Jul. 11th, 2013 07:32 pm
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God, I swear there ain't nothin' on this planet that can be as aggravatin' as a man.

Makes a gal think about givin' up an' becomin' a nun.



Apr. 15th, 2013 08:32 pm
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-- ain't puttin' up with this again.

[ the camera jostles a little before the feed becomes steady, focusing on lillian crawley's aggravated face.

it's hard to tell what's making her mad -- the list of things that could set her off probably stretches around the earth twice -- but you might notice on the couch behind her is a humanoid woman with vibrant blue dreadlocks and white eyes. she's dressed in a large sweater and little else -- and judging by the scratches on her arms and her throat, it was a fight for lil to get even that on her.

I ain't. Someone else can babysit her goddamn bot ass. If she thinks I'm gonna let her stay here after she comes waltzin' in, tellin' me my husband's really gone an' she's upset about it --

[ lil purses her lips. her face is angry, but the slight break in her voice suggests she's choosing anger over more miserable feelings right now. ]

Someone come an' take her. Before she blows her own goddamn head off again.


Oct. 22nd, 2012 10:44 pm
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[ the camera turns on to a nauseatingly in-motion feed, as if someone is holding it in their hand while clearly being preoccupied with something else. like a dinosaur. or a hysterical canadian. whose voice seems to increase in pitch and volume progressively in the background. and may or may not be recognizable as diamond lil. ]

-- didn't even have t'try, did you? Y'heartless mechanical bitch. D'you know what it was like for me? Y'ever had to fight for a man t'love you? Y'think y'know what it's like t'be lonely, but y'don't know a damn thing. And here y'are, sittin' under my damn roof, like y'belong here? Judgin' me like y'got that right? Well, y'don't! Y'don't get t'judge me, and y'don't belong here -- y'won't until I'm dead.

Y'hear me? [ hysterically: ] I ain't dead yet. I ain't dea --

[ you can just catch the movement, as danger abruptly lifts a hand and slaps lil across the face, cutting the stream of words off with the crisp sound of her palm meeting lil's cheek. calmly, clinically: ]

You are not yourself, Lillian. You must stop.

[ lil's face isn't visible from the feed, but she's still for a long moment with one hand lifted to her cheek before she's flying at danger again, practically screaming: ] Get out! Get out, get out, get out before I kill you, y'stupid bot --

[ there's the scuffling sounds of a struggle, quick steps, then the sound of a door shutting and locking. the comm gets roughly put down on what appears to be a bathroom counter. danger can be seen tilting her head up, eying three rows of parallel red welts that start at her throat and disappear under the collar of her shirt. her face twists with irritation before she addresses the communicator: ]

Attempts to physically subdue or verbally calm her have been highly unsuccessful. Her hysteria has only worsened since she returned home.

If it's not obvious, I require assistance.


Aug. 1st, 2012 08:50 pm
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[ The bang of a door slamming open, then traffic, people. ]

Y'know what? A girl gets sick an' tired a'being hauled around like garbage t'do the dirty work of a stupid machine. I ain't answerin' t'that scrap heap a'metal, and there's nothin' anybody can do t'change my mind.

I'm Diamond Lil. Mechanical cow can kiss my diamond --

[ A taxi horn blares. There's a clattering sound, like something metal -- a trashcan, maybe, or a bench -- just got kicked over. Surprised murmurs in the background. ]

At least you coulda teleported me t'the right damn country!


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