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What are the chances that other people where you're from are going to show up? [meaning, how long is she supposed to be married and without her husband?] I gather that usually husband and wife get ported separately?

I'm ... just wondering considering that it would be nice to have someone familiar around. It's getting just a little overwhelming being the only relic here. I don't understand when wearing pants that make men look like they stand on twigs, dirty hair and cheap beer became the standard for young men or that it's quite in fashion to listen to music that was considered bad in the 60s.
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Ladies, I'm hoping you could provide me some assistance. I'm sure that there might be some modern women hearing this, because in all honesty, some of these selections are quite unacceptable and to an extent I don't want to be mistaken for a prostitute wearing something so revealing.

Though, I'm not going to be rude and ignore the gentlemen. Maybe someone can explain this ridiculous idea that people seem to have about cigarettes being "atrocious" for your health and why it seems that this city is slowly becoming the Soviet Union.
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You know, at every World's Fair they said that they'd have flying cars by now, but instead you have -- whatever you want to call this "Internets" thing. So, I suppose instead of going to an agency, everything is on the "web"? I certainly don't understand what's so hard about submitting a paper application.

[she just sighs, as if she's too good to go work in a department store.] Secretaries are getting younger and younger and they still don't know the basics of it. It's no good if all you do is say "yes" when you're told something, it's being able to predict what he needs and providing it. It's almost as if cattiness has been replaced by a boxed salad sitting in front of a box.

Oh dear, I'm starting to sound like someone's mother. My point, which pains me to make, is that if you're looking for a secretary or even an office manager, I'll be happy to apply in person.

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Sep. 18th, 2011 06:29 pm
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It's always a rule never to get close to a phone or - I guess whatever this darling thing I'm doing - when you're drunk. You never know what you'll end up saying and it just leads to a very awkward conversation in the morning. Though, I highly doubt more than one cosmopolitan and one episode of the Twilight Zone can do this. 

Then again, more than one drink can do a lot of things, can't it? 

I certainly hope you all know that the answer is no and I certainly am not wrong in the head to actually think that this isn't real. If you want to assume that I'm ignorant enough to actually believe that it isn't, you're free to. I'm afraid that you'd actually end up wasting your time and there's really nothing I can do about that. 

What I can do is get some answers. Where am I? What do you all want with me? At this point, I'd love to hear something interesting. I'd hate to be kidnapped and bored.


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