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Nov. 20th, 2012 04:03 pm
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[ The feed turns on and Max steps away from the communicator, which has been propped up so as to show him and Clint standing in the Avengers Embassy. Max smiles and adjusts his tie, before he begins to speak. ]

Hello there. I know -- I know, before I start, let me express my gravest condolences about the tragedies that have recently unfolded. Let it be known that the Avengers, for one, are working on taking steps to lessen the chances of some kind of repeat performance in the future. Super-villains are an epidemic, but we can at least help better prepare our heroes for the fight.

[ Clint makes no attempt to hide his boredom as Max speaks; he rolls his eyes for a moment before pursing his lips as Max discusses the last week’s events. Eventually, he elbows his way to the forefront of the video feed. ]

Yeah, yeah, no need to dress it up so much. Basically, this is a City full of people with powers — and that means training tends to take a few bites out of the place.

[ Max clears his throat. ]

Right -- well, exactly, what we need is community, and proactivity. We need action. Which is why I'm -- ah, we're -- happy to announce that, through tireless negotiations, location scouting, and careful budgeting, we now--

[ The eye-rolling continues until Clint sees fit to interrupt, holding up one hand. ]

We’re putting together a place that won’t collapse if someone with super strength hits their punching bag a little too hard.

[ Max smiles tensely, hiding his irritation. ]

A training facility, endorsed by the Avengers, to give anyone at all the chance to practice or hone their… talents, as well as meet possible partners for team-ups down the road. If you train together, you'll at least be prepared to work together when the next crisis hits.

[ If Clint senses that irritation and is immensely pleased by it, you’d never know it from his face. He just raises his eyebrows a bit as he speaks. ]

Right, right, it’s a great idea. Not surprising, since I came up with it.

[ Max grinds his teeth, but pats Clint on the shoulder. ]

Where would we be without Hawkeye? Good ideas should be funded and made into realities, which I was more than happy to do. We won't get anywhere without a little support, we're all part of this situation -- every one of us -- and all our contributions are going to make a difference.

[ Clint gives him a look that could melt lead and sidesteps. Clearly they are not in the “comfortable with touching” phase of this relationship, yet. ]

Yeah, okay. Solving the world’s problems one gym at a time. We can go with that.

Er -- right.

[ Max's brow furrows but he smiles again, a bit more convincingly for the cameras. He holds a photograph up. ]

The address is ( location ) and it's available for any Imports to use, free of charge. Just do us a favor and don't try to blow it up even if it can take it. Damages mean delays, and everyone deserves to get started right away.

[ Clint huffs out a breath. ]

Play nice, kids.

[ And then he cuts the feed because if he doesn’t he assumes Max will keep talking forever. ]

♞ four

Oct. 24th, 2012 10:56 pm
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[ The communicator turns on, showing Diana a few feet away holding her lasso. It shakes a little, being held by a somewhat unsteady hand. Off-screen and with audible unease, Max speaks: ]

I'm telling you, Diana, stay back. Get away from me. Put that down and don't come any closer. All right?

[ Diana's gaze is drawn to the communicator before she looks back at Max. She frowns, her grip tightening on her lasso. It begins to glow dimly. ]

Calm down, Max. If your intentions are as good as you claim them to be, then there's nothing to be afraid of.

[ She takes a step forward, her expression changing into one of determination.

When she steps forward, Max takes another step back. ]

Oh, I'm absolutely sure that's all you want to do. I wasn't born yesterday. It always starts with the lasso, and then — and then — get back!

[ Her eyes begin to narrow, and she reaches for Max's communicator. ]

The lasso only burns those who fear the truth. Do you have something to hide?


[ He tries to jerk it out of her reach, backing up again. ]

I've got witnesses, Diana, so don't think you can just do whatever you want. I don't care what you've told them all, I'm innocent!

Now is the chance to prove your innocence.

[ With one deceptively calm tug, she pulls the communicator from his grasp and lets it hit the adjacent wall. ]

Stay still.

