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[It is the perennially handsome news anchor Bart Clinton reporting tonight. He flashes a perfect bright smile before becoming appropriately serious for the material.]

Tragedy struck a restaurant today when three men were brutally murdered in cold blood. Two employees and a customer were killed during lunchtime in what some locals are calling "a gory massacre".

[He pauses, letting the words sink in.]

While the motive behind the murders is unclear, one terrified witness described the scene as something out of a movie and that the killers went from eating their lunch in one moment to stabbing their waiter in the next, but not before one of the killers plucked out his eye.

[Another rehearsed pause.]

The two suspects are described as white males between the ages of 20-40, one in a three piece suit, the other in a jacket and a fedora hat. The suspect in the fedora allegedly used a sai to kill a customer. Anyone with information regarding the murders and suspects is urged to contact the police.

[ooc: in reference to this!]


Mar. 15th, 2012 10:22 pm
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You want to know something?

[Ladd's tone is bizarrely happy today, and the microphone is so close you can practically call him breathing.]

Today is a very special day for me! Y'know that spring is nearly upon us? How time flies! It seems only a few days ago I was in 1931. In fact, it seems only a week or so ago that I was just a young man. I guess I'm just a kid at heart!

And a lot of things happen when you're that age, if you think about it! It's usually the time that most kids start acting out, and it's also when you really start to learn what love is all about. And I learned a hell of a lot, just today! All those years ago.

[His tone is getting slightly more harsh now.]

I guess you never really appreciate how great life is until someone else loses it! And I think it's important to remember that, or else you're just going to spend your whole life doing nothing. And if you do goddamn nothing, you might as well be dead in the first place. Some people just don't deserve to live as long as they think they should, because they're so convinced that nobody could ever beat the fucking life out of them!

[There's a very long pause here, before he finally adds:]

Now. Who do you think the most powerful man in the City is?


Jan. 2nd, 2012 02:09 am
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[Ladd is dressed in just a shirt today, looking rather informal as he sits alone at some unknown location.]

I've been thinking a lot lately. Thinking ain't really that great most of the time, really, because you can think and think until your brain rots away to mush, but you still haven't got anywhere.

[He taps the table in what seems to be impatience.]

Course, it's not like I'm going anywhere now. It's like being trapped in a goddamn prison, especially since it means I ain't going to see some people for a long time.

[There's another long pause.]

You know what, I've decided to get myself a New Year's Resolution. This year, I'm gonna be more spontaneous!

[There's a tiny pause. Then, quickly, he draws out a gun the back of his trousers and fires three shots into the ceiling. He grins a little as he looks up to admire his handiwork.]

You can't get much more spontaneous than random violence! Don't you think?

[He quickly slams the feed off here.]


Nov. 9th, 2011 09:39 pm
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I've got a question to ask! I see a lot of people asking a lot of questions around here anyway, so I figure, what's the harm of asking one myself?

[Ladd is currently sitting at a table, the camera placed close enough that it would be hard to pinpoint the location. He's being slightly more careful than before, but not enough to dissuade him from talking for a while.]

If some guy, don't matter what he looks like, walked up to you and said: "I can give you immortality, at this very second, and all you've got to do is say please!" Now, would you take this guy up on his offer or would you tell him to get lost?

I certainly know my answer, but I figured it was something interesting for you all to think about. After all, people's attitude to death can be very telling. You can't really tell a man's true nature until you point a gun in his face and yell 'bang'!
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[In case anyone on the comms was missing Ladd's face, here it is. In extreme closeup. He moves the camera back now, glaring at it intently.]

Now, is this thing on? It's been so long since I've used it--

[He taps it, satisfied that it's working. He places the camera down on a nearby trashcan.]

I just have a message to send out to everyone here, so I'll be brief. [No, he won't be.]

See, unfortunately, I have just returned from the dead. They took their sweet ol' time in bringing me back, though! It's almost as if they didn't want me here!

