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As I'm sure people are starting to find out, Halloween has brought upon the City a variety of surprises. Namely, monsters, which is inconvenient after that fiasco in Venezuela.

Needless to say, it doesn't take much brainpower to figure out the cause.

[ There's the click of a gun being loaded. ]

I have no doubt that this holiday will be an eventful one. I suppose I should advise anyone who doesn't have adequate weaponry to stay inside.

[ he flicks off the feed. REASSURING! ]
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In an interesting tidbit that I'm sure at least one individual already knows, the first of September is International Bacon Day.

[ paper rustles ]

In more pertinent information [ to his current job, at least ] Labor Day is approaching. Morale seems to be fairly low lately, so hopefully nobody would oppose having some sort of celebration to mark the event.

What kind of things would you find appealing to have as part of the Labor Day celebrations?
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[ There's the quiet shuffling of pages, for a moment. He's in his office, most likely. Paperwork again. ]

Personally, I am not a gambling man. However, with the recent state of events regarding diplomatic relations between the imPorts and the native populace...

I have to say, I am curious. How long do you think it will take before they get paranoid enough to start trying to wall us in completely - or any other method you can think of?

[ sure is a positive outlook here!! :T ]
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-s this a normal occurrence? I haven't exactly had time to be dead very long, so you will have to excuse me if I am unaware of the situation at this very moment. [ well there we go, he can work the video option now! he might have started talking a tad early though
the feed is duly adjusted, camera moving up to take in the view of a pale, gaunt-looking (and fairly young) man wearing purple-tinted glasses.

Good morning, 'the City'. My name is Alberto Falcone.

I would be much obliged if you could tell me what kind of place I have very recently arrived in. The brochures I received upon my apparent teleportation are insufficiently enlightening, though they do provide some insight on what kind of people to expect around here.

[ Just...some sort of mild emotion that could pass as amusement in a poor light in that last sentence.

There's a momentary pause.

If it assists with identification at all, I was born and raised in Gotham.

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

[ And off it goes, with a click. ]


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