Sep. 28th, 2012 12:07 pm
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[Hi, network, have a very bored Jack Harkness lounging about the house as he ...sort of attempts to clean.]

Right. So, a funny thing I've noticed, living on Earth -- all you people from here, you know, you're the only ones in the universe that go camping. To my knowledge, anyway, and please do correct me if I'm wrong. The thing is? Camping isn't all it's made out to be. At least, not in Wales -- though of course I'm not one to complain about sharing a sleeping bag or anything. Or s'mores. Rich, creamy, gooey -- hot. [--The smirk on his face is almost indecent, now.] And I do suppose there's more than one way of pitching a tent.

In any case, the last time I went camping my team nearly got eaten, and not in the fun way, either. So, tell me about something that's less ..well, violent. Like, say, something that involves eating in the fun way? Or maybe your wildest fantasy, those are always good, too.

Besides. I bet I can beat most of 'em.
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...You know, even though I've been here over a year now, still not entirely sure I get your lot's Independence Day thing. Yes, I know, national celebration and all that, but are all the picnics and patriotism really that necessary?

Don't mind fireworks, though, those are fun. Unless they're aimed at you. Anyway, it's just a bit -- odd, having spent most of my time in Cardiff and London and places like that. You Americans take your holidays very seriously, don't you. [He sounds more amused, than anything.] In any case. Who's doing what for this Independence Day? If the Doctor and I are having a party, I don't know anything about it. But I wouldn't put it past him anyway.
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[The scene opens on one familiar Captain in a jail cell. There is someone else in the cell adjacent, but they are in shadow. The police officers were, at least, smart enough to separate them. Otherwise? They’d probably be out of here by now, honestly. Anyway, Jack gives a sheepish grin to his comm.]

Been a while since I’ve been here, but it hasn’t changed much. Any chance I could get you down here, Doctor? My ...friend and I could use some bail. Or a ride. Maybe both.

[At “friend”, the shadow in the cell over shifts a little and there’s a bit better lighting as she looks over.

Add one familiar pirate to this video call.]

Where I’m from no one would bat an eye if you had the decency to do it in a back alley. At least it’s well out of harm’s way. And here I was beginning to think this place was less prudish...shame, really.

But oh, does this mean I get to finally meet your friend?

You do make a good point. [And he slants a playful grin back at Isabela.] ...Wait, have you been to the Museum of Sex yet? We should go.

--And I don’t know. Hopefully, yes, if he answers this.
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[And another post from Jack! These are becoming habit, unfortunately. Today, however, he is not at the house, but on top of the MAC. Because why not. It's not home, and that's good enough for him right now. He is rather more subdued than his post of yesterday, looking at a letter in his hands before he's back to the camera.]

Ianto Jones has gone home, too. Apparently it's my job to be the bearer of bad news, this week. If you knew him, he might have a letter for you.

[Then he settles back into silence, for a moment or two, before turning off the video.]
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[Good morning, city! You're being greeted with the sight of Jack Harkness wandering about the casa de TARDIS in a bathrobe. He is, in fact, making coffee, but he's turned on his comm to make a very important announcement.]

The Doctor's gone again. Last time this happened he came back, but -- I don't know. It's weirdly clean and quiet around here, is all I'm saying.

So, I don't know. Keep your fingers crossed, I suppose?


Jan. 30th, 2012 12:09 pm
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[There are times when Jack Harkness gets very bored. Most of these times, he would distract himself with Zevran or Ianto or annoying the Doctor. However, none of these are options. Ianto is at work, the other two have been gone for about a month now. So he's returned to one of his old haunts -- that is, the shooting range. He's set the comm up on a convenient wall, and is finishing up his current round of targets. Each one has about three holes right where the heart would be, a few in the headshot region. Once he's done, he turns to the camera with a grin.]

Well, I've gotten a job again. Let me know if any of you lot want shooting lessons, hmm? [And now that grin is just a little more charming.] I promise, I'm an excellent teacher. Just ask Ianto.

