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[ Flint is relaxing at Manhattan Beach Park. Yes, in March. He’s Sandman. It's how he rolls. He seems pretty smug, actually. Let’s just say things are finally turning up for him. ]

So it’s all good now? You all done runnin’ around panicking about aliens? [ People who avoided the entire thing: Flint. He pauses, leaning back. ]

Y’know, when this place isn’t being attacked by monsters and aliens and junk, it ain’t so –

[ A tennis ball hits him right in the head, spraying sand everywhere. Flint reaches to pull it out of where it had become lodged in his head, just as a large Rottweiler comes bounding after it. Sand goes everywhere. ]

HEY, watch it --! [ the communicator disconnects ]
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Nobody seems to run this town, if you get me. I'm not talking about the Mayor or whoever, I'm talking about who really runs things.

In my New York, you had the Big Man. Got a couple of big players here, but I'm guessing the whole "never know when you going to pop out" makes things not so good for business.

But there’s got to be someone who wants to, y’know?

[ENCRYPTED TO GHOST (with Ghost’s codes)]

Hey, Ghost. You know stuff.
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[ Oh boy. Flint read Roxanne’s Interview With A Spider-Man, and is Kind Of Irritated. ]

Say there’s this punk and he wears a mask. And you’ve fought this guy a few times. Okay, a lot. He never seems to just leave you alone. He’s a real pain in the butt, you get me?

And then it turns out he’s a teenager. Was a teenager. Whatever.

[ Beat. ]

High school?! Are you kidding me? [ You can practically hear him cursing as he turns off the comm. And possibly something about "I'll show YOU a ruined prom -- " ]
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[ Flint's a big man in a small space trying to talk to someone he doesn't know, pretending he isn't uncomfortable.

The Encryption and the comm number were both provided by Ghost. He's been sitting on it for a few days, unsure if he could trust this Ghost person - but hey - a job's a job. With no Big Man around, it's not like anyone else is going to give him one.

Whoever this is, I was told you're the guy to talk to around here.

The name's Sandman. [ And to demonstrate his name, he makes himself bigger with sand and loses the colour, before going back to normal.] I was lookin' to do some jobs and Ghost pointed me your way.

[ He scratches his head. There was something else, wasn't there? ]

Oh yeah, and he said to mention I come from a world like his and he recommends me, if that's worth anything to you.
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[ Someone connected to this device knows what’s going on, and Flint Marko ain’t happy.
He’s on the street outside the porter building, looking peeved and more than a bit skeptical. In one hand he’s waving around his dog tags.

Is this some kind of a sick joke? Who drafts a guy while he’s talking to somebody? I already got two bosses, I don’t need no more breathing down my neck.

Somebody got to tell that lady she got the wrong guy. The Sandman isn’t - - hey –

[ He’s looking around more suspiciously now. ]

What day is it?

[ He’s starting to feel alarmed but trying not to show it. ]

…What season is this?


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