But now, I bet you're all wondering: What sort of guy managed to wipe me out? At least, that's what I'm assuming. Even if you don't give a rat's ass, I would listen to this anyway. It might contain some useful information!

It turns out that these stupid powers that the big grinning lady upstairs gave us aren't always too fair, at least when it comes to fighting. I wouldn't even insult the art by calling the cowardly shit that little asshole pulled fighting. More like teleporting around, not even letting me have a proper swing.

The drugs I could handle! Although, that is a method that I don't see many men using. No, it was the general cowardice and arrogance that really pissed me off.

[He's getting pretty angry now, scooping up the camera dramatically to make his point.]

So, to whichever of you cowardly bastards didn't even have the guts to fight me properly, I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to have to teach you a lesson. I won't even give you the honor of telling you that I'm going to kill you- There are many more respectable bastards that deserve my full attention- But I will tell you that if I ever find out who you are, I will be teaching you a very personal and intimate lesson.

[He practically spits out the last few words, but in a matter of seconds he returns his face to more of a grin.]

Ah, I should also warn everyone that not a word of this gets to my darling Lua. That will also put you in some danger, though I do not mean to brag about my skills. I just have a lot of experience in killing people!
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[the video opens to a blurry, jerking scene. this is because Czeslaw hit record just after he started running.

what is he running from? well, keep watching and see. after about twenty seconds of blurry cam Czeslaw stumbles to a stop and the image resolves to show...a brick wall. it's a dead-end alley.

and a second after that, Czeslaw turns around just in time to see Ladd Russo finally catch up with him. the lens is half-obscured by his hand--he has his communicator palmed in the hopes that Ladd won't notice it--but the picture is clear enough. that's definitely the jerk who's been making weird posts on the network stalking towards him.]

the rest is cut for a few lines of graphic imagery )

[ooc notes: bold text is Ladd, normal text is Czeslaw. obviously Czeslaw himself won't be replying to this post because...well, his communicator just got crushed under Ladd's fat foot. He (and any trace of his blood) will be long gone by the time the authorities arrive, but the bullet that killed him will remain in the alley. And yes, Czes is one of those pesky immortals so he'll be just fine.]


May. 30th, 2011 11:15 pm
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[Ladd sits on the couch, with only some of Lua's dress being in frame. Ladd gestures gently for her to come into the frame, and she complies, sitting down on the couch next to Ladd. He drapes an arm around her shoulder before looking at the camera again.}

Do you recall a little video that I recorded a month or so ago about how much I missed my precious Lua? Well, she's here! In the flesh! I knew she would turn up sooner or later, so I'm just glad it's now. Like I said, a man should never spend too long without his girl, but luckily, I don't have to be apart from her any longer! Ain't she a beautiful woman?

[Lua looks on rather passively, obviously not too comfortable on the camera.]

She's very special to me, as well! After all, she's the women I want to kill-

[Lua lets out a very faint "Ladd..." while blushing slightly. Her eyes dart between Ladd and the camera, not quite sure what to look at. Lua's transistion to this new world has been a little hard on her, so Ladd is going to try his best to be sensitive to her needs for a while. Just for a while, though. He quickly changes the subject.]

Only problem is, I need to support her and me now! And I can't exactly do that on the tiny pay that the City gives us, after all! So that's why I'm looking for a job. I've got a lot of experience in physical work, negiotiation and problem solving! And I can kill people too. If you've got any odd jobs you need doing, make sure you send a message my way.


Apr. 24th, 2011 09:48 pm
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[Ladd starts the video splayed across the sofa, clearly a little tipsy. Where he got the booze from in the middle of a pigeon attack is anyone's guess, but he hardly seems very sober at the moment. If you look closely, there's a small pile of rat and pigeon corpses in the corner.]