Anyway. I'm interested. What's your favorite weapon, for those of you who use them?


Jan. 5th, 2012 04:31 pm
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[Jack looks -- almost nervous, surprisingly enough. He's sitting in the kitchen of Casa de TARDIS, tapping his fingers on the table.]

I don't suppose anyone's heard from the Doctor the past few days? He hasn't been home. I haven't heard from Zevran, either.

I guess it's too much to expect they suddenly became best friends and went off on a cross-country road trip, hey?


Dec. 27th, 2011 12:22 am
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[There's a very familiar person arriving in the 'Porter room. He is not pleased, not at all, and picks up the comm and activates it shortly after he's done with his onceover of the room. It is Jack, yes, but he looks older. Not physically, so much, aside from the eyes. He looks more tired than he has before, like he's seen too much for far too long, and he makes an annoyed noise and addresses the camera.]

This is definitely not Cardiff. As much as I like the idea of being a superhero, I've got people to get back to. Is there anyone in charge here, or do I address my concerns to the AI in here?

[There's a grin, though, at the last, and it has a trace of mischief in it. He hasn't changed all that much.] Because if so, I can be very persuasive.


Nov. 29th, 2011 10:00 pm
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For those who know her -- Rose Tyler's gone home.

[More tellingly, for those who know Jack-- He doesn't exactly sound as if he's sad, just as if he's noting a particularly interesting fact.  Something's up, anyway.]


Oct. 6th, 2011 11:05 am
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[Private to the Doctor:]

We need to talk. Soon, if it's possible.

[There's an abrupt change from that slightly annoyed voice, though, once the private lock ends. When Jack speaks again, he's cheery and bright, or at the very least trying to be. He's a good actor, it is true, but those close to him may notice something a little off.]

Today seems like a good day for going out and shooting something. Anyone want to go to the range with me? Or have any suggestions of ..more interesting things to do? [He's grinning, now, a trace of smugness in his voice.] Feel free to be descriptive if you like, I certainly don't mind.

[And a pause, just long enough for most people to think he'd hung up. His voice is quieter now -- still cheerful, but like we said. He's a good actor.]

...Zev? You want to come along?
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[Hey look, up on the rooftop! There's a guy with what looks like a cape, blowing in the wind. No, it's not Batman, it's Jack; staring off into the distance. After a moment or two he grabs his comm and addresses it, frowning a bit.]

You lot call this 'The City that Never Sleeps', right? I suppose that bit's true enough, but you would think it'd be difficult to get bored here, if it's called that. It's really not all that difficult.

[He settles down to sit on the edge of the roof, still talking to the comm.]

So, come on then. Give me exciting things to do! Fun ones, too, not just going to Coney Island or anything. Excitement! Danger! Any one of those things would be brilliant.
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[If you guessed this post was going to involve Jack in an anonymous apartment, you're wrong! He is, in fact, at the TARDIS house, poking around with a computer. After a moment or two, he glances up at the comm, which is balanced on top of said computer.]

So, City. There are a few things I consider myself to be rather good at. Before you say the two obvious things that come to mind; I think I should add two more. Drinking, and dancing. This City has some great places for dancing, I already know that. It's also got some great bars.

But I haven't seen an import-friendly bar, owned by an import. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we could use one. What I want to know is, would any of you lot be interested in it? It's a pretty tempting idea. Trust me, I know how to make a decent martini.
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Well. Looks like I'm, uh, out of a job. How has your weekend been, City? Feel free to enlighten me.

[There's a pause, and he stretches a bit.]