[ The communicator hits the wall, and Max shrieks loudly off-screen right before the feed dies abruptly. ]

( Note: Both of them are currently emotionally compromised by the Import virus. )

♞ three

Sep. 6th, 2012 12:43 pm
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[ Max is sitting outside somewhere very warm looking, dressed in one of his usual dress shirts (red-and-white striped, like a candy cane) and tie -- though the shirt is actually not buttoned -- a pair of sunglasses and a pair of swim shorts. IT'S WARM THERE, OKAY. He sets the communicator on a table, sitting cross-legged. ]

As some of you know, I'm going to be out of the country for a few weeks mediating diplomatic policy about Imports in some of the countries that haven't banned us yet. Right now I'm in Venezuela with Mockingbird and Hank McCoy, and yes, I can still be reached by cell phone, communicator, or email in case of emergencies. Not fax. Don't fax me anything. I have six other countries still to visit and less than a month to do it, so I'm afraid I can't cut this short for anything short of complete nuclear meltdown or another alien invasion. I still have Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, Greece, Japan, and India to get through.

[ Obviously not hyperbole around here. He leans his head back slightly, sighing and adjusting his sunglasses. ]

But I'll apologize for the inconvenience anyway, and you know I mean that because I really hate apologizing for anything. It is what it is, but I'll be back to resume Avengers business soon enough. Everyone's holding up okay, right? It's been a rough month, I know, but we're holding strong. Death and mayhem is awful no matter how you look at it, and what the people here -- and all the Imbargo'd countries -- don't understand is we're suffering this right along with them while we fight for their safety as well as our own. At least some parts of the world understand what we're trying to do, right? It is important we keep our heads high while we fight the good fight, because even if not everyone likes us we're obviously doing right in some people's eyes. Now we just need to open everyone else's.

[ He rubs his chin thoughtfully. ]

When I get back there's just a bit more to be done in setting up an official, easy to reach Avengers Embassy in the city -- I think a regular, accessible headquarters with a reachable phone number is important not just for organization but image. I shouldn't have to mention that presentation is important, especially when making a good impression is a step that could keep further international incidents at bay. Incidentally, we could talk fundraisers, to help repair damages and house anyone who may have recently lost their homes... but I'm really getting ahead of myself. Aren't I? Why don't I let all that sink in.

There's just not much to do in between meetings here.
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[ Max is standing outside Stark Tower -- no, not the Porter Stark Tower, the other Stark Tower -- as some reporters encircle him. He's smiling broadly, though he looks a little sleep-deprived. ]

Mr. Lord, as manager to the Avengers you must know that two members were caught visiting Argentina yesterday in direct violation of the ImBargo Act. How do you explain this?

It's an incredible misunderstanding. First of all, you have to understand the people you're accusing having a spotless history here of charity, philanthropy, and some of the best organized heroics you can find. These accusations of terrorism are founded on absolutely nothing more than baseless fear-mongering and more attempts to scapegoat the City and any Imports therein. With the greatest respect to President Agata Alvarez, what evidence do you have of this suspected terrorism?

Yes, but Mr. Lord, that doesn't--

--And with that in mind, of course, our very existence is controversial not just to this city, or our country, but the entire world. Just imagine that for a moment. All right: but in all seriousness. I'm not criticizing the law, and I'm not claiming we're above the law, but like I said, it's a misunderstanding. Why were two of the Avengers in Argentina? I'm a diplomat, I'm more than happy to exercise my immunity to travel to Argentina and explain myself that there was no harm meant. It might just be simpler to drop the issue. We'll see.

The fact of the matter is they were spotted--

--Furthermore, you have to understand something. They weren't there to steal information, or break the law; none of that. I'm sorry, but this isn't the 50s. Let's use our heads a little more. Do you think I have that little control over the group I manage? This wasn't a coup. I wanted to speak the press, personally, because the situation has been blown completely out of proportion. Some of it's my fault. I was going to travel to Brazil myself to discuss their stance on this new law, and how the City and myself can help assuage their concerns. A very neutral, diplomatic conversation. I got sick at the last moment and asked if they would go in my stead as representatives, and, well, regretfully a mistake was made. I emphasized urgency and they overshot, which is a mistake that will not be repeated. Part of why I volunteered to manage the Avengers was to organize them more cohesively as a group, and under my direction I can guarantee there will be no further power mishaps. Under my direction, I want the world to take note how the Avengers are symbols of hope and charity and control, not reckless endangerment. Here to help, and that extends to anyone that needs it, and whose borders are open to us. Some of you might be thinking we're a time bomb set to explode, but if we wanted to invade Argentina we have enough manpower not to need subtlety to do it. You can see this is about peace, not power.

