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[the voice precedes the video, which snaps on to show the crumbling rubble of buildings defying gravity and disappearing upward into the sky. It's shocking even for people who've been living in the City for the last five years. Muted in the background are yells and honking car horns]

Heroes? However many of us are left. I think it's all hands on deck time.

Does anybody know how to stop this? The entire city's gonna be destroyed! If we can't stop it, we've gotta get all these people to safety, now.

I really hope nobody was in those buildings...
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So, uh. I've kind of got a really dumb question. Bear with me.

How do people who've been here a long time count their birthdays? Is it like, you still want to have them even though we're gonna go back to where we started when we got Ported here? Or is it more like having free time to prolong your youth as long as possible?

Because if it's typical to count your birthdays, well. I'm gonna be 40 this weekend. And without my best friend or my partner here to give me crap about it, I guess I'm at the mercy of my new friends here to send me over the hill. Preferably with a lot of alcohol.

...oh, but if time doesn't count here? Then forget I said anything about 40! Nope, I didn't say that. I'm not that old, seriously.
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[he didn't actually intend to post to the network. In the midst of brushing Old West Dust off his comm, his hand hit 'record.' At least it doesn't quite catch Kotetsu's face, because he's not wearing his mask - his silly beard and everything below it appears]

...is that? Damn! Ah...disregard this, I didn't mean to do that!

[forgive the dizzying whirl as he goes to turn it off, misses, fumbles it, and drops it onto a table with a clatter. Now the network is enjoying a fine view of three liquor bottles and a full glass.]

Ugh. Fine, you know what? I'll say something anyway. Did everybody make it back from cowboy-dinosaur world in one piece? Jack, Spidey, everybody...?

All that nonsense drove the date completely out of my head, until someone else mentioned Halloween. You know, this is the second of my partner's birthdays that I'm going to miss. It's enough to make a guy a little homesick.

[there, now he's got a mask on and can show his face as Wild Tiger. What a pain. He reaches to pick up the glass and turns the comm to him to prove it.]

To Barnaby Brooks, Jr., wherever he is. [aaaaand drink]
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So, generally speaking, if it's been at least a week, someone's probably not coming back, right? I mean, if things they set up to happen if they leave permanently kick in, that means they're really gone.

[he heaves a long, dejected sigh]

I know there's been a rash lately. Helena Wayne is one of 'em. I wish it weren't so, she was such a nice woman, smart and well-liked. To the people she cared about...I'm sorry. I miss her already, too, and not just because she wrote my paychecks.

Sure, this puts things with Socrates: Action Detective up in the air, but that's not the worst thing when you're talking about someone who made a life here, made friends and had people they relied on, who just disappears back to their own world. I wanted to take a moment to remember her. She was a great lady.

[another long pause while he looks off to the side]

Though, uh. I wouldn't mind if people wrote letters to the network. I hear fan campaigns can keep a show going sometimes. We were halfway through shooting the second season, I'd hate to disappoint the fans...
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[the video snaps on to an EXTREME CLOSEUP of Wild Tiger, visor raised, his expression teetering between a stupid grin and a rather proud, heroic look.]

Good evening, City, and welcome to a special edition of HeroTV, just for you!

[wow he’s never done that before. It feels great. He pulls back so he can aim the video at the important part of the scene: the back of an office chair. Spidey’s leaning on the smooth leather top.]

We bring you this little bit of breaking news...

...as some of you may remember, Tiger and I’ve been keeping our ears to the ground looking for the guy who sold laser weapons to Phantasm -- or those crazy kids pretending to be Phantasm, anyway.

[Spidey steps back enough that he can spin the chair around to reveal...

One David Xanatos, webbed into the seat.

Ladies and gents, someone’s been a naughty, naughty boy.

[Xanatos himself is obviously annoyed by this, but manages to keep a relatively neutral tone.]

Patronizing me? I expected something a bit more mature, Spider-Man.

I’d pretend to be offended, but honestly, have even you met me?

Guys, come on. [he wants some camera time, too] We did our homework and found someone who could tell us where they got the weapons. Turns out it’s this guy.

To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t anything illegal about selling weapons to private citizens. [even though they may not have been the most legal of channels...it’s a good thing he’s keeping up that poker face.]

