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[anonymous text // only not;]

i used to think that i know how a hero works

but it turned out i was probably wrong

so really, what is a hero?

[He's seen the horrors of New Vesuvius, and happened to be one of the person who strangely haven't picked the option of death and continued to endure the emotional torture the place doled out at him without any refusal.

Still, thanks to a certain event, he felt the need to ask this before it drove him even more crazy than before.]

((EDIT: because i was tired while i wrote this and forgot to read the network FAQ, feel free to infer that shirou was too tired that he forgot it's impossible to be anonymous here))


Apr. 30th, 2013 01:59 am
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I'm telling you, I need to go back to save her from whatever he plans to do with her!

[Pictured: One ginger-haired teen yelling at the side, his right hand holding the phone which is pointing at himself, his left hand is cut off from the screen, though.

Not pictured and heard: The person he's arguing with.

Got that? Good, because that's exactly what you're seeing right now.]


What do you mean I'm in love with her? She's just an ally right now!

[There's a frustrated sigh as he then turned his head to face the camera, left hand dropping down right as he does that.]

Er, sorry about that, a-anyways, uh, they called us here to be heroes, right?

[The teen looked awkward about this.]

I would love to help, but I'm in the middle of something bigger right now, so if you guys can point me back to a plane ticket to Japan, it'd be great-

[And then he raised his left hand, showing a tomato, as he just glared at it.]

I told you, she's not my girlfriend!

[...Uh, before the 'argument' has a chance to continue, the teen is going to just. Cut off the feed because he's pretty sure he's now painting the first impression that he's actually a nutcase.

And before you ask, yes, that earlier person, was in fact, the 'tomato' he was holding just now.]


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