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[ James sounds exactly how he feels: like shit. But screw typing, that would currently take way too long so forced cheer is go despite sounding like death warmed over ( har har.)

As casual and cheerily as he can manage after freaking out for like an hour: ]

Good to see the City's still standing after yet another year. I'd love to play catch up, really I would. I must have missed so much considering there's never a dull moment here from what I remember, but later. I've got more pressing matters right now.

So let me cut to the chase, I need your help o dear Network of mine. Two things, specifically.

First, I need a tailor. Recommend me one unless the Porter somehow became sensible enough to pull a certain Paul Gambi here, but I highly doubt that. So recommendations if you please!
Secondly, is there anyone who's experienced with ah— prosthetics? The creating of, to be exact. If there is I would really love to know. Dying to know even.

[ a beat. ]

That's all. Help an ol' City veteran out?
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word of advice: don't ever sign up for something on here.

i need a drink. or fifty.
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I'm bored.

So, dear Network, tell me what kind of inventions you'd like to see in the world. It could be something small, like a toy that you wished existed, or something more fancy like shoes that enable you to walk in the air or a device that turns you invisible.

Anything goes.

[Private to Alexander Aaron] )
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[Guess who's back, back again. It's James, still donning a City police uniform though the hideous yellow and blue-striped tie he's wearing makes the whole thing look a little less professional and acts as a clear allusion.]

Well, looks like a certain someone can't get enough of me. Not that I blame our lovely Porter here. Looks like she's been quite busy too, nice new communicators!

[He shrugs, grinning as if he doesn't have a care in the world.]

So City, it's been a year. Again. 2012 this time, huh? How exciting. Last time I didn't bother asking for a catch-up, but this time I think I will. What'd I miss since May last year? Who's still around and who isn't? And how's the Force doing? I'm sure I can think of more questions, but I'll leave it at that.

[Have a mock salute before the feed turns off.]


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