Oi, did you even do background checks on those guys? Considering they shot at us?!

Next time, I’ll make sure the checks are more thorough

Background che -- background checks?! [Unimpressed Spidey is unimpressed.] Hello, lasers.

Yeah, lasers! And that’s why we’re bringing you in, for weapons violations all over the place. [not that he’s an expert. That’s for the lawyers. He peers into the camera again] Can you believe this guy? Thugs pretending to be part of Phantasm get his weapons and he doesn’t even care.

Yeah, it’s almost like he’s an evil mastermind selling laser guns or something.

[Now THAT gets a small chuckle.] Evil mastermind? A bit too cliche, don’t you think? I’m a businessman, nothing more.

Yeah, and that’d be the standard evil mastermind alibi right there.

The police are on their way, so you can tell it to them when they get here. [a wink for the camera. Cliche lines are so smoooth] Never let anybody say heroes don’t do anything useful around here.

[he taps his finger to his visor] ...Wild Tiger, over and out!

[ooc: oops! right! greenish is Wild Tiger, red is Spider-man, and blue is Xanatos. Just in case!]
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Well, looks like things have mostly quieted down again. Gotta say, the City knows how to keep a hero from getting homesick. It's just like Sternbild, real comfortable. [ahahaha...ha. No that was sarcasm] Though I do have to give a shout-out to the news crew from channel 4, for looking after my power suit while I was busy not wearing it. Could've also remembered to plug it in but eh... It almost makes me want to ask what some of you other heroes do with your equipment sometimes but this place has been full of questions lately, maybe I'll let that slide this time.

That reminds me, I still owe somebody a date, I think... [whoops!]

[PRIVATE to: Helena Wayne]

Hi there. I need to have a talk with you about your Charlemagne.

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[The video opens on Spider-Man, looking a little... singed. There’s a scorch mark blotting one of those giant, white mask lenses, and what looks to be an improvised web-bandage slapped around one shoulder. Despite these obvious marks of a fracas, he adopts a chipper pose, pointing his finger in the air as he says:]

We interrupt your regularly scheduled network programming to bring you a special announcement--

[just about there is where Ko...I mean Wild Tiger blunders into view just over Spidey’s shoulder, examining a slightly-bloodied slash in his sleeve and the burn mark on his bicep underneath]

Damn! Maybe I should have worn the suit after all.

[Spidey half-turns in his direction, finger still raised.]

I did tell you, didn’t I? I said, “Tiger, I know you don’t want to be all intimidating--”

Yeah, but how was I supposed to know that we were gonna be walking into LASERS! Who the hell even uses laser guns anymore? Honestly!

Phantasm, apparently. [To the Network:] That’s right, folks. Our friendly neighborhood homegrown wannabes now have laser weaponry. And they’re definitely not afraid to use ‘it.

More! )
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Things are quieting down, it looks like. I don't know what all of that was about out of nowhere - not that I have a problem with people being behind Imports, but there's a lot better ways to go about expressing your love besides. [AHEM] Riots and graffiti. Although, I may have to tease my co-star endlessly about how good he looks with a beard like mine.

What's really nuts, though, is that I went taking a poke around the internet to see what people were saying, about the rallies and stuff. Boy, was that a mistake. The 'Socrates: Action Detective' fansites are pretty cool, but if you dig too deep you might find things you really don't want to see. [like...slashfic of Socrates and Charlemagne. Ugh] There's even a little corner of the web dedicated to... [and here's a really fake, awkward laugh] ...proving that I'm actually the superhero Wild Tiger. Is that crazy, or what? I mean, sure, we're from the same world, but that's just beyond impossible. He's a hero and I'm just some guy, really. I don't suppose they'll listen if I deny it, though. Something tells me that getting into arguments on the internet is not a good idea.

[not like he really knows how to use the internet that well, beyond Google...]

Anybody else learn something fascinating by searching for themselves?
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Whew! This weather is hell on anyone trying to keep up the hero gig!

[he's got the visor up and is exhaling big clouds of vapor in the chilly night air - keen eyes might spot the fact that the eyes of the Tiger visor are fogged over]

I mean it gets cold in Sternbild in the winter, but teens? I feel like my nose hairs are freezing when I breathe! How are the rest of you guys coping, or are you even bothering to go out at all? I wish the petty criminals would stay inside, then I wouldn't have to come out in this.

