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...Well. Been a while, you lot. [James clears his throat and looks a little awkward.]

I don't know if you noticed, what with all the -- people imitating other people and that sort of thing. Merlin, 's like someone passed out cauldrons full of Polyjuice potion. Anyway. Harry's back. --My son, for those of you who don't know.

And yes, I know there were magic classes at Xavier's when I was going there -- but are there still? Or is there somewhere else I could have him learn, aside from myself? He's eleven, hasn't even got his wand properly yet. Ollivander's doesn't exist here, so I'm not sure how I'll get him one, but we'll figure something out sooner or later.

Anyway. Any advice for me?
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[For a moment or two, all that can be heard is the sound of someone laughing -- distinctive to those who have heard it, almost a bark. After the laugher has gotten control of himself enough to press a few buttons, there is a picture posted on the network, with one Prongs in what looks to be a ridiculous state. The phantom-picture taker is still laughing, and James' comm is set back down and left to idle.

After about 15 or 20 minutes, James finally makes it over to his comm, coat pulled close. When he sees the picture, there is a quickly muffled noise of outrage, mixed with a snort of laughter.]

Sirius Black, I am going to kill you. Well done, sir.


Oct. 9th, 2011 08:58 am
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[Well, here's a post he was hoping he wouldn't have to make again, ever. Figures that it had to be in October, too.]

Lily Potter's gone home. Was hoping I wouldn't have to say that again.

[Replies to this will probably be sporadic, but there you have it.]


Jul. 31st, 2011 03:55 pm
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[The camera opens on what was once Moonybase, and is now Potterbase! It is decorated for a party -- red and gold streamers, and various island themes in each of the rooms. James waves at the camera, beaming so hard it looks like his jaw might break off.]

Hallo, the City! I don't know how many of you know it, but today's my son's birthday. Harry Potter, if you know him. This is -- really, er, the first proper birthday we've had with him, so I just figured I'd post and say 'Happy birthday, Harry!'

There's a party at the house, for those of you who know him! Come on by, there's going to be fireworks, too. A Potter party is not complete without fireworks.

((Party log is here, and I will be slinking back to my hiatus now.))
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[Here, City, is James Potter heading up to what used to be Moonybase. With the moving of Remus, Ruka, and Rua, it is now Potterbase! And he is cradling a very tiny someone in his hands, and shifts the camera so everyone can see her cute little face. She comes courtesy of Trowa's animal shelter, and was chosen because she is not a cat, and seriously look how adorable. James was unable to resist! When he speaks, it is quietly, and he's grinning far too much.]

Hallo, folks. Decided I'd surprise Lils with a new friend. I'd like to call her Harry Junior, but I don't think Lily would approve. Anyone have any ideas for names? We can draw lots, or something.
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[At some point earlier today, people might have seen a curious red stag frolicking about the park with some of the zebras and gazelles. By 'frolicking', we mean 'sniffing at them curiously and chowing down on some grass.' This was recorded on James' comm as well, which was sitting on a convenient bench. After investigating these random zebras and things some more, the stag disappears.

A few minutes later, James returns to the comm and picks it up, spotting a curious lemur looking at him. He beckons to the lemur, which comes to sniff the comm, and hello, network, have a screenful of lemur nose. James rummages in his pockets and finds something edible for the lemur, then addresses the camera.]

....So, ah, this is new. I'm fairly certain these aren't animagi, just -- regular animals. Only place I know of that's got zebras and these little blokes is the zoo.

[A beat.] And if these fellows have gotten out, maybe someone should check the other cages. Do we know if anyone has? I'm trying to think of an easy way to round them up. With all this food around it's going to be a bit difficult. Ideas?


May. 14th, 2011 11:49 am
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[James is --actually, perched on top of his and Sirius' warehouse, fiddling a bit with a broom. It all makes for a very nice dramatic background, but he doesn't appreciate it much. This is probably something to do with what he's going to say.]

Right. Now that I'm back to normal and all. --Lily's gone home. Figured people should know.
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[Look, network! It's a James with a floating comm in front of him. Yes, he's got a floating charm on the thing, and he is currently on top of a broom, fifty feet up in the air and blasting the odd flash of light at any pigeons who come too close for comfort.

He pauses for a moment to cast a shield charm so he won't be disturbed while he talks, then grins at the comm and waves!]

Helloooooo, the City! The day you have been waiting for has ARRIVED! Sirius and Remus and I have finished the brooms, and they're bloody brilliant! Tested 'em out and everything and no one died at all.

RIGHT. [There's another pause as he does a little loop-the-loop, just for the fun of it.] So, we're taking orders, who wants one? Also, who's interested in learning and playing Quidditch? It's really the greatest sport ever, loads more exciting than football. Now that we've got brooms we can actually start teams.


