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Seeing as though we are approaching the end of the month, I thought it best to at least try not to leave all Holiday related things to the very last minute.

This is a preemptive list for anyone who would like a hand knitted Christmas sweater this year. Or home-baked confectionery. This is my second Christmas in the city, and this year I intend to celebrate properly. Ugly sweaters and all.

Anyway, I think that's it. If you'd like a sweater or baked goods, let me know. I can promise that the sweaters will be hideously patterned, but cozy.

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Having been here for just over a year, I suppose it only the done thing to extend my trust outwards to you all on a very important matter. Also, it seems I haven't done a broadcast in almost four months? Time does fly when one moves house.

Anyway. I'm in dire need of costume suggestions for Halloween.

[Will Rose every post anything serious ever again?? Probably not. ]

Given the departures of just about everyone I used to live with, the only matching costumes I will need will also have to suite Kanaya's tastes. Otherwise, I'm open to just about everything. Witches seem quite overdone? I had considered a bespectacled wizard with a gloriously long beard too, but I fear my cats my ruin it.

[A beat. ] Oh, right. I had almost forgotten - if anyone is interested in purchasing Davesprite and I's old residence, please let me know. It's fairly big - enough to room to have held at least five of us. I think some of our living furniture is still there. It has been thoroughly cleaned and not a single cat hair or bird feather remains. I can attest to it being incredibly homely. There is also Jade's greenhouse out back - the only stipulation is that you take good care of it. If not, Kanaya might have your head.

That's it, then.
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[There is a long, awkward pause to begin with. Rose isn't completely in view; there's half of her face and even that is a little shaky as she uses one hand to communicate and the other to fumble around off-screen.

She sighs; her mascara is a little smudged, if one where to look closely. There's a redness about her nose that could either be a cold or excessive rubbing. It is a mystery.

When she speaks, her voice is steady, but the speech just slurred enough for a trained ear to pick up on it. She says again. She looks utterly miserable. ]

John Egbert is gone.

[Another, long, awkward pause. ]

I will be taking applications for a new friend-husband in the coming months should he not return. The criteria you should meet is as follows: cute, fun-loving, must enjoy pranks.

[She rubs her eye. ]

Sorry, that was a terrible joke. He could come back. I'm formally asking that any and all Dave's not touch his things, especially his terrible movie collection.
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Hello city!
I am not entirely sure what my feelings on Spring are. Regardless, I shan't complain about nicer weather nor about the chance to eat outside. Perhaps I will stop needing an umbrella when Summer finally arrives.

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[To begin with, their is an adorable kitten scurrying about Rose's bed. Previous to switching on the feed, Countess Belladonna has been making it her business to use Rose's hands as chew toys. Laughing, Rose turns the device up towards herself and smiles. It is a smile of a girl who is up to no good. It is the smile of a girl who has found gold at the end of the rainbow.

It is the smile of a girl who has recently been made aware of something both hilarious and utterly baffling. Bless you, Gamzee Makara, and your no brain to mouth filter. ]

Good afternoon! If you'll forgive this intrusion into your day to day lives, I have recently come across some information that has had me in a conundrum for the last couple of days. I hope none of you will think me a gossip, but curious minds are eager for answers after all.

[She clears her throat. ]

Just who let Gamzee and Eridan come together in romantic union in the past? I almost couldn't believe my ears.

[Questions to be asked later: how often did they make-out and why this.

PRIVATE TO; Nepeta & Tavros )
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[There are two things Rose would like to get off her chest. The first is this: ]

It's been exactly five months since I arrived. My year back home has thrown me a little out of sorts on date's, but I'm sure I have done the math right. Odd, how in July I didn't even imagine I would suddenly find myself shopping for holiday gifts in December. I hope you all like scarves.

[And, after that: ]

Actually, along that line of thought -- where would I get a Christmas tree here? Store browsing has proved fruitless.
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[HELLO, CITY. BEHOLD ROSE LALONDE. Her hair is in dissary! For a very long moment she looks very confused.

And then she laughs. ]
Oh no -- [And then the feed cuts out, followed immediately by:]

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Attached link: I fear this may get too long.rtf

The above link makes for some interesting reading.

Today I would like to speak to you about literature. Or rather, some of you. I have happened upon a book. I would recommend it to those of you who enjoy heavy historical reading. Or to those of you who have a particular interest in the mind. Though the title may seem rather scandalous, the contents are certainly worth reading. I must admit that I have little interest in politics to warrant this broadcast being dedicated to the subject, but I do have an interest in the tactics used to have an entire nation fall into place. You may say what you want about Soviet Russia, but they were certainly talented at mass propaganda and fear tactics. However, a state in which a little rebellion is frowned upon hardly rings of paradise. What are we without a little fight in us?

courier + length )

Oh -- and hello to any newcomers.
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[Rose is looking completely out of sorts. Today, she decided to go shopping. It has been a trying day.