[a pause, while he tries to use the neoprene palm of his glove to un-fog the camera display]

Sorry, sorry. Damn, this is definitely one of those times I wish I had my helmet wired up for communications! Or my PDA at the very least! Damn winter...

At least there's no vampires or aliens or anything, am I right? Most of you folks stay inside and let the pros handle it, okay? Stay warm and stay safe.
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[happy holidays, network, you're getting the tourist's-eye view of a pretty standard December scene around the City - the skating rink and decorated tree at Rockefeller Center. Lots of people around on a Saturday, there's a crowd out skating and even more bustling around the tree, snapping photos]

You know what's great? And a little weird, but mostly great. See this? It's just like in Sternbild! The ice rink and everything. It's so weird to think that different dimensions have exactly the same Christmas decorations, but there it is! It's so beautiful, I can't believe it. It's nice to see. Really makes me feel like we're all not so different after all. Heroes or not, aliens or humans or trolls or whatever. Makes me want to find some kind of commemorative thing to buy...they don't seem to have pins, though...

Anyway. [he flips the video to himself - yep, it's 'normal' Kotetsu, in a scarf and tweed cap] I like Christmas, myself, but this is the first one where I won't get to spend any of it with my family at all. I can't even call my daughter across dimensions, let alone see her. I guess I'll just have to find some other way of celebrating.

...I don't suppose there's any folks my age who'd like to go out for drinks? Nothing funny, just for company.

[just before he shuts it off, he gets a brilliant idea. Clearly it must be shared]

I know! I need to get one of those special sweaters!
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[the feed snaps on the in the middle of an impact. Accidental? Nope, just good timing! Though now everyone gets to see a blur of green and white as Wild Tiger throws himself out of the way of something. It's a second before he fumbles to get the camera turned to him]

...finally! Dammit, I need to get this thing made into a headset or something. Uh, not that I'm looking for help necessarily, but - gah!

[another blur of movement, and this time the camera picks up a splash of pink and silver as well, though most of the view is Tiger's metal-tipped glove]

Stop it, Bunny! What's gotten into you? You just show up here out of nowhere and start attacking me? What did I do? Come on, talk to me! I'm your friend!

[whatever the Freudinfiend-Bunny says isn't quite as audible through Tiger's fist, but it's clearly followed up by another attack that has to be dodged. It's a few seconds before he shows his face to the comm again]

...uh, anybody else ever had a friend from home get teleported in and just...light into them? He just wants to kill me and I didn't even do anything! I was out here making sure all the trick-or-treating kids were safe and looking both ways when crossing the street and now...damn!

[there's a sudden glow of blue and green, then another smash, and CLICK]
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All right, all right - I know there's a lot of kids listening in to this. Hear me out, for a second.

I know it's rough, if you feel like you've suddenly been dropped into a new place and don't know where anybody is, don't know how to get a hold of your parents, and so on. It's okay. I promise. My name is Kotetsu, and I'm a dad, so I know how to take care of kids. If anybody needs a safe place to stay, so they're not on the street or in trouble, my door is open. But if you're being smart and not just going home with a stranger because he says so...well, good on you. You still need a place to go. I've got the keys to my free apartment at the MAC, so kids are welcome to crash there if they can't find anywhere else.

I just want to make sure nobody's lost, hungry, or cold, and everybody has a nice warm bed for however long this lasts. I know how I'd feel if my daughter was all alone in this place with superpowers, so I don't want any of you kids to be afraid. Some of us are here to help. Oh! And if anyone finds themselves with a kid they don't know how to take care of? [a wink and a grin] Call on me for all the best parenting advice to get you through this!

[Daddy!Kotetsu has a stern look for Klarion, too] And to the guy who used magic to do this to people. You'd better switch it back. People need to live their lives naturally, this isn't right.
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So, uh. [awkward neck-scratch. He's never done this before] It's polite to let people know if someone's gone back home, right? Man, I should have done this sooner, but first I was waiting to see if he'd come back, and then all the stuff with buses and powers and weird things, it sort of flew right out of my mind. But, uh...Nathan Seymour's been gone for a couple of weeks and hasn't come back, so I guess it's official. Maybe he'll be back after a couple of months again, maybe not - but just so people know.

