anyway.]

Avengers, and other self-proclaimed heroes of this City-- Doom would speak with you.

It would appear that we have all been negligent.

[There's a metallic hand that moves in front of the camera, and if you're familiar enough with the design of Doom's armor, you'll notice that it's exactly like his own glove and gauntlet. A few seconds later, however, the feed cuts.]

((ooc: So Doom has found one of Loki's "Skrulls". It's not really a Skrull, but hey, nobody knows that. Doom included.))
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[Doom is in his lab (aka his room at the MAC). When the comm clicks on there's the sound of a soldering iron in the background. It hisses twice more and you can almost hear the sparks flying before the sound suddenly vanishes. When he speaks his voice is heavy and tired, though it's pretty obvious he's trying to hide that last fact. His tone is academic, as though he's giving a lecture to some very dimwitted college freshmen.]

Space travel offers several challenges to the design of a typical vessel. Instead of a game of aerodynamics, it rather becomes a struggle to build something not so fragile that it will disintegrate before breaching the atmosphere, but not entirely lacking in aerodynamics that it will have a chance to make it there. Speed is, of course, necessary, though for reasons dissimilar to what one might imagine. Speed again becomes a factor in breaking through that ever-frustrating barrier, the atmosphere, but means of propulsion vary when one lands in the vastness of space. Scientists and science-fiction writers alike have fantasized and theorized about the future of space travel and the means to achieve it, but thus far it has remained a goal, ever lofty an unattainable due to reasons both political and economic.

My country had a budding space program. How convenient its resources would be now.

[He shifts, the sound of armor clanking is audible. After a second, the feed switches over to video. In one gauntlet and glove-covered hand, Victor is holding what appears (to the educated viewer anyway) to be the inner workings of a robotic brain.]

Additionally, the dynamics of space travel, the very physics of being in outer space for long periods of time, offer new challenges regarding mechanics, robotics and our conventional knowledge thereof.

[Now his tone switches again, becoming a more direct address, as opposed to the lofty, almost professor-like quality it had before.]

This is one of my creations. I believe it is fitted to survive the journey through the Earth's atmosphere. If anyone has a recently space-fitted vessel they would like to test, I will be offering it up to use as a guinea pig. I assure you, it takes much better notes than would a chimpanzee.

[And with that, the feed cuts.]
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Query: Are there attempts at contacting the porter device not logged on this network? If so, I would appreciate any accounts of them. First hand is, obviously, preferred. However, as denizens of this network come and go with unsettling frequency the idea of second or even third hand accounts is not entirely unwelcome.

Of particular interest would be if information pertaining to the method of their attempt, punishments inflicted by the device.

[Encrypted to Susan Storm]
Doctor Storm. A word.

Additionally, those with information regarding the whereabouts of one of my early creations are strongly encouraged to step forward.
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[There’s an almost eerie silence as the comm. signal comes on. Then the sound of heavy robes rustling against something metallic, and then two metallic items striking against each other softly followed by a heavy sigh. When the man speaks, his voice is deep, commanding, and slightly accented.]

This is not the first time I have been made the pawn of an indifferent world, though it invariably ends in my triumph. I have seen many realities, many futures, and although I know not which sorcery has seen fit to handle Doom in such a way, rest assured he is not defeated.

[There’s a rustling sound again, as though the speaker is rising from his seat. Were this video, it would probably be for dramatic effect. As it isn’t, he’s probably just so impassioned by his own words.]

Consider this a warning to all of my enemies present on this network. Von Doom has arrived and whatever game you have been so content to play is now over. The machine, Lachesis, her days are numbered. After all, I built better and more advanced when I was but a boy in the forests of my homeland.

[There’s the slight rustle and sound of metallic fingertips again and the feed cuts.]


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