Kanaya is in Space for some reason. Shopping has been a disaster and now Rose is fairly sure she can hear screaming from someone who sounds suspiciously like Karkat.

She is so done.

She takes a deep breath and forces the most obviously fake smile onto her face that she can muster. Her tone lacks anything resembling anything remotely genuine. ]

What a completely wonderful day it is today. Kanaya is in Space, for anyone who missed that. Stuck there, too. Absolutely delightful. We should all congratulate her on finally becoming one with her aspect.

[A pause. ] Shopping went swimmingly, too. Imagine my complete and utter surprise when I discovered that the staff of every store I visited were all so completely helpful.

[And an exhale. It is a long one. Rose has had a tough week; she thinks this really shitty day may be her breaking point. ]
Karkat, if that is you that I can hear screaming in the distance, I would very much like it if you would kindly shut up. If anyone happens to have any aspirin and is near my immediate vicinity, I would be very grateful for the chance to get rid of this persistent headache. Dave, this is not a chance for you to make a stranger joke.

[And that is that. ]


ooc; Rose is totally being emotionally manipulated into being a bitch. also space lazers soon.
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[And now, for a broadcast not humiliating her immediate family: ]
courier cut )
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Good afternoon. I hope that those of you who are enjoying lunch will forgive me for this bizarre and unprompted broadcast. I have a rather odd predicament, however. I suppose I am seeking help on behalf of my older brother. Some of you will know him as That Insufferable Shit. Others will know him simply as Dave.

He has reached that point in his life wherein he has ... suitors.

[Thought it cannot be seen, Rose is cracking her knuckles. She is smiling. There is a tome on a meteor defiled with dicks and a wound in her pride that she is a "terrible" match-maker. It's absurd. ]

Some of you may even be one these suitors! Perhaps listening to this you have the sudden notion that you would like to be one of these suitors. If you are over the age of sixteen, however, I must ask that you hold your feelings at bay. I am only dealing in legal matters of the heart. The scandal of a "pimp daddy" or "sugar mama" will only leave Dave with a sullied reputation.

length and stuff )

private to dave )
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[She has been here a while; aquainting herself with public posts and then posts stored in the archives. She is disconcerted, but not put out. It is a surreal thing, to be here. It is more bizzare still to discover this is not her first time. Her memory must be failing her. Or time shenanigans are afoot. She isn't one to put all her eggs into one basket, but the latter is far more likely. She is quite certain she would remember being in a city like this.

Rose often thinks there will come a day that shenanigans will become tiresome. Today is not that day! She is opting for text: it is terribly predictable. Rose is feeling very predictable today. Sometimes being predictable is just a logical step to take, after all. It wouldn't do to do something outlandish and not be recognized.

Rose's pranksters gambit is, today, sadly lagging behind in last place. Priorities and the such, must be taken care of first:]

ooc cut for purple )
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[ the camera clicks on to show kanaya, her glow slight and gentle, wearing something rather modest, considering the subject she'll be discussing today. she smiles as she begins her address. ]

You'll pardon the intrusion, I hope, but I thought I might share one of my own passions today. ...Ultimately to your enjoyment, perhaps, should your interests fall along similar lines. I'm speaking, of course, on the subject of fashion. And to that end, we've prepared a small presentation on the topic!

[ she turns the camera around seven girls fancily adorned, aradia, nepeta, rose, feferi, jade, terezi, and nill. she passes the camera down the line, then it moves to the side of a small pathway she'd laid out earlier as a makeshift runway and motions for them to begin their march down it. ]

ooc cut for length because good lord is this long )

So, I hope the show didn't too poorly occupy your time, and I'd like to take this opportunity to note that prom is only two months from now, I believe, and so I will be taking commissions for any outfits one may wish to have prepared for that occasion! I can typically be reached here over the Network, and my fee shouldn't be difficult to negotiate. So, I welcome any clients who may be interested.

[ and she walks back in front of the camera to shut it off ]
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[ oh look, a video!! here's Rose dressed in her God Tier robes, the hood pulled down around her neck. she's sitting in the living room of her home, a white cat curled beside her. she's knitting something, and whatever it is, requires green yarn. ]

It's amusing that a single day can cause so much fear and paranoia, whether people are aware of it or not. Friday the Thirteenth is thought by some to be the unluckiest day of the year, for no reason whatsoever. There's really no origin to the story, nothing that gives cause to why people are so terribly afraid of today. [ her knitting needles click ] Perhaps it has to do with the numbers: both calamitous in their own cultures.

