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I hope that people are trying their best to stay calm. The mayor's office is doing everything we can to make sure tha-

[In the background there's a cheery woman's voice: Happy Birthday, Blue!]

Oh, thank you, I mean you really didn't have t-

Is that a cake?

[a pause]

Oh th-

[Another pause]

I'm going out to get coffee, we ran out.
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Is this thing on-


Yes it is.

[Blue backs up and it's easy to see he's wearing a nice outfit - if it was 1922, anyway - of a pair of trousers and a powder-blue vest. He's just missing a cap.]

I got a new job, which means I can finally afford an apartment; which really isn't the point of this broadcast - I guess this needs a better point...


I'm playing tonight at the Laundry Room which is the name of a bar, not an actual laundry room if you're interested in coming. It's the first time I've got a gig in a place where I'm pretty sure the rats won't eat you.

[ooc: HE IS THE MAYOR'S NEW ASSISTANT so if you work for Mr. Hundred or with him, Blue will be there from now on. PLEASE SAY HELLO]
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This isn't Haven, or New York. Or even upstate New York.

It looks like New York, though. Sort of. If you squint, and tilt your head, you can't even tell the difference. Well, except for the fact that I'm pretty sure I saw someone flying, which definitely doesn't happen where I'm from.

[There's a pause]

I...I think I just saw Spider-man.

Did I really just see Spider-man?

Either that or someone is really into the costume. And swinging around 300 feet in the air.


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