Y'know, this whole attack of the vermin thing has got me thinking. I guess it's probably got to do with the fact that there's some clunky tincan bastard running a gang of furry and feathered idiots running about claiming he's a king and all. That sort of thing really pisses me off! I mean, those sort of people who feel like they're on top of the world and all. Don't you just want to kill them? It's so satisfying to crush their stupid little windpipes and watch that confidence drain from their eyes...

[There's a pause, as Ladd drinks some alcoholic beverage from a glass on the table. He lets out a satisfied "aaah" before continuing.]

But that's not why I'm making this video! I want to talk about love. See, I see a lot of happy couples walking down the streets in this city and, if I'm quite honest, it's got me a little homesick! See, I've got a beautiful girl waiting for me back home but ever since I've been here, I haven't got a chance to see her! How sad is that?

Just think: My poor Lua, all on her own! No one to protect her but Graham. As much as I trust that little bastard, I still don't trust him enough. I mean, what if someone kills her? Can you imagine that? It's tragic, y'know?

I wouldn't want someone else killing her for me. My own wish in life is to kill my darling Lua when it's only me and her left. Ah, it's beautiful! None of those bastard couples I see around have that sort of link. She deserves to die by my hand- I won't have anyone else touching her! Someday, when everyone else has been killed off, me and my Lua will be united in loving harmony while I strangle the very last breath out of her--

[There's a pause as he takes another swig of the drink.]

Eh, I didn't mean to get so soppy there. But love is love! What can I do to stop it? Death will be the only thing to part me and Lua for real. And what a beautiful day that will be! Those are just my thoughts, anyway. Here's hoping my dear, sweet Lua will be returned to me!

[He raises the glass and downs the rest of the drink with great gusto. What a romantic that Ladd is!~]


Mar. 11th, 2011 10:55 pm
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[The video starts off with a big finger poking the screen for a bit. There's the sound of some muttering in the background as Ladd attempts to figure out how he's supposed to work this thing.]

Hello? Goddamn-

[Ladd now holds the camera up to his eye to inspect it. Pulling it back, you can see Ladd in all his glory. All his heavily blood stained glory. There's blood over a lot of his suit and a bit on his face, with the jacket itself having seen much better days.]

Ah, so it looks like I'm in the future! Not exactly what I expected, but it'll have to do! I mean, not that I'm complaining that the toothy broad gave me back my arm- It's a very charitable thing for her to do! In fact, I'd like to meet her in person. She seems like a nice lady!

[Ladd stretches out one of his arms now, checking to see it still functions. He's not sure how she did it, but she did it.]

Now, back to the matter at hand here! I understand that I'm supposed to be in the future New York. Far as I can tell, doesn't look too different to me! Apart from a lot more cars and a lot more food joints, it's pretty normal looking to me. Whoever you are anyway. Look at me! I'm talking but I don't even know who I'm talking to! Is this what the future is like?

And another thing! What's all this I'm hearing about hero work? I thought I was done being a killer-for-hire! Well, it's not like I don't enjoy it, but I still think that-

[There's the sound of barking coming from the background of the video. Ladd stops midspeech to pay attention to the loud yapping.]

Hey, now that's awfully rude of you! Interrupting a guy when he's trying to speak! Don't you have any goddamn manners?

[YAP YAP YAP!!! Ladd puts his hands in his blood stained pants, leaving the camera resting on a nearby trash can. He kicks a piece of cardboard away from the side of the wall, exposing a little yapping dog. It growls defensively as Ladd approaches and he looks down it with a smile.]

What a cute little guy you are! Shame you're so goddamn annoying, y'know?

[And, Ladd Russo, as his first act of villiany in the city, lifts up his leg and KICKS THE PUPPY. It's thrown along the alleyway a bit, but it's still alive though injured. Whimpering, it scurries away as Ladd comes back to the camera.]

Sorry for the disturbance! Now where was I-

[Ladd accidentally turns off the rest of the video there. Whoops.]


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