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[When the feed turns on, it's pretty obvious that wherever Tali has been drinking...she's been there for a while. There's a number of glasses around her, mostly-empty, with the remnants of several brightly-coloured drinks in them. She may or may not be in Tom's bar.]

I'm beginning to think that I offended Lachesis somehow. First Grunt disappeared -- again -- and now.

[She swirls her drink in her hand, watching the bright blue liquid slosh around.]

Well, if anyone in the city was associated with him, Garrus Vakarian has been ported out as well.

[She hasn't seen Kasumi, either, but she doesn't think that she'd want her departure announced on a network that she made a point not to appear often on. There's still the silly, stupid part of her that's holding out hope that she'll just show up again some day soon.

Maybe she should just be glad that this place had the foresight to provide her with a human body to drown in alcohol.]

That was the whole point of this. No need to continue embarrassing myself.

[At least not on video. She clicks the feed off.]
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[She's actually been in the City for something like an hour before she actually turns the communicator on. There's no hurried posts fresh out of the Porter, no tearful demands that people she cares about contact her.

Mass Effect 3 Spoilers beyond this point. )
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[There is no introduction to this video, and certainly no happy face -- the feed clicks on to a first-person-perspective of Tali (for her arm flashes into the feed now and again) running toward Ghost, large beam of wood in hand. It's obvious from the way the camera trembles and the way her breathing is audible that she is not doing well.]

[Ghost isn't in an offensive stance; on the contrary, he looks as if he's trying to placate Tali -- that doesn't seem to be stopping her, though.]

[She's starting to really hate holidays.]
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[The feed clicks on to Tali wearing ... what appears to be a very fluffy purple housecoat. Her nose is red and there is a pile of kleenex littered around her.]

You know, it would just figure that I'd survive the apocalypse only to be struck down by a cold.

[Since she knows how that could sound to anyone who's -- aware of quarian physiology, she backpedals quickly.]

What I mean to say is that I'm experiencing what is colloquially known as a 'winter cold', and I'm sure I'll be fine in a few days.

Is the phlegm supposed to be green?

[She sneezes again, fumbling up to click the screen off. Nobody needs to watch her clean up her snot-spray.]
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[Things with Garrus and Ghost are still -- tense, at best. That would be why their messages are separately encrypted. Her communicator number is masked, as is usual of her public posts. Maybe hanging around with Ghost is making her paranoid.]

I hope that with the oncoming threat, everyone is going to put aside any silly grudges to make sure that we aren't all merely wiped out.

Normandy Encryption; Visible to Garrus and Grunt. )

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[The past few days have not been going well for Tali. GLaDOS' arrival has been deeply unsettling for her, and it's made her start thinking about how messy things can get when AI are involved - both physically and emotionally. It means she hasn't been sleeping as well as she wants to be. It also means that when she sends out her text today, she inserts a 'number mask', giving her communicator a false number that isn't the same as her usual one.]

[What she needs is a distraction.]

I'm starting to wonder whether I'll ever really feel comfortable in this place. It's strange how things can be similar in some ways to the world I'm used to, and yet in others be completely different.

I'm aware this isn't a profound or unique statement. What I'm wondering is what you've all found to be different from your world -- or similar, if you prefer.

Also: what are some things that you do here to relax?
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[The feed clicks on and a few moments later, Tali's face pops up into view. She clears her throat before she starts talking, glancing down now and again at the screen of her omni-tool. The discerning eye will note that the tiny screen is covered with text.]

Hello. Now that I've settled in, I think it's important that I give myself a little direction.

[That's not even half the reason that she wants to get a job; she misses having some sort of responsibility even if she's still overwhelmed with this new body.]

That's why I'm here in this video, obviously. I'm skilled in engineering, mechanics, and most computing sciences -- and I'm very easily adaptable to new operation systems and devices. I've had experience planning and running my own interplanetary missions and I've been a participating member of countless others.

[She's trying hard to sound confident even if she knows she's talking a bit too fast -- which is a little easier when you've been assured that you're one of the most gifted machinists of your time by someone as authoritative as Shepard.]

Most importantly, I'm available immediately and I'm willing to work as hard as necessary to fit any deadlines or constraints.

[There's a pause. She looks down at her omni-tool again.]

...so, anyone?
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[Admittedly, the first part of her arrival does not go smoothly. It takes her more than ten minutes to leave the glowing platform, to look down at her hands and realize that they are hers. Her skin is so smooth and even; her fingers, five instead of three, feel stubby - too short. When she finally calms down enough to leave the oddly comforting glow of the platform, Tali spends several minutes studying the device that was dispensed to her, along with the dog tags. The device gets the most attention, naturally. She scans both with her omni-tool, somewhat surprised to see that the tags are more than they seem to be.]

[She turns the communicator over in her hands for a moment before she clicks the voice feed on. Now -- how does she address the public?]


[Yes, Tali, that's a brilliant start. She mentally chides herself and tries not to make the pause between her first words and her next ones too long and awkward.]

I will try not to ask any silly questions. I'm sure the pamphlet is going to explain everything, but --

[But whenever anything has gone wrong in the past, Shepard has been there. Just because she can't see Shepard does not mean that -- well. She shouldn't get ahead of herself.]

-- I'm afraid I'm just feeling a bit out of sorts. Has anyone else here experienced this? It's very distressing.

[Her whole body feels wrong. She takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself. Now is not the time for panic. Now is the time for control -- and this, speaking to the public -- it's something she can control.]

I am just ... looking for some answers.

[At least her voice still sounds the same - no longer filtered as it once was, but still gently accented, soft.]


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