And yet, it's interesting that superstitions spawned from this day have a habit of dictating certain aspects of our lives. [ her gaze moves towards her cat, who naps quietly ] Do not let black cats cross your path. Do not walk under a ladder. Do not break a mirror, and so on. Do we perform these rituals without realizing it? Does anyone actually open an umbrella indoors?

Personally, I think this day is rather lucky. Not Friday the Thirteenth, in any regards. the numbers wouldn't add up that way. But if April the Thirteenth did not go down the way it did; would things be as they are now? [ her smile shrinks ever so slightly and she puts down her knitting needles.

after a moment:

On another note, happy birthday, John.
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[ the video turns on and there's Rose standing outside of her home. the area's charred and burnt, front wall ripped off as if a small explosion happened.

because one did.

her clothes are torn and bloody, her face is singed, and her expression is not one of amusement. otherwise, she looks alive. well, more so than she was a few minutes ago.

It seems I've gotten a secret admirer who finds it romantic to send me bouquets of flowers wrapped in a bomb.

[ her eyes narrow and move to the remains of a box that she holds in her hands. there's the slightest pieces of purple wrapping paper attached to it. a sigil of a sun appears in her eyes as they glow brightly before a searing light flashes through the box and it crumbles into dust. ]

How delightful it is to be alive this Valentine's Day.

[ and the feed cuts ]
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[ the video turns on to a deserted, snowy street. it's late evening when there's Rose dropping into the view, landing and dressed in a rather strange orange garb. and look at that! she's lacking her grimdarkness, her skin is normal, and her eyes would assumed to be lavender again, except they're obscured by her hood.

she smiles, but it's slight.


[ there's a pause as her head tips slightly to the side. it's hard to tell whether she's looking around or thinking or something. ]

It seems that I've been gone for quite the while. I've been a little preoccupied, so excuse my absence.

[ and without another word, she just cuts the feed after that. ]

encrypted to John Egbert, Dave Strider, & Jade Harley )
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[ The video opens to a black screen and the dulcet tones of Nic Cage being dramatic before it shakily focuses on a television screen. There's Gerard Butler (with white hair and familiar black headband on) and Rob Lowe (dressed like a familiar magician, sans the fishnets), running and jumping as an explosion occurs behind them. Then, the narration begins: IN A WORLD WITHOUT HOPE, ONE COP DARES TO STAND ABOVE THE LAW -- a flash of Gerard Butler looking bad ass -- ROSE LALONDE. AND TOGETHER WITH HIS BEST FRIEND -- a flash of Rob Lowe and some poorly put together CGI magic -- ZATANNA ZATARA, THEY'LL BOTH SAVE THE CITY.. There's more action and explosions, but nothing really explaining what the movie is about. And, just when they seem like they're going to clue you in, the camera is turned around and you get a view of two unimpressed ladies kicking back on a couch in what appears to be Zatanna's house, to those that may be familiar with it.

there's a dead silence from the two ladies, with the trailer still playing in the background, saying something about a Thanksgiving premiere date. Rose and Zee who are still just sitting there (Rose with a fat cat in her lap), exchange glances. the silence continues.

and then, Rose speaks up.

They got my hair wrong.

[ and then it just clicks off ]

[ooc: There are a few commercials out now for "AbracaDAMAGE!" a movie made with footage from the battle at Magic*Con. Some include Kristen Stewart as James Bond.]
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[ there's Eridan and Rose sitting together on a couch. Rose is dressed in her soccer team uniform and not looking very happy to be there. Eridan's disgruntled and pissy like always. in Rose's hands, there's a dry erase board and a large pile of markers. ]

Now, it's been brought to my attention that certain indiwiduals are throwin' around the names a the magnificent quadrants without knowing quite what they are. Some a you miserable sons a beaches [HE WENT THERE, EDDIE] don't ewen know what the quadrants are in the first fuckin' place, and my bein' the most romantically educated a the trolls around here means I got a certain responsibility in informin' the lot a you.

[Eridan sighs and makes some random stupid gesture with his hand for no particular reason, aiming for disaffected but landing on douche. as he usually does.]

I understand wantin' to emulate the fuckin' majestic nature of 'em in your own personal liwes and all, but I been seein' 'em used in manners that quite frankly don't make a god damn lick a sense, or just end up bein' offensiwe as fuckin' fuck. So me and my wolunteer here took the liberty a transcribin' ewerythin' anybody's ewer gonna need to know about their own personal romantic liwes.

