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[the video snaps on to an EXTREME CLOSEUP of Wild Tiger, visor raised, his expression teetering between a stupid grin and a rather proud, heroic look.]

Good evening, City, and welcome to a special edition of HeroTV, just for you!

[wow he’s never done that before. It feels great. He pulls back so he can aim the video at the important part of the scene: the back of an office chair. Spidey’s leaning on the smooth leather top.]

We bring you this little bit of breaking news...

...as some of you may remember, Tiger and I’ve been keeping our ears to the ground looking for the guy who sold laser weapons to Phantasm -- or those crazy kids pretending to be Phantasm, anyway.

[Spidey steps back enough that he can spin the chair around to reveal...

One David Xanatos, webbed into the seat.

Ladies and gents, someone’s been a naughty, naughty boy.

[Xanatos himself is obviously annoyed by this, but manages to keep a relatively neutral tone.]

Patronizing me? I expected something a bit more mature, Spider-Man.

I’d pretend to be offended, but honestly, have even you met me?

Guys, come on. [he wants some camera time, too] We did our homework and found someone who could tell us where they got the weapons. Turns out it’s this guy.

To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t anything illegal about selling weapons to private citizens. [even though they may not have been the most legal of channels...it’s a good thing he’s keeping up that poker face.]

Oi, did you even do background checks on those guys? Considering they shot at us?!

Next time, I’ll make sure the checks are more thorough

Background che -- background checks?! [Unimpressed Spidey is unimpressed.] Hello, lasers.

Yeah, lasers! And that’s why we’re bringing you in, for weapons violations all over the place. [not that he’s an expert. That’s for the lawyers. He peers into the camera again] Can you believe this guy? Thugs pretending to be part of Phantasm get his weapons and he doesn’t even care.

Yeah, it’s almost like he’s an evil mastermind selling laser guns or something.

[Now THAT gets a small chuckle.] Evil mastermind? A bit too cliche, don’t you think? I’m a businessman, nothing more.

Yeah, and that’d be the standard evil mastermind alibi right there.

The police are on their way, so you can tell it to them when they get here. [a wink for the camera. Cliche lines are so smoooth] Never let anybody say heroes don’t do anything useful around here.

[he taps his finger to his visor] ...Wild Tiger, over and out!

[ooc: oops! right! greenish is Wild Tiger, red is Spider-man, and blue is Xanatos. Just in case!]


Jun. 30th, 2013 07:22 pm
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[The video clicks on to Xanatos, standing in front of the MAC. One thing of note is that he's wearing a tuxedo. Nice job plucking him right from after his wedding porter, gosh. He's obviously irritated for MULTIPLE reasons.]

Once again, Lachesis shows just how she is a master of bad timing.

[grump grump grump. He waves his hand in the air, gesturing towards the general direction of the Porter Building as he talks. The observant can note that he has a wedding ring on his left hand now.]

I've scanned the comms enough to grasp what's going on and that the Porter dumped some of us in an alternate reality again. I just want specifics about what's happening and roll call from certain people.

[Private to Nepeta]
[his tone softens slightly as he flips this to private.]

Roll call includes you. Are you okay?

[aka please don't be in New Vesuvius, please don't be in New Vesuvius...]
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[The first thing you notice is that this post goes up at like midnight. Xanatos is a night owl and this shows.]

Fellow imports, what are some ways you use to help stay focused? Or, [and now his tone swaps to a joking one.] if anyone's looking for a job as a personal secretary or someone who wouldn't mind doing stock reports, I'd greatly appreciate that.

[He stifles a yawn, but is still joking around.] Fair warning though, I've got high standards for any sort of executive assistents.

[Private to Piccolo]
And speaking of jobs, Kenzi told me that you were in the market for one.


Feb. 24th, 2013 09:15 pm
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[Fortunately, the people not in Metricog can still use their communicators (neener neener neener). Unfortunately, explanation for their disappearance, what explanation.]

I thought the building sounded quieter than normal. Turns out that it's because most of the people living here are gone.

Does anyone know where about...oh, I'd say half the population of the MAC has vanished to?

[Xanatos sounds a bit out of his element. He's used to answers, and so far he can't find any-a fact that annoys him to no end.]
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[la la la not talking about the Hunt unless someone brings it up, repression is awesome isn't it.]

I know we've gotten some new arrivals lately, so I'll say this again. I'm David Xanatos, head of Xanatos Enterprises. We're small compared to some of the other businesses in the city, but we're always hiring. Xanatos Enterprises mostly focuses on defense contracts, though we are open to expansion.

[a pause.]

On a more personal note, does anybody know the name of a good cleaning service? One that can hopefully get scorch marks off of the walls. It's a tough order, I know, but you'd think that business in the City would adapt to the more...unique situations we bring.

[Private to Kenzi, Kang and Isaac]
Please tell me that the business hasn't fallen apart during my unforseen absence. I'll be in later anyway, but any sort of confirmation is good.
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[When the voice clicks on, it picks up midway through a news broadcast.]

--why the mysterious castle has shown up, but it has certainly taken its toll on the area. The grass and trees around the castle have withered, and joggers have complained about horrible smells and 'heebie jeebies'. However the castle got here, it's obvious that it won't be going anywhere. Residents are urged to stay away from the castle and remain cautious if going near the park.

In other news, time for our Pet of the Week segment! We go live to our branch of the Humane Society, where Bart Clinton will introduce you all to Ruffles, the Christmas puppy.

