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[Fluttershy is sitting in the middle of a bare, yet spacious apartment. Those familiar with the alien may recognise it as Killface's apartment. She looks like she's been crying.]

Evilyn Killface is gone. He must've been Ported out when I was back home.


I never got to say goodbye...

[She stares off for a moment]

Is... is anypony looking for somewhere nice to stay?
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Fluttershy is standing in the Porter room, wearing a human-suitable version of this wedding attire - backless to accomodate for her wings.]

Oh my! I'm back here! Hello again City! How long have I been gone? Have I missed much?

Evilyn? Are you still here?
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[The video comes on in Fluttershy's bedroom in her MAC apartment. At first glance, the bed appears to be made with black sheets.]

I don't remember getting black sheets...

[Then the sheet stars moving... and it is now hundreds of spiders.]

Oh my! Why are you all there?

[She reaches down to pick one up and immeidately several rush up her arm]

You're frightened? Oh, you poor things! What could you all be so afraid of?

[She appaears to listen to the spiders for a moment before picking her comm up, which is when she realizes its turned itself on again.]

Um, everypony, if anyone in the MAC gets a lot of spiders in their apartment, please let me know. Let me find you all a box...

[The feed cuts there]
[OOC: This relates to this mini-plot]
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[The feed clicks on to a feline nose and loud purring. The camera gets batted around for a few seconds before a rustling sound draws the kitten's attention.}

Oh, Clarinda, you just can't leave that alone, can you?

[Fluttershy picks the communicator on and sits it upright on the table before returning her attention to a dressmaker's dummy. She's wearing a completely backless version of this dress and her wings are spread out. The sharp-eyed will notice what looks like a tattoo of three pink and aqua butterflies just at the base of her spine.]

[The... item on the dressmaker's dummy looks like a tight bodysuit with a multi-coloured spiderweb pattern across the whole thing. Draped over it is a modified white coat; only the left side goes all the way down to the floor, while the right side stops around knee height. The main draw, however, is the feathers on the back. It looks like a tie-dyed version of a lyrebird's tail feathers and extends from the base of the spine to above where the wearer's head would be. The feathers stop just short of the ceiling.]

Oh, I do hope Ziggy likes this...

[Fluttershy continues to adjust minor positioning parts on the costume, completely unaware that Clarinda turned the video on and she's broadcasting to the whole network...]
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[The feed shows Fluttershy's MAC apartment, with the floor covered in scraps of cloth, pins, sewing patterns and pictures. There's material of all sorts of colours and styles, a dressmaker's dummy draped with pieces of cloth and a table with a sewing machine on it. Fluttershy is sitting on the floor next to it, apparently hand stitching something and looking at a picture for reference.]

[The communicator is nudged by something before being knocked over falling to the floor, followed by a kitten pouncing on it.]

Clarinda, please let that go.

[The kitten mews and moves away from the communicator as Fluttershy picks it up and notices that it's been turned on.] Oh! I'm sorry - I didn't mean to disturb you all. I'm working on some ideas I got from listening to some people talking in the craft shop... I hope they didn't mind... sorry...

[The video briefly focuses on this picture in front of Fluttershy before being cut]

[Private to Evilyn Killface]
I've finished your pants.
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[Fluttershy's MAC apartment is dark - there's only a single light on, and it's being held by Fluttershy. She's sitting on the floor, her wings wrapped around her, openly weeping. When she does speak, it's in fits and starts between sobs.]

I... went to Twilight's apartment and... she's gone... nobody's seen her or Pinkie anywhere... not for... so long...

[She sniffles and sobs a bit more. A tabby kitten pads over and mewls at Fluttershy, which makes her unfurl her wings a little so she can scoop her up and give her a hug.]

Oh Clarinda... did they go without me? What... happened to them?
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[The feed comes on to reveal Fluttershy standing in front of a fence with several birds of different species gathered in three rows in front of her. There are about twenty or so birds in front of her, all sitting patiently and watching. The camera moves around a little before Fluttershy has it down somewhere nearby.]

All right everybody, just like we practiced. Ready?

[She raises her hands and the birds all start singing Once In Royal David's City in perfect four-part harmony, conducted by a smiling Fluttershy. They get through two verses before Fluttershy brings them to a stop]

That was wonderful! I think we're ready to share our songs with everyone today, don't you think?

[The birds give a general chorus of what is apparently agreement before looking at Fluttershy expectantly. She goes back to the camera and picks it up.]

Did you like that everypony? I'm not completely sure about this "Christmas" holiday that's coming up - it sounds like Hearth's Warming Eve - but the music you have for it is so beautiful. My friends and I are going to go around The City for the next few days and share the music with everypony we can find. Do please come and see us!

[She returns her attention to her choristers and starts to lead them in a harmonious rendition of Ding Dong Merrily On High before the feed cuts.]
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[The camera is shaking again; Fluttershy is cowering somewhere dark and is cramped and uncomfortable, especially with her wings in the way. She is shivering and clutching onto a blanket; her hair and wings are dripping.]

Twilight? Pinkie?

Can we find somewhere else to live together? Please?

Somewhere quieter where horrible things don't happen and I don't get suddenly moved from my hiding space to the middle of this huge, cold, ice desert, abandoned there for an hour where I'm so cold and lonely and then moved back here just as suddenly?

I don't like it here at all...
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[The feed click on to show Fluttershy's MAC apartment. She's been... decorating. There are several pots of ivy standing around the place, and she's allowed it to grow up the walls. It does look quite pretty. Fluttershy is sitting on the floor, looking worried, her wings curled behind her.]

Um... hello everypony.

I was wondering... well... um...

[She looks away from the camera]

... if there's any work that I could do. I want to move to somewhere else, but I can't afford to do that, and... well, if I'm not being a bother, I'd... like to find some work.

[She looks back at the camera]

I'm really good with animals - I can communicate with them and they trust me, and I can fly if that helps too, and...

... yes.

[And on that conclusive note, the video turns off]
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[The communicator turns on, and at first all that's visible is yellow. The camera gains focus to reveal that its currently looking at a pair of bright yellow wings. The camera is also trembling; whoever's holding it has a bad case of the shakes. The wings part briefly to reveal... pink hair?]

[The wings part a little further and part of a face is now visible; one eye is hidden behind her long pink hair, and the other is blue-green and quite clearly terrified. She appears to be backed into a corner of the Porter room.]

What... where am I? What's happened to me?

[There's a loud noise from somewhere off-camera; the woman squeaks and hides behind her wings again]

I want to go home...


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