Apr. 8th, 2011 11:16 am
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[For a moment, all that can be heard is the clacking of a keyboard, then a sigh.]

Alright, fine, I bloody well hate this whole buying plane tickets thing. But it's simpler, I s'pose, than apparition across the ocean, and there's more than just me going, so there's that. Can't have anyone splinching themselves in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, right? Rather painful, and who knows if you could ever find your arm or leg or whatever again?

Though then I suppose you could get a wood one and pretend you were a pirate.

Still don't see the point of planes, though, when we could just enchant a car or something. --There's an idea! Could do that, make it bigger on the inside. Might not even need to get petrol.

In any case, Sirius, and Lils and Remus if you and Ruka are going, possible dates? That'd be useful. Reeeemuuuss, we are going to look at straw, it will be the most exciting thing ever. [He's grinning.] You are bound to thoroughly enjoy it.

...I still hate buying plane tickets, though. Ugh.
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Oi! I just realized April Fool's is coming up. Anyone got any plans? I would have once upon a time, but I'm ...presumably mature and married now, so there's that.

In any case, hallo, network, tell me what's been interesting in your lives lately. I've been working and not paying attention to things. For those who are interested-- brooms are coming along! But slowly. We've got a prototype, but it's only able to go up about five or six feet now. It looks a bit prettier, though!
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Welllll, I'd like to say being married is terribly boring and all that, but it's really not. [This is just a bit of a smirk.] However, there are things a bloke needs to think about when he's married, y'know, aaand one of those is money.

So what I'd like to ask, see, is if anyone knows of any law enforcement type jobs that are, er, available? 'Cause I was an auror back home, which is a bit like a wizard police officer, and I think I'd be rather good at it here, too. So there's that.

Also, I expect if I laze about Remus' house any longer, I will probably be murdered by my wife. It would be a very nice death, though.

Anyway, suggestions, anyone?
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[Here, City, is James. He's sitting on a couch in Lily's apartment at the MAC, watching a little silver stag run across the palm of his hand. Eventually he sets the stag down on the couch and turns his attention to the comm. Brusquely:]

Lily Evans has gone home. Sort of hoped I'd never have to say that, but it's true. We were supposed to meet for lunch, she wasn't here when I knocked.

Damn it all. [He looks away from the comm and sets it down, going back to playing with the enchanted stag.]
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[Here's everyone's other favorite no-longer-16-year-old wizard, poking at his comm with a grin. He looks much more relaxed than his last post, clean-shaven and well rested.]

Hello, you lot! If you missed it, I was gone and now I'm back, just, obviously, not sixteen anymore. And being twenty-one, I figure I need a job of some kind. That does not involve teaching, because I'd be a crap teacher unless it was transfiguration or something, and I'd probably still be crap even then. Back home I was an auror -- er, I suppose it's a bit like a wizard cop? We basically fought dark wizards and kept things in order. So, what I'm trying to say is how would I get into something like that here? It's the only thing I think I'd be any good at.

[There's a pause.] Anyway, how is everyone? Feel like I've been gone for ages. Also, oi, Luna, let me know when you want to do the flying lessons.
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[Hello, City, have a James Potter! This is a slightly older-sounding James, though, and he's dashing out of the 'Porter room, wand at the ready.]

Lily--! Lily, it's him, take Harry and ...what the hell. [Here he stops dead and pulls out his comm, staring at it with some bewilderment, and then it switches to video. It is James, though he looks older, and to be frank, a mixture of surprised and terrified.]

No, see, I can't be here now, it's important, I have to get back home. [He's pacing now, frantically, fumbling with his wand.] I have to go back, he's going to kill Lily and Harry, I can't be here, damn it!


Jan. 11th, 2011 11:39 am
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[We cut in on a horned and pissed-off looking James Potter. Yes, he has antlers. Stag antlers.]

Right then, whoever did this? Totally not funny. Normally I would blame Sirius, but I know it wasn't him.

So, Fred Weasley? If you did this? I will find you and there will be a prank war. Ohhhh yes.
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[James is slouched out in the hallway of the Xavier Institute, though it's probably hard to tell on the mirror.]

Oi, Pads, where are you? I'm bored to bloody death in English without you and who cares about Julius Cesar anyway, sodding old Roman bloke.


Dec. 31st, 2010 01:56 pm
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[James is, for once, not at Moonybase, in the basement of Moonybase, or in his and Sirius' workshop. He's at what used to be Harry Potter's apartment at the MAC, holding a comm and looking slightly lost.]

Erm. Harry's gone. Been 'ported out, I mean.