You can also feel free to enlighten me if you have any job openings. I know this isn't the best time, but someone at our house should be making money. Electricity is kind of important. So. I'm good with a gun, I'm good at keeping secrets, and I'm a pretty good dancer, too. I can also wrangle bunnies and fly planes. Not exactly sure what qualifications that gives me, but there you go. Suggestions, anyone? It'd be appreciated.
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[The screen flicks on to show one Jack Harkness being firmly ushered out of a coffee shop. Behind him, there can be various glimpses caught of naked coffee shop patrons, and one slightly shell-shocked barista. He never wanted to see most of his regulars naked, poor guy. :(

Jack, however, is laughing his ass off. As he is glared out the door by a security guard, he heads down the street and grins at the comm.]

I know what it looks like, but I didn't do anything. Or say anything, aside from 'It's getting hot in here', and then everyone's clothes disappeared. Pity I've been banned from that coffee shop, hm? The barista was cute. I think his name was Taylor. [A beat.]

I don't know what Lachesis was thinking when she decided to give me that power, but I can't say I disapprove.
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[Here is Jack, then, back in the City and in la Casa de TARDIS, quirking an eyebrow at the comm. He looks a bit more tired than the last time he posted, a bit more serious and just a tad unshaven.]

Hi there. You lot missed me? I'm touched.


Had some things to deal with. Sorry.


Jun. 12th, 2011 12:33 am
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[Pfff, whatever, who needs your prom anyway. Certainly not one Captain Jack Harkness! He is, at the moment, exiting an apartment building, and attempting to speak to the camera at the same time. He looks, to say the least, like he's been having a very good time -- familiar to some in the City, anyway. He's straightening his suspenders and pulling on his coat, and his hair looks rather mussed. He rubs his neck for a moment or two, then stretches and grins, pleased, at the camera.]

Gotta love shapeshifters, right? I forgot how fun they can be, it's been a long time since I've been in the right time or place to run into any. They didn't look familiar, though. [He'll make a note of that, though, if anyone is a shapeshifter, surely they would be an Import, right? Easy enough to find, anyway.]

Now if only I had a hyper-vodka or two, tonight would be lovely. [Another little stretch.] I guess a martini will have to do. Anyone want to join me?


May. 16th, 2011 12:37 am
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[Jack is sprawled out across a couch in La Casa de TARDIS, with the strains of In the Mood playing quietly behind him. It's obvious he's trying not to get up and dance, but he's tapping his feet a bit.]

Alright, any of you lot out there into dancing? Swing, I mean, with decent music. If you are, I've found a swing club. Let me know if you're interested, yeah? By the way, housemates, this is not optional. 'Cause I said so.

[He directs a sweet smile at the camera, then, and there's a little pause as he just enjoys the music for a moment.]

Rose, that means you, too. I owe you a birthday present, don't I? Come out with us.


May. 8th, 2011 04:02 pm
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[Look, folks, it's a certain Captain on the video, back in la casa de TARDIS. He gives the camera a little wave, and then starts speaking, a tad on the serious side.]

Helluva time to come back to the City, but it looks like we're needed. So, if you need help, finding someone or keeping an eye on someone, or whatever, lemme know, alright?

If anything I can entertain people with boxes of floaty pens.


Apr. 5th, 2011 09:59 pm
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[Jack is just grinning at the camera, trying not to giggle too obviously. The camera in question is slightly wobbly, but when it finally focuses, it does so on the Doctor, a fish in a fishbowl, and the wall of a holding cell somewhere in Ohio.]

Hellllooooo, network! Did you know it’s against the law to, uh, get a fish drunk? Did you also know that humans are totally great, even though some of their laws are ridiculous? Like the fish one. Why shouldn’t a fish be able to get drunk? It can make up its own mind, it’s a grown fish!

[In the background the Doctor is tapping on the fishbowl]




[Looks up rather seriously]

I think Rory is died. [TAP] He’d dead too.

[Jack turns and blinks at the Doctor and Rory the fish, frowning.]

What? Noooo, he was going to be our mascot! Maybe Rory didn’t like Guinness. Poor Rory!

[He flops back against the wall and turns his attention back to the camera.]

We need to have a wake for Rory. Maybe the cute police officer can join us! Think I should ask him?

