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Tell me I'm not the only one that got the check up from Little Sister


Feb. 1st, 2013 05:10 pm
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[She's looking a little more tired than usual. Who ever thought Jane would start to take things that happen in this world personally? She needs to talk, but someone is missing.]

Evan McCulloch is missing. I think the Porter got him. Probably sick of his stupid grin.


[It's sadder than she thought it would be to have him up and disappear on her.]

If by some chance he's just screwing with me, let it be known that when I see his gap toothed face I will punch it.

[A pause as her cat tries to interrupt. She pushes him away not feeling up to cuddles tonight]

Whatever. I don't care.
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[She's still on the beach, soaking wet and more than a little freezing, but she's a bit preoccupied]

Missing a roommate or two? Maybe you've noticed your neighbor has yet to grace you with their presence. Don't worry, they're...alive.

[Jane moves her camera over the menagerie of animals gathered on the beach]

I suppose now is the time to test how well you know your fellow ImPorts. We'll try and round up their furry asses before someone calls Animal Control.

003; video

Dec. 10th, 2012 09:50 am
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[It's way too early for Jane to be awake, but awake she is (ignore the bedhead) and she's frustrated? Confused? Longing to go back to bed?]

I have a situation.

[The communicator is lazily pushed to the side, but you can see Jane is kneeling down in the front room. She makes a clicking noise and then sighs.]

It won't come out from behind the television stand and there are cords back there. These things chew, right? Also they don't always shit in the box. Seriously I thought cats were peculiar with that kind of thing.

[More clicking and using what could be called a baby voice. Just pretend you can't hear her making a total ass of herself]

Oh, good. No. Shit, ow!

[Finally Jane picks the communicator back up. Her other arm is holding something below the camera]

Okay, I need help. Cats. Kittens in particular. I have a box and food, shit I need to get it food. I can get that at the grocery store, right?

[A tiny paw bats the camera]


I should have left you behind.

[Oh, that tiny paw is back and Jane tilts the camera so everyone can see the little nightmare.]
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[Have a bikini clad, ALMOST tanned Jane. Okay, it's more like an almost burned Jane, but damn it this redhead needed some sun!]

I would like to day that Miami is still very friendly to us ImPorts. Free drinks, free dinners, free fun, all the things a girl needs in her life. It's a shame I decided to come back to this dump.

[Yep, in the background you can tell she's on the roof of the MAC. Definitely not bikini weather, but she's not ready to give up the vacation feeling]

Also, if you've ever wondered Turkish baths are amazing.

Speaking of baths I need a plumber - it's raining in my bedroom and no this isn't some stupid ImPort thing unless shitty pipes are some cool new power fad.


Miss me?
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[The communicator turns on and a vision in red appears. Well, less vision and more like scowling lady in sunglasses.]

Hero. Cute. Not exactly original, but seeing as I've been kidnapped by a crazy lady in a machine I suppose I can't be too picky. I just hope no one expects to see me running around in spandex anytime soon.

[That image makes her grin slightly, or grimace. It's hard to tell with her sometimes.]

So, as informative as these little pamphlets are --

[With her free hand she waves them about right before shoving them in the nearest trashcan.]

--I'd really like to get the extended version on why I'm once again playing Dudley Do-Right for people I don't even know, because I'm really not the kind of "hero" a city wants, needs, or deserves.

[So much sighing]

When I said I needed a vacation I was thinking more along the lines of sunny beaches and scantily clad tourists.


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