[There's a pause.] I didn't know much about when he came from, we never really talked about it. But I hope he's gone back to something good, is all.
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[The camera turns on to show loads of trees and plenty of snow. Lily seems to be wandering around Central Park- which normally wouldn't be strange at all if not for the fact that she is being accompanied by a rather large stag. She is talking softly to him, occasionally petting him with a smile. To an outside observer, this would seem very strange, but to those who recognize Prongs, it is no doubt a long-awaited scene. Eventually Lily notices the camera is switched on, and with a heavy blush she apologizes before turning it off]


Dec. 7th, 2010 08:25 pm
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So, er, Lily. I was wondering how much of a chance you'd gotten to look around. I'd like to do a bit more myself, so I thought maybe you might want to come along? Not as a date, of course, but. Just so we can get better acquainted with the city since we're stuck here and all. ...That is to say, there'll be someone else there. Not just us. Er. I'll shut up now.


...Uh. Asked Lily to have a look 'round the city with me, if any of you want to come along. Because it's not a date. And Sirius, no offence, mate, but I don't think it should be you. Evans gets tetchy and all, et cetera.
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[The video opens on James, flopped on his bed and looking slightly frazzled. There are scribbled-upon sheets of paper surrounding him, and the itching has subsided somewhat, though he's still decked out in calamine lotion at various points.]

Er. This is a bit weird to ask, I guess, but I can't think of anything else to do that I haven't already tried before and I don't --eurgh. [He takes a deep breath, runs a hand through his hair, and tries again.]

RIGHT. So. Er. HYPOTHETICALLY, o citizens of this entirely mad city, how would you go about impressing a girl who has, to the best of your knowledge, hated you for the past five years and enjoys clobbering you at random times?

Sirius, if you laugh at me, I swear I will hex you a hundred and seventeen different ways from Tuesday.
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Oh god I want to rip all the skin off my body, augh augh AUGH.

Please. Please, someone distract me so I will not scratch or not think about this incessant itching. I don't care what you do, magic tricks, balloon animals, read me a story, tell me about your day, anything!

On the bright side, I now smell like oatmeal cookies and other delicious things, but unfortunately, the only people here to smell me are Sirius and Remus. Until I look less like a blister-ridden mandrake, there will be no videos. (And all Sirius' pictures will be burned. He's in the tub now anyway, the best time for a distraction.)

Send help. Send calamine lotion. Or a new skin. Please.


Nov. 15th, 2010 12:21 am
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[Here, network, have a few beeps and button pressings and muffled curse words.]

Merlin's pants where's the ...oh. OH.

[When James speaks, he sounds slightly nervous and -- well, a little worried.]

Er. I don't suppose anyone has seen Remus, Sirius, or Bluffles around? Because, ah, they haven't been home since Friday. ...Well, I mean, Sirius fell asleep in class, but. Er. This is really odd. And I really hope Bluffles won't get tetchy about me feeding his dog, but who's going to do it if he's not here?

Honestly, if there's going to be no adults around, I'd hope Pads would be around to help make the most of it.


Nov. 9th, 2010 09:04 pm
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[It's a wonder he's managed to keep his hands on the comm, this high up in the air, but the video opens with a shot of -- well, it's one Sirius Black's shoulder, at least until James pulls it up closer to his face and fiddles with the zoom. Then it's a shaky shot of both boys, James with an arm wrapped around Sirius, atop Sirius' motorbike. He's grinning a bit like a madman, with the night sky behind them and a few disgruntled honks of nearby geese.]

This is brilliant, Padfoot--! [He doesn't care if he's shouting to the whole network. In fact, he's grinning rather devilishly now, and gives Sirius a careful nudge.]

What say we race?

[James glances back at the comm without waiting for a reply from Sirius (he knows well enough what it will be), and laughs.]

Right then, people of the City! C'mon and race us, we'll see if Sirius' Miranda here is as fast as he thinks she is!

(OOC: Yes, come race them, all you imPorts who can fly! Or tell them how crazy they are. :D)


Nov. 7th, 2010 12:43 am
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[The video opens on a close up of a messy head of black hair, along with a pair of brown eyes and glasses staring fascinated at the camera, grinning broadly.]

This thing is brilliant! On my way to detention with Filch, then I end up here? I’ll take that any day. Figuring out Muggle contraptions is loads more fun than polishing trophies for the five hundred and eleventh time. Though I suppose he could have had something more evil in mind, he had a suspciously creepy smile when I saw him last time. [He pulls the camera back and tugs at his dogtags thoughtfully, then runs a hand through his hair, which just serves to make it even messier.]

Can’t say I’ve ever ended up in America before, and I can’t apparate yet, so I s’pose ...[There’s a little pause.] I don’t suppose there are any wizards here? Or anyone that knows how to get me back to Hogwarts?


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