[ Max goes quiet for a minute, then looks at the cameras. ]

Still, to the people of Argentina, we apologize sincerely. No one is happy about this mishap, but I hope you can accept this was not a hostile act. Now that the fear has died down, I hope you can look at this situation with logic and understanding and see that--

[ He frowns a little, then speaks faster. ]

--It's something we can all put behind us.

[ He pulls a handkerchief from his pocket to put to his face. Any blood from his face is not visible on the cameras, caught it in time. The reporter he was talking to looks mildly out of sorts, but comes out of his daze after Max re-pockets his handkerchief. ]

Thank you. No further questions, please.

Oh... uh... thank you for your time, Mr. Lord. We... this has been Maxwell Lord, on behalf of the Avengers. Once again, we can only wait and hope that any government response will not regard this "mishap" as an act of terrorism in its own right. We'll be right back with the weather forecast.

( Responses are ICly delayed a couple of hours. For reference: Brazil will corroborate Max's statements if asked, but Argentina accepting his apology is a whole separate matter. :| )

♞ two

Jul. 12th, 2012 01:20 pm
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Dear New York. No, dear City.

[ Max is standing outside on a rather dilapidated part of the street. He's in a very nice suit, pretty overdressed in comparison... ]

I know this comes up a lot. How we protect the City, how we don't, what constitutes being a "hero," power and responsibility, meta versus non-meta; it's a hot topic, and when we move forward--

[ He gestures upward at an angle, with his hand. ]

It all collides.

[ He does the same with his other hand, where they both meet in the middle. ]

It's not exactly real progress, you see. Moving forward, getting stuck, and repeat. We want the public to respect us, but first we need to show them who we're really protecting here. Not just ourselves. Everyone. They should see that, but they don't. What we need is organization. Rotating rosters to accommodate for disappearances. Multiple, smaller mobile teams. Accessibility. Recruitment. Rescue programs. Things that make everyone feel safe and involved, not just those of us who can tell our real intentions.

Look at our City. How many people look at destruction like this and think that we're all responsible for it -- and in a way, most of us are. They're not used to "super powers," and heck, most of us aren't, either. To them we're no better than a hundred ticking time bombs, and let's face it: how can we prove them wrong when we can't even tell the difference between someone leaving this place and going legitimately missing? They are wrong, obviously… [ He raises his eyebrows for emphasis. ] but it's going to take work to show them that. If they hear about heroes but their city gets leveled every year, I'm sure right now we're about as trustworthy to them as an alien invasion.

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, of course. My point is, this can still all change. We can change and become a stronger, better, more effective community for it. I've spoken with some of you -- particularly after the chaos last weekend -- and I know it's possible. We have some resources out there already -- our heroes, our cops, our DOI workers -- we've made improvements, so we have proof it can be done. We can reach out. I've got plans to help make this happen, and to help anyone else who just doesn't have all the tools. Come see me if you need me. I'm on Park Avenue.

[ He holds up a business card with his address listed, and gives the screen a big smile. ]

Sincerely, Maxwell Lord IV, liaison and manager to the Avengers, as of-- [ Checks his watch. ] Well, Monday.

[ He adjusts his tie and cuts the feed. ]

♞ one

Jun. 4th, 2012 09:02 pm
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[ The video turns on and there's a little cat on screen, sitting on the sidewalk and blinking around a little dopily. It peers into the screen, and then a voice speaks: ]

Help! I'm a cat! This is a catastrophe! [ The cat rolls adorably. Its tail curls against its legs. ] How does this sort of freak transformation thing work around here -- do I need a kiss from a lovely princess to change me back? Sweet aunt Sally, how am I supposed to get anything done with these tiny, ineffectual paws? I'm overcome with the mad desire to sleep in the sun and demand everyone's attention.

Well, actually, I do that anyway.

So, powers, are they always this arbitrary or am I just luck-- [ The cat is wandering away now, bored. ] Aaaand I'm gone. Okay. Enough of that. [ The camera turns and Max Lord looks into the screen, a look of concerned fish-out-of-water confusion on his face. ] All kidding aside… would you call this some kind of afterlife, or did I trip backwards into one of those famed multiverses without my passport? ... And if it is an afterlife, will I regret asking which one?

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