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[ The video wobbles slightly as it focuses on a sheet of paper, covered in scribbles. As it zooms in closer, it becomes clear that the sketches have taken on a life of their own. Rain, sun, and snow visit the flowers in the margins. The stick figures alternately argue and embrace. And their creator? She sighs. ]

This was supposed to be the first draft for an article I was going to write about this singing epidemic... but I wound up enchanting my drawings instead.

To be honest, I think I'm in a rut.

Dad made it look so easy -- he could fill a parchment with paragraphs in just an hour or two. It's been twice that time for me. If not longer.

[ Luna then turns the communicator to herself and smiles, either unaware of or unbothered by the ink dropping from the tip of her quill and into her hair. ]

What do you do when you've run out of ideas, City?
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[The camera tries to focus, but whoever is holding the thing keeps flailing about. It’s far too late, or maybe far too early for this sort of disturbance unless of course you’re the Doctor.

What do you know. Here he is as the camera finally settles and focuses in on him sparkly hat and all]

HELLO CITY! WELCOME TO 2012! What a smashing year this is gonna be.

[The camera starts to fall again]

Whoa, oopsy daisy. No falling down on the job, Navigator!

[ Some giggling can be heard as another hand travels into frame to steady the camera. ]

Careful, Doctor! You don’t want to break anything.

[ Not that Luna’s one to talk, since the camera soon starts wobbling again, revealing that the two of them have large mugs of... something. Eggnog, perhaps? ]

W- What he said! Happy new year, City! It’s going to be wonderful... oh, dear, I’m almost out.

[The Doctor has a glass that is empty of it's own mystery drink. He just stares at it sadly]

Clearly we need to find a new source of all things A-mazing...

[Look out city the cool kids are out!]
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[ There is a Luna on your screens, City. She's sitting on a bench in the park and looking exhausted. Not to mention sad. Still, when she turns to the camera, she smiles. Forever an optimist. ]

I don't suppose any of you have seen Neville Longbottom lately? I've been looking for him everywhere.


A very dear friend of mine. I hope he's all right.

If not, well... you could tell me your Halloween plans if you like. I haven't thought of any for myself yet, since I've been rather busy searching.
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[ The screen is filled with the sight of two large gray eyes. Framed by some distinct spectacles peering back at everything in their sight with a steady, unblinking gaze.

Someone still hasn't figured out how their camera works.

Finally, though, the eyes speak. At least they sound friendly, if oddly calm considering the circumstances. ]

Oh! I remember this place! It's the Porter Room, isn't it? ...Yes, there you are, you meddlesome machine.

[ How she can say that so affectionately is forever a mystery. ]

I hope someone took care of the kittens while I was gone -- by the way, Professor Lupin? If it's not too much trouble, I believe I may need my broomstick back. This place is infested with Nargles and I'm a bit nervous about upsetting them if I try to Apparate out of here.
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[Bender appears on the screen, muttering under his breath. In the background, you can probably spot Luna standing calmly and it's kind of clear she's obviously waiting for him to say something.]

Well, firstly, I wanted to make this message because, uh... I hope you've all learnt a lesson from this! The important lesson that you should never ignore Bender! And if you ignore me again, I'll... Conjure up some more rats! And you'll learn your lesson that way!

[He looks at Luna but she calmly shakes her head. He grumbles a bit more before continuing.]

And I know that some of you people might have suffered because of my actions. And I guess I'm a little sorry for that. But you share most of the blame! Especially you, Zoidberg! You all thought that I was some stunningly handsome robot that you could replace with some weird guy in a hood! And that's why I got so annoyed.

...Come on, that's got to be enough!

[Luna waits behind him, shaking her head some more.]

Fine. I'm sorry. There! I said it. Though, I won't apologize next time because it will be entirely your fault! So maybe if you all paid me some more respect, I wouldn't have done what I did. So I guess we've all learnt a lesson here today. I learnt that fear is no substitute for respect, and you learnt not to be so inconsiderate! Now, you better thank me for teaching you all such an important lesson!

But, really, I suppose the most important thing is that I suffered no consequences for my actions. And isn't that we all want in the end? Bahaha-

[Out of nowhere, Houston's foot flies straight into Bender's face and he falls to the floor with a loud "oof!". The video feed shuts off with a final shot of Bender laying on the ground, groaning loudly. What a nice way to end the event!]

[OOC: And that wraps up the vermin invasion of the city! All rats and pigeons that aren't dead will be returning to their normal habits and cease all attack. All replies will be from after Bender escapesss but Luna and Houston, feel free to respond to replies too!]]
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[ There is a gigantic felt shamrock bobbing in and out of frame. Say hello to it, City! Ever so slowly, the camera zooms out to reveal the comically large hat it is attached to... and the blonde wearing it. Luna appears to have found herself in some kind of bar or pub, drinking something bright green (don't worry, it's non-alcoholic), eyes glued to the television rather than her communicator. ]

Has anyone else been watching the parades today? They're brilliant! I especially like what everyone is wearing. And the music! I tried to dance to it, earlier, but they wouldn't let me... apparently tables cannot be used as stages.

But that's all right. I've been having a lovely day. What about all of you?
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[ Hey, City, say hello to the pair of big gray bug eyes staring at you! They seem to be framed by something pink and a pair of radish shaped earrings. Oh, and they’re all accompanied by a tiny frown and a disembodied, dreamy voice. ]

My Spectrespecs don’t seem to be working... I suppose the Ministry’s disabled them, as they don’t want anyone seeing the things they’ve kept hidden.

[ She sighs, causing the earrings to sway slightly. ]

Although if anyone can hear me, I would very much like to find out how I got here. And, while this is all very interesting, I would also like to know how to leave. If Daddy finds out I’ve gone missing again, he’ll be very upset.

[ She’s quiet for a moment. Then that tiny frown transforms into a big, determined smile. With a flick of her finger, the pink whatever comes down, revealing what must be some kind of very decorative 3D glasses.

She skips back to the Porter, long straggly blonde locks swinging behind her, not to seeming to notice that she’s still being filmed -- all attention on the machine now, pacing around and peering at it.

Or maybe she just doesn’t care. ]
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[Cue the curious peering into the camera. It's a young lady, late teens, with incredibly bushy brown hair and a worried expression on her face.]
Ah, excuse me, that odd woman back inside this building said that this would allow me to speak to a network of people, but it's a bit nerve wracking to speak to a lot of total strangers.

[Behind her, a second young lady, not-quite-so-late teens, with long blonde hair, is only partly looking at the camera, her attention flitting elsewhere every few seconds.]
Hermione, do you think they use pigeons instead of owls here? There are a lot of them...

I don't know! Honestly, Luna. Sorry. Can anybody tell me...where we are? Or...
[Oh dear these are Muggles. She shouldn't mention this. But...]
Or if You-Know-Who is behind this?

Hermione, he...
[She trails off and starts fiddling with her own comm in an absent sort of way.]
Do you think they will know who?

...Probably not. Can anybody please explain what's going on? I've never had this happen to me before. Or, failing that, directions to the nearest library?


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