[he's walking through Nathan's posh flat while he records his post] I guess that makes me the last bastion of Sternbild in this place. I've moved my stuff over to his apartment, so in case anybody's looking for me, I'm going to live here and take care of his loose ends now. Like, you know, his...really nice car. [that's the one thing he's not sad about at all] Not that I was in a rush to get out of the free apartment because you know, that's a really nice perk, but as long as I was keeping the suit over here, may as well park my ass here too, right? No reason to let a perfectly good apartment go to waste.

...anybody want to visit? It's pretty swanky. He has good taste. Don't tell him I ever said that, though.

Whew. Using the video-phone would be so much easier if I could get it to work with my PDA like back home. Oh well. Uh - Wild Tiger, out. [salute!]
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[well, he had to do it sooner or later. At the moment he's outside, looks like Central Park where all the cool kids hang out]

So, uh. I guess everybody's pretty certain that some of us on a certain bus that didn't go to Hell and didn't hear voices ended up getting our powers switched around. If that's the case, I just wanted to touch base with everyone who remembers seeing me, there, make sure you're all okay. I, uh...I'm not sure whose power I ended up with, but I managed to fling most of my furniture across the room last night without touching it, so I'm guessing it's some kind of telekinesis.

Oh! Oh, right. I'm, uh...I'm Kotetsu. Kotetsu Kaburagi. I'm new here. I only know a couple of people right now but I seem to be part of this Import community, now, so...hi! I'm just a guy like most of you, nothing to see here. I was at work when I got teleported onto that bus, so.


Uh, if the kid I lent my coat to still has it? I kinda need it back. That's my only good suit coat.
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[it opens with COUCHFLOP. Kotetsu landing on his back on the boring couch in his MAC apartment. Mask is on!]

So! Hello again, City. I think I'm starting to get the hang of the routine around here. Those three days of chaos honestly made it feel a little like home, here. Oh, and a shout-out to the heroes I ran into on the streets, the bat-guy and the blue guy and the one in the fedora, and the lady from the square - you did like I said and went to the hospital, right? Geez, I hope she's not dead... It was a hell of a battlefield out there but everybody did great, I was glad to help. I figured something out, though - I'm going to need a much better way of getting to the scene than taking a cab.

I mean, think about it. How does it look to have one of your heroes showing up to the rescue and having to take a few extra minutes to pay the cab driver? Stupid, right? I know! I don't even really fit in a cab in the Wild Tiger suit anyway. Back home I had this cool custom motorcycle that was built to hold the weight of the suit, so I'd kind of need something like that. Anybody know where to get custom-built motorcycles? I mean, I can't pay for one right this instant, but I've got a little something set up and should be getting paychecks pretty soon. I'll be good for it down the road, I swear!

...oh, and everybody should watch 'Socrates: Action Detective' when it airs. Sounds like it's going to be a really cool show.

[this time he manages to turn it off without fumbling - or showing the piles of takeout cartons on the table next to him]
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Oh, hello there, City! [waving! Kotetsu is in street clothing at last, mainly a button-down and tie (and the closest replacement for his newsboy cap he could find), but he's still wearing that same teal-green domino mask that he had before] Man, these phones without the 3-D are so boring. But! I'm happy to be able to talk to everyone at large. Kind like a PDA, isn't that cool?

Soooo...from what I hear, you've got a lot of heroes here. Second, third, and fourth string at least. Now, I gave it a few days, just to settle in and see what the place is like, what people do, but I can't sit around idle forever. I want to get back out into the game, so to speak. So, uh, a couple questions? Since it doesn't look like you guys use agents or a director, how do you get to the scene in time? Do you just use these phones? Or do you actually go around... [flaily hand-gesture] ...patrolling, just looking for crimes? I guess I could do that. Don't mind me if you see me out there, in the suit. My mom always said I was good at playing well with others. I won't get in anyone's way, I'm here to help. Really!

And since there's no Justice Bureau, you don't have to even like...register, do you? Just so long as you bring your suspects to the police and let them take care of that end of it. Have I got that right? I don't want to step on any toes or anything. Let's all just remember to do our best, and don't forget – protecting the people of our fair city is the most important thing!

