Dec. 7th, 2013 09:10 am
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In little over a year, it seems not much has changed.

[ The video feed reveals Bane's imposing figure, but the details of the area surrounding him are vague. He's found somewhere inside, and it's rather nondescript; nothing betraying his location.

For the moment, he is unmasked, and that reveals the rather displeased expression on his face.

Surely many have come and gone, as I have, so I will begin another introduction: my name is Bane. My existence here some time ago was brief. Perhaps Lachesis herself felt intimidation?

[ He actually doesn't sound boasting; his tone is plain and almost curious. ]

You surprise me, City: you remain captive still? And are you so content with this injustice that you do not even resist?

Perhaps I am generalizing, and there are those who desire change in this City. If that is so, then I would take those chosen few beside me.

[ His lips quirk upward slightly. ]

It need not stop at Six.


May. 13th, 2012 08:33 pm
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[ The video feed exposes an imposing sight: it reveals a man heavy with muscle and he's dressed to expose plenty of it. He begins to address the camera and his speech is accented, but not thickly; it's merely a rumbling undercurrent to his low voice which offers perfect English. ]

Tell me, who owns this City? [ His face forms a frown. ] If one may indeed call it such. I recognize when I am imprisoned; incarceration was my entire life. The bars may be wide apart, jailers out of sight, but it is a cage nonetheless. Who, I should say, owns this prison? Does any one man lay claim?

If not, that soon may change. I have made my domain, my home, in worse condition.

[ There's a beat, and pause that is pensive rather than hesitating, before he continues. ]

When I was summoned here, I was called hero, and I will take that as an invitation.

You may call me Bane.

I believe we will grow familiar very soon.


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