[Shakes his head sadly]

No, Rory was a respectable fish and deserves a respectable funeral -- no police officers.


Especially ones who take my sonic!

[Jumps up and goes off screen]


RELAX, they’re not gonna steal your five billion floaty pens! And stop yelling, it’s making my head ring!

[Back to the camera, with a grin.]

Haven’t been this drunk since the ‘40s. ANYWAY, um. What was I -- OH yes, right. Don’t get fish drunk in Ohio, alright, guys? ….Or hit on cute blond police officers.
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[The video opens to a rare image of the Doctor wearing a beanie and a horribly clashing sweater. He’s managing to walk and talk and even record at the same time. Yes, this man is multi-talented. Also, he seems to have a sitter friend along for whatever this is.

The background seems rather poorly lit in reds and blues and the voices all seem to echo around.]

Hello, Rory!

[Jack will take this opportunity to quite rudely barge into the viewscreen, waving.]

Who’re you talking to? Rory? Hey, if you’ve ever wanted to meet the evil twin of Bob Marley, they’ve got him here. Also the Fun King of Spelunking, apparently! Though I haven’t seen him yet, huh. Anyway. I don’t suppose anyone you know would like about a billion floaty pens? For no reason whatsoever, of course.

[And back to the one people actually want to talk to.]

They’re for souvenirs!

I bought everyone a floaty pen! Well, not everyone because that would just defeat the point of people coming up here and they should! There’s even a mummy.

[Lowers his voice and moves closer to the comm]

It’s not a real mummy sorry to say, but you can throw coins at it!

[Pff, sorry, no, they want to talk to the handsome charming guy who doesn’t buy a billion floaty pens. So here he is, stealing the comm back.]

The mummy is pretty brilliant, I’ll give you that. So are the caves! --Cheesy, yeah, but that’s kind of the point. If you ever wanted to see pictures of me with a mummy, though, let me just say you definitely will. The biggest slideshow ever when we get back.

[Aaaannndddd back to the interesting one]

Lots of pictures! This one loves himself more than he loves everything else.

We’re probably heading to Pennsylvania next; I haven’t seen the Mercer Museum since it opened. Oh a goblin made of rock. Fantastic!

You humans really are a creative bunch!


Mar. 27th, 2011 04:43 pm
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[Jack looks happy, is the first thing that should be noticed. He's also grabbing some stuff and tossing it into a duffel bag -- well, the stuff he's managed to pick up since his arrival here, at least.]

Right. This is going to be fun, seeing America. Give me the best places to go on a road trip, network! I don't care if they're completely ridiculous, we'll probably go anyway. Balls of yarn, biggest thermometers, carousels in the middle of nowhere, what-have-you.

Ask nice and I might even bring you back something pretty.


Mar. 10th, 2011 10:48 pm
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Hypothetical question. Say you couldn't die, ever. What would you do with yourself?
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[The video opens on a mildly-disoriented, handsome man in a WW2-era coat, looking at the camera with a mixture of suspicion and surprise. When he speaks, his tone is light and cheerful. Nothing to worry about here!] 21st century, huh? At least I’m generally in the right time period, though I’ve no clue how I got here.

[He pauses and pats the pockets of his coat, then his trousers. Apparently unable to find what he was looking for, he turns his attention back to the camera and bestows a rather charming smile on the viewers. Despite the smile, it’s clear he means business.]

Okay, first things first. What the hell happened to Satellite Five? I’ve about hit my limit of being zapped into places I didn’t plan to go to this week. Secondly, does anyone know a guy called the Doctor? Big ears, leather jacket, a decent dancer? He tends to turn up in spots like this. Or an extremely gorgeous young woman called Rose Tyler, she’d be great to see, too. ….And on that note, has anyone here heard of Daleks?

[There’s a beat. If he doesn’t get answers, he’ll go find them himself, and so he starts heading for the door.] Captain Jack Harkness, by the way. Hi.


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