[nodnod] Okay, then. Let's go, heroes! Wild Tiger, out.

[and in an attempt at turning off the comm with a flourish, he knocks it off the table onto the floor, meaning the last thing you see is an embarrassed, wide-eyed gawking at his own fail before his hand closes on it]

1 [video]

Jun. 21st, 2012 10:33 pm
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[no fumbling with comms here, this guy knows how to use a cell phone with video capabilities. However, it's pretty hard to miss that he's addressing the comm while wearing a seriously dorky-looking tiger-themed helmet with the visor flipped up, and a domino mask.]

Okay, for a minute there I thought the others pulled some kind of prank on me, but I read the pamphlet and it looks pretty legit. Uh, mostly. I mean, it could be worded nicer but I guess they got tired of the new guys asking the same questions or something. But, given that I tried my comm bracelet and the camera in my visor and nobody's answering, I'm gonna just go ahead and say...yeah. Hi. Another dimension or back in time or whatever it is, I guess I'm really here.

Oh! But you're heroes, right? Good! Good thing I'm the one who got, uh, teleported or whatever it is, because that's what I do. I'm an honest-to-goodness Hero, you know. Wild Tiger! [he leans in and squints hopefully, like it'll make him more recognizable] You've heard of me, right? You know, Wild Tiger! Partners with Bun...I mean Barnaby, just came in fourth place last season...? Ah, don't worry about it, I like meeting other NEXT, especially heroes. We can talk shop, you know?

But, uh, one quick question. [sheepish look] I don't suppose anyone has any spare clothes to lend me for the night? I, uh, just have my hero suit right now.

((ooc: name on the comm is Wild Tiger - since he arrived in the suit, that's what he told the Porter his name was!))
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Hey, not to be that guy that protests the accusations and everything but ... is this going to end up being like the movie The It where we start taking a vial of everyone's blood and then applying a hot poker to it to see if it jumps like Smurt Smushell did but ...

Not that I'm giving you guys any ideas to start stealing people's blood to see if they're the It or anything, because I'm not. In fact, I'm telling you to do the opposite of that and not go aro-- I hope you're getting my point.

Are you getting my point?

[encrypted to tony stark] )


Dec. 12th, 2011 05:05 pm
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O-Oh, I guess I'm back here aren't I? I really hope it isn't like Rip Van Winkle where I took a nap and now I'm in the future. Are [Bunny and Nathan] Bunny and Fire Emblem still here? Kyo? Kaede? No, that's too hopeful, but it wouldn't hurt...

[a beat.] Are you all old men now? Am I finally the youngest one? [he sure sounds happy about that!!]

If you've seen them, please call me. My name is Kotetsu, tell them who I am and they'll either roll their eyes or be delighted to hear it.


Nov. 13th, 2011 09:06 pm
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[you know that party that was supposed to be held? well, that got cancelled when kotetsu woke up and found his daughter gone. he's been searching high and low for her and he looks like it.]

has anyone seen kaede kaburagi? if you've seen her please contact me or barnaby, please.
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Could I have your attention please?! [Look at this old man waving into his communicator's camera, trying to Nami his way into your plans.] A-ah, there we go! It seems that our Halloween was really out of one of those lame monster tv movies that they show when you're home all alone on Halloween night because you don't have any plans. Oh, that made me sound like a lame old man, didn't it?

I'm getting off track, but! October 31st is actually our own King of Heroes, Barnaby Brooks Jr.'s birthday! Considering that the city got attacked, I really didn't get a chance to throw him a party. So, next weekend, please come to the retro-costume themed party held in his honor. Since he lives next door, I'll need someone to set it up while I go find Wild Tiger (who is going to be there too, I even bought my own mask and made my beard neater for this cosplay or even dress Kaede up as Wild Tiger Cub to match her papa) who is going to distract him.

Please come! It'll be at xxx pm - ???, this weekend. I hope to see you all there at Barnaby Brooks Jr.'s Superhero Costume Party! You don't necessarily need to show up as a superhero, by the way. Esepcially here, it would be showing up as yourself [nervous ... laughter...]
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[ Barnaby, Kotetsu ]

[The video turns on. Barnaby's expression is level, but barely. There is clattering and muffled chatter in the background in what appears to be a room at the MAC. He clears his throat and begins.]