[he smirks viciously into the camera.]

And we were ewen nice enough to go prowidin' examples.

[back to pomposity!]

So if you're in any sorta way thinkin' a usin' the quadrants, sit the fuck down and listen.

[ rose's face just..... flatlines even more than it already is. the epitome of ":|" ]

I believe being taken and held against your will isn't under the definition of "volunteer".

[Eridan shoots her a quick but nonetheless dirty look over his shoulder.]

Rose, be a fuckin' team player for once.

this shit is four pages long YOU WANT US TO CUT IT also it’s filled with stupid and horrible drawings )


Aug. 9th, 2011 10:52 pm
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[ for those who would recognize it, this is the interior of Eddie's house. there's a large television before them and look, it's Eridan (and also Rose for some reason) watching a movie -- Cyberbully, to be exact. there's dramatic, teen music playing from the television and a girl running through a house.

after a moment, Eridan starts speaking into the comm:

So I was just wonderin' - whose got the logistics a buildin' angel-slayin' god weapons around here? I got the blueprints practically engrawed on my fuckin' thinkpan by now, so long as what you gawe me in the end wasn't total shit, I'd be interested in...

[ the movie on the television cuts to the girl bursting into the bathroom. there's a blonde girl bent over the sink, trying to get a bottle of pills open. and then she screams "I CAN'T GET THE CAP OFF." the two girls wrestle for the pills, with "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" screaming between them before the pills burst onto the floor.

meanwhile, both Rose and Eridan are completely silent, staring at the television. after a moment, Eridan breaks the pause with a slightly disgusted groan.

Remind me why I'm subjectin' myself to this musclebeast discharge again.

[ Rose just smiles, Eldritch-to-English translator still on: ]

Because you find yourself identifying with the main character.

[ the feed cuts. ]

[ ooc: for the curious! ]
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[the video pops on with two light-haired siblings peering into the camera, one with her back straight and legs crossed and the other slouched back on the couch, hands behind his head.]

I'm tellin' you Rose, it's hells of obvious. We are basically in a massive MMO crossover the likes of have never seen.

[ she looks massively disinterested, instead, pulling out her communicator while replying, typing something. of course, she's not speaking english but thank goodness for translators! ]

What? How everyone is from some fictional material?

Yeah, basically. So you gotta take this shit to the next step, assume the obvious. Not only are we also pretty much fictional, there are a bunch of mouthbreathing basement dwellers writing this all up in like this bullshit perfect storm of nerdgasms for their own twisted pleasure. Come the fuck on, Lalonde, forecasts are pretty much begging for Warhammer 4000 with a chance of weeafags.

... So we are the current subject to nerd masturbation.

Hot and heavy shit here, Lalonde. You'd better be careful, your wizard slash is coming next.

[ so much line facing. ] Oh.
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[ the video clicks on and the camera's floating, giving an aerial shot to a rather gruesome scene. it's on an indistinguishable street and it's the maimed body of a rather familiar clown troll. purple blood is blossoming around him and a few streaks of static ripple across the feed. Rose is standing before him, Thorns in her hands and grimdark aura strong (she's also covered in purple blood.) there's the sound of police sirens in the background and ominous thunder claps. the few glimpses of the horizon are dark and stormy.

she looks up at the camera, eyes glowing bright, licking some of the purple blood off her lips, and as she does so, a line of text appears at the bottom of the feed, like subtitles. one painstakingly letter at a time. it's painfully obvious to anyone who has a brain that Rose has gone completely and absolutely off the deep end.


[ she looks away, pointing her Thorn at Gamzee to strike the finishing blow. however, right before it this can happen, the video shakes and there's a glimpse of a twisted clown grin before the image goes black. ]


[ the feed starts up again, and where Gamzee was is a large pool of blood, with Rose shrieking, causing lightning to strike down in the background, tentacles reaching from the sky to curl around her. her grimdark aura expands, and the entire image goes black before everything cuts off. ]

( ooc: the climax of the Gamzee v Kids murder spree. Rose and Gamzee will both have escaped the scene of the crime but more information will come of what's to happen of them. replies from Rose and Gamzee will come sporadically and randomly.

your weather report for the day.
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[ it should be noted that twenty minutes before this post goes up, a huge grimdark storm appears over the Porter building, spreading across the city sky. it can be seen from miles away... purple lightning and all.

pretty ominous, hm?


oh my god guess who it is did you miss her. spoilers: it's rose. )

[ herp. btw, everything she writes is translated from Eldritch. ]


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