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[For once, Samara's decided not to show her face on video. There's probably a good reason, because her voice sounds slightly different; not her usual calm, collected tone. There's something a little haunted about her tone today.]

A return to this place is not entirely unwelcome, I would say, considering the state of the galaxy I have just left. Unexpected, but not unwelcome. When I-

[She cuts herself off suddenly, and for a minute or two the microphone only picks up her breathing; slightly labored, like she has been running recently.]

...I am here now, and I trust I am correct in assuming I have not been absent long. I will not dwell much on my home, and instead focus on the work I have left unfinished here.

That is all I can do.
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[The communicator is apparently broadcasting video from the floor of what is certainly a rather dark room. There's a kind of soft blue glow coming in from off screen, but it's not really casting enough light to make out details.

After a few minutes of silence, Samara starts speaking, though she stays just out of view of the video]

I have been on this planet- in this city for more than a month now. Nearly two. I have learned more about humans here than would have been possible for me back in my home universe. I am grateful for this opportunity, even if I do not enjoy being trapped here.

[And now her tone changes, just slightly, and keen listeners can undoubtedly hear a distinctly pleased inflection; like she's speaking admiringly of the native Cityzens]

In my lifetime, humans have come so far. From pre-industrialized civilizations, plagued by war and disease, to a space-faring race with considerable political power. In less than a thousand years. I can not say that many other species have managed the same feat.

And to think, the ones I speak to on the street have no idea what they've accomplished thus far, or what their future holds. If I am to stay here in this city, then I hope to see what more humans can achieve.
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[For a moment, the communicator broadcasts only audio- the operator can be heard fumbling with the device and speaking a few words of a strange language before the video pops on. The owner of the comm is clearly visible on the screen now, and it's obvious just by looking at her that she's an alien. The blue skin and weird head-folds are a dead give away]

My arrival to this planet is not something I would describe as fortuitous. This place is- quite primitive, and I am afraid that I have left important business unfinished. I would not like to leave my oath to my commander unfulfilled.

However. Until the time comes that I may return to my pledged duties, I can see that there is work for me here. I will not lay down my Code because I have arrived here. Injustice exists here- it exists everywhere. I will correct it.

[She looks away from the communicator's camera, expression concentrated, as if she's trying to calculate something]

I will require arms.


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