The longer I spend in this city, the more clear it has become. There is a relief that comes with unemployment, but also a listlessness. Some people— [He pauses on this thought with a telling glance over his shoulder.] —feel the effect more than others.

Regarding the creation of HeroTV, I—

[However, he is interrupted by the sound of a smoke detector going off and Kotetsu's very worried voice going:] Huh... it wasn't that big on TV. Maybe it was just the cameras.

[Soon, Kotetsu's face is up in Bunny's communicator, holding a pot with some very burned ... well, whatever it was supposed to be.] Hey, Bunny— not bad for a first try, huh? It's just a little burned but ... I think it's probably a good idea to buy some new pots and pans and I'll just make shrimp fried rice for dinner.

[From off screen, there is a sigh, barely heard over the incessant ringing of the smoke alarm.] You do realize I am responsible for this room, right? Did you put out the fire?

O-Of course I dooo— [Nope, there's a small fire breaking out near the stove that claims a few towels and Kotetsu has to rush to extinguish it.] No! This worked perfectly on Iron Chef! Maybe I had the heat too low? Or maybe there wasn't enough brandy? Or maybe too much?

[Barnaby pinches the bridge of his nose. He addresses the communicator again.] A variety in programming wouldn't hurt, either. If I have to sit through— [He turns his head sharply when there is a loud CRASH and yelp. A blue aura surrounds him, and a split-second later he is gone from the frame. The communicator bounces to the ground and shuts itself off.]
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Hello again, the City! For those I haven't had a chance to say hello to yet, my name is Wild Tiger-- I guess the first time I introduced myself, I was wearing a battle suit. [note how he looks exactly like Kotetsu except he just has a mask covering his eyes...] I wish everyone luck in the auction, I hope everyone gets a worthy price. [8)]

But, there's something wrong. You see, my partner, Bunny, isn't going to be going to the charity ball. For some odd reason, he won't listen to reason and knowing him, he's not going to make any friends. I'd drag him myself to the ball, but I don't think that I'd be the best date for him. So, I'm making him a dating profile!

cut for picture )

This is Bunny- or Barnaby Brooks Jr. (if you do choose to ask him out to the ball)- the MVP of heroes back in Sternbild. He's really handsome! He likes to dance, listen to music and a great listener. If you're interested, call XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Please treat him well, he's my partner after all. I leave it to you guys, I'm sure someone will show him a great time.
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[It is all part of his master plan to establish a civilian life, kotetsu has been trying to get a job and get friends that actually don't know him as Wild Tiger. Never mind that he sounds exactly the same as the man in the man and has the same kitty-ear beard ... but, call it Sailor Moon complex.]

Wow, I finally figured out how to make a network post! Lets see, what do you usually post in these hello I've been kidnapped too - oh, I guess I already said that, huh? I'm Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, I'm from Sternbild and I'm a huge fan of the hero Wild Tiger. I kind of hope he sees this because I'm his #1 Fan- I even know his old catchphrase!

[watch as he goes through the motions of his own star pose]

It's time to let out a wild roar! [he only amuses himself, really. but, his jovial expression drops to a more worried one.] But, I actually have another reason for posting here. I know that time's frozen where I'm that from, but still I worry. If you see a girl named Kaede, please tell her that her papa is looking for her and she's very worried. [he pulls out his cellphone and shows an old visual voicemail that she sent him a while ago.]

It's very nice to meet all of you and thank you in advance.

01. VIDEO.

Aug. 1st, 2011 10:16 pm
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[It's totally normal for someone in what seems to be his own mini-mecha-gundam suit to be fumbling with a comm, right? In fact, he's still a little awkward holding smallish things in his hands.]

Oh is this thing -- crap, it's on! Uh, hello citizens! Wild Tiger here, it seems that I got a little lost ... if that's what you can call it. You see, I was hunting down this suspect and the next thing I know, whoosh - [matching hand movements, like Superman flying] I'm here.

So, uhhh, can anyone help a Hero out? Sheesh, if Bunny already beat me to this, I'm never going to hear the end of it. Oh, right! If you happen to see Bunny a.k.a. Barnaby Brooks Jr., tell him that his partner is having to look all over for him and that it's really rude not to give someone a call in a situation like this!


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