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Has anyone else noticed that it is crazy, freaky quiet right now? Where the hell is everyone?!

[This is seriously unnerving.]

Hello? Is there anybody out there?
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Sooooo. Bad news, guys. Max Gibson ported out this morning. I'm optimistic that she'll be back soon, but you know how it goes around here. I won't be holding my breath.

Anyways, in less depressing news — or more, depending on your perspective — Valentine's Day is just one week away. What're your plans, Network? Anyone up for an anti-date night?
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Either he's doing a great job of screening his calls and avoiding his obligations, or Alex Aaron's been ported out. If it's the first option, anyone who knows where he's hiding can feel free to pass on the message that Kate needs him to assemble a bookcase and April needs him for Xbox reasons.

And if it's the second option and he's actually not here anymore... well, I guess it's too bad he didn't have one of those ex-Port trackers installed on his communicator so we'd know for sure.
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There are three days, seventeen hours and eighteen minutes until the start of the Olympics. [A beat.] Not that I'm counting or anything. It's almost comforting to see the games go on despite the wars and chaos all around us. It's a reminder that we can put our differences aside and compete in the truest and purest way imaginable, without prejudice or anything. It's just for the love of the sport.

On my must watch list is archery, fencing, shooting, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, and the track and field events. I'll be Tivo-ing the judo and boxing, maybe the soccer, too.

Who else is excited? I can't be the only one with Olympic fever!
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[Kate is in Times Square. It's as crowded as it ever is, but you might notice an unusually high number of sailors wandering around. Kate is clearly admiring the view from her perch at an outdoor table.]

Ah, Fleet Week. It just wouldn't be May without it.

[Aw, yeah. Look at those tight white bell bottoms...

And suddenly back to reality.]

Okay. Travel plans for the summer: who has them? I'm talking road trips, vacations, camps, missions, yadda, yadda, yadda. Who is heading out of the City and where are you going?

Also, can I come too?
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The best part about having a photographic memory? Remembering people's birthdays, of course.

[Kate zooms in on a large green fish-shaped cake with Dodger blue frosting script which reads, "Happy Birthday Bucky!" on it.]

This is last minute, I know, but consider it an open invitation to eat cake and share embarrassing stories about Mister Barnes. Or just eat cake. Trust me, there's plenty to go around.

[private to Bucky]

I hope you weren't trying to downplay it this year.

[private to Tommy]

You'd better come over, at least.
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Welp. This is quite the mess to come back to. Does anyone want to fill me in on what exactly happened here? Or maybe offer up some good news? I'm sure we could all use some good news right about now.


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