Apr. 14th, 2013 04:13 pm
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[Not the one to hold his communicator himself, Shanks sat back against a rickety looking chair, overlooking a port somewhere along one of Spain's ports and beaches. With a smile, he swirled a glass full of ice, a number of men around him, cleaning and maintaining the state of their guns. A few men walked around, tossing bottles of hard liquor to one another, eliciting pleased grunts and uproarious laughter. Shanks grinned, setting down his drink and then shifting his cloak so he could draw his sword and sheathe, tapping them against the wooden floor beneath his feet. The pleasant little place they found to relax was as quiet as quiet could be, save for the start of their party.]

I've seen some of your seas and I have to admit that I'm pretty disappointed. My men so far are happy with it, though. So, I can only place a wager at this point. To everyone who can hear this--to anyone who would like to join me or to challenge me.

[Grinning wide, Shanks tapped his sword with some force against the wooden floor, cracking it and sending up a gale of wind.]

Is there anyone who'd like to overturn these seas with me--or, to face me while I try?


Apr. 4th, 2013 07:50 pm
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[A red-haired middle-aged man, soaking wet, appears suddenly in the middle of a video post at night--moving quickly and deftly out of the reach of a few security guards in uniform. He's on a pier, right beyond chain-linked fences and an illuminated old, historical galleon. He's currently bumming around a coastal town and its historical district.]

Hey! Sorry, I'm definitely stealing this ship! [He spoke to the guards with a wide grin only before looking back to the screen itself to speak to whoever it was that he could reach via the network.]

Guys! Anyone want to go sailing? I've found this great galleon on the coast and--

Hey! It's a historical vessel! There's no way you're going out to sea with it, jack ass! Now, get over here!

Don't be so rude! [The man darted aside, avoiding the flash of a taser with an unwavering grin.]

If no one's commanding it, then it's fair game, isn't it?

[The feed cuts out--Shanks snapping his comm shut and rushing offscreen.]


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