[Thankfully, the news gets clicked off before you have to suffer through Ruffles. After a slight pause, Xanatos starts to talk, chuckling slightly.]

Castles mysteriously appearing in the middle of the city. Now this is interesting. If anybody wants to explore the castle or figure out how it got here, keep me informed. I know it's magic-it has to be. The only questions now are why, what kind, and who?
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[The video clicks on to Xanatos smiling, as he's sitting down at his desk in Xanatos Enterprises. He smiles slightly, trying not to seem like he just woke up from the dead.]

We at Xanatos Enterprises wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. I know that times have been...stressful lately, but that's all the more reason to be thankful for what we have.

That being said, if anyone wants to contact me about that event, feel free to do so. I'm open to any comments. I know it was put on the Internet, and I know some of my actions were...ill-advised. I'm open to any kind of criticism.

[He smiles, but it's obvious that there's more on his mind. The video stays on as he switches to private.]

[Private to Kenzi, Isaac Bowin, Kang and Bruce Banner]
If I see any of you at work today, I'm going to personally escort you off the premises. It's Thanksgiving Day. You need to be with people you care about.

[Private to Bradbury and Matt Murdock.]
I need to apologize. I wasn't acting like myself during that event. I made some...rash decisions. I hope that you don't view me solely in that light.

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Oct. 25th, 2012 01:14 am
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[Xanatos sounds royally pissed when he starts up the comm-it's a first for him, sounding this annoyed on the network. Also, his voice sounds...odd. Definitely louder than usual, for one. The kind of loud where you're at a rock concert and can barely hear yourself think.]

Circumstances beyond my control have forced my hand. Don't see this as me giving into Vulcanus and their demands. This is only a measure to stay alive.

[There is a very definite reason that this is not video, and that is because the skin is missing from half his face. Whoopsie. There's a little pause before he speaks again because arrrgh he absolutely hates not being in control.]

I was arrested back home, for receiving stolen goods. I've served my time-if Brooklyn were still here, you coud ask him about it. As he isn't, I suppose you'll have to take me at my word. I've learned my lesson-I haven't done anything like that ever since I was released, including here. I'll be willing to answer more specific questions from law enforcement if needed and if it has a purpose greater than simply being nosy.

[You can just hear the irritation in his voice.]

Well. That should do it. [A pause] And, as a slight courtesy, if you want to respond to this then please use text. My hearing should be returning soon, but I don't know how fast it will happen.
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[This post goes up at like midnight because Xanatos is a night owl and a workaholic.]

What are certain habits you had at home that you find it hard to break here? For instance, back home, some of my business transactions took place exclusively at night-time zones, and things like that. [and gargoyles but nope, not mentioning that] I've got no reason to have this sleep schedule here, but I can't bring myself to break it.

[And then, almost as an afterthought,]

By the way, does anybody know anything about purchasing boats?
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I'm taking advantage of the fact that the entire United Kingdom hasn't banned us yet and doing something that I've always planned to do here: visit Scotland. I'll still be checking email and taking orders while in Scotland-this isn't a complete vacation for me. Still, better to visit now while we're still welcome, hmm?

That being said, Xanatos Enterprises is always hiring. While we do hire native citizens, I always make a point to put imports on the top of my to-review list.

[There's a pause like he's about to finish, before he adds:]

And by the way, if any magic users could reply here, I'd like to make you an offer.

[Private to Bruce Banner]

You're coming with me, I hope you know. Pack your bags, you're going to Scotland.
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[The first thing you notice is that this is text. Because, while Xanatos is a night owl and is fully awake at 1 am, he doesn't want Ghost-Dad's voice on the network.]

Can somebody please tell me who Calendar Man is?
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[The video clicks on to a slightly shabby looking warehouse. There's a plastic banner that says 'Xanatos Enterprises' hung up where the sign should be.]

After two weeks of constant meetings, paperwork and phone calls, I'm proud to say that Xanatos Enterprises is up and running. Granted, the business is small and I can only afford to hire one or two people at the moment, but we've got nowhere to go but up.

[He smiles, and looks back at the building...and frowns at the plastic banner.]

The first order of business, obviously, is to find a new sign. Anyway, I'm in the market to hire people. I'm looking for a secretary or personal assistant. Aside from that, I've got funds in the budget to hire one or two people to work in design, construction or research and development.

As for what Xanatos Enterprises can do? We plan to make strides in robotics and security. While most of our work will be in research and development, Xanatos Enterprises will be open to design and build personal commissions, prices and details negotiable.

[A nonchalant smile.]

If you want an interview or a commission, contact me here and we'll set something up.

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May. 9th, 2012 05:36 pm
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[The video clicks on to evil Riker Xanatos, looking snazzy in a nice suit.] There we go. This is good technology-easy to use, simple. My compliments to the maker-I'm curious to find out how you did it. [A slightly disarming smile. There is no way that this man can appear totally not morally gray] I must admit, being thrown into an alternate universe wasn't exactly high on my to-do list. Still, it's...interesting. So similar to our own, and yet with such obvious differences.

I'm David Xanatos, by the way, of Xanatos Enterprises. Which, oddly doesn't seem to exist here. [a small shrug] I'm sure I'll get my company back on its feet sooner or later. Still, that doesn't change the fact that it's strange. This place looks like Manhattan, but there are...again, obvious differences. Where exactly am I?

[He is making no comment on his superhero name. Fuck you porter, he didn't want to choose any name. >( ]


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