Oct. 12th, 2013 10:13 am
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FYI, I still hate this month.

If anybody's looking for me -- ha ha, hilarious, I know -- I'll be in my room, avoiding basically everyone and everything. Disclaimer, right now: I'm not taking responsibility if you show up, try to drag me out of here, and I transform into your literal worst nightmare.

Because that's an actual thing I do. In case anybody didn't already know that.

[ he huffs out an impatient breath. ]

Someone come get me when Halloween is finally over. Thanks.


Aug. 11th, 2013 08:23 am
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No, God -- bad dog, Terror. Seriously.

[ the camera jostles a bit, like the person holding the communicator is moving around. there might be a quick glimpse of a little white terrier's wagging tail before the feed finally turns onto terry's (unsurprisingly) disgruntled face. ]

Okay. So. I might be having a slight problem here.

[ more jostling as terry tries to catch his dog again -- and gets out-maneuvered again. ]

My stupid dog may or may not have my roommate in his mouth. That roommate may or may not suddenly be the size of a Ken doll. So -- yeah, whoever's dumb powers are acting up right now, screw you, you suck, et cetera, et cetera.

[ being shrunk down to one-sixth of his usual height also appears to have compressed bradbury's voice -- and his temper, if the squeaky, indignant cussing that's audible off-camera is any indication. ]

Fucking hell! Put me down, you little shit--

[ when terror darts into the camera's view again, the problem becomes immediately more visible, as he's holding a much-diminished bradbury around the waist. at least he's dressed, but the miniature pajamas and t-shirt are thoroughly soaked with dog spit. ]

A little help, here?!

I'm trying.

[ and yet the terrier continues to elude him. ]

Look -- on the off chance that anybody knows how to fix this? That'd be great. If not, I guess I can always hope the Porter decides to bring in the Dog Whisperer before Terror feels like burying Mr. B in the backyard.


Feb. 20th, 2013 07:15 pm
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So, Africa sucks. As in, it's possibly the one place on Earth that sucks more than this city.

Just in case anybody was wondering.

Private to: Julian Keller & Quentin Quire )

Private to: Mitch Hundred & April Ludgate )


Oct. 29th, 2012 03:13 pm
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[ there's a weird low, subtle rumble to his voice when he talks -- and little something unsteady, like someone might sound when they've had too much caffeine or something. uncomfortable, agitated, restless. ]

I really hate this time of year. What a seriously stupid holiday.

[ there's a noise like someone drawing a curtain closed. ]

Nobody around here happens to have a remote cabin in the woods or anything, do they? 'Cause I'm bailing until it's over. I'd rather not run the risk of needing to be shot in the face by my roommate.


Private To: Jenny Quantum, Quentin Quire, Brandon Sharpe, & Julian Keller )

Private To: Abby Boylen )
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[ it isn't your imagination -- the dark circles around terry's eyes are, if possible, even darker than usual when he manages to fumble his communicator on and peer blearily at it. in the background, the ridiculous mess of quentin quire's apartment is visible. there are a lot of bottles.

a lot of them.

Ugh. What's the point of being a demonic immortal if you can still get hungover?

[ terry rubs at his eyes before glancing around himself. ]

If anybody is missing an inflatable giraffe, a pink thong, or a naked telepathic terrorist, we have them and you should take them from us. Especially the terrorist.

[ he pause. there's a noise in the background. it's striker behind him, blearily watching video evidence of their shenanigans on his cellphone, which can be heard faintly over the comm. ]

Dude, you would not believe what I --

[ terry makes a face. ]

Are you kidding me. Who let Striker record last night --

[ then he looks down. the face intensifies. ]

-- and whose freaking boxers are these?

Wait, what?


Sep. 8th, 2012 10:31 pm
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[ the video comes on, and there's terry ward, sprawled on someone's kitchen floor like he fell there and couldn't be assed to move just yet, not when his entire body is just newly functional again. from the angle, it looks like for some reason -- with the way the fridge door is open and his legs are half in it still -- that he rolled out of someone's refrigerator. his lips are a bit blue. he also has some lettuce sticking to his shirt.

that frown is not just his default face. he is supremely unamused. his totally annoyed expression is only ruined by the way he has to keep sniffling. runny nose.

So which douchebag thought it would be a good idea to stick me inside an appliance while I regenerated? I'm just wondering. Because waking up in a cramped, dark, and cold place after being dead for a week is totally not uncomfortable in any way.

At all.

Where's Julian, Jenny, and Alex? Someone tell me they --

[ exasperated, he lifts a hand to run his fingers through his hair --

only to find that two-thirds of it? is gone. the only remnants of his long, sloppy emo hair is a fluffy, floppy fauxhawk.

-- what the hell.
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[ the video opens up to the stretch of green, fenced field that may or may not be vaguely recognizable as the anglo-scottish border. in the distance there's a road, but besides that and the wire fence, there's just a group of teenagers standing on the scottish side that look distinctively like they're up to no good.

from off camera, a girl's wry voice can be heard:

Still fucking think we should call it the Authority.

[ terry's keeping his distance from the others, all furrowed eyebrows and frowns. if he's going to do this, he's sure as hell not doing it next to the telekinetics or mr. friggin' lightning pants over there, so he situates himself furthest away from the camera, tactically near some foliage. ]

Who the hell even cares what it's called.

[ striker is front and center. because he's striker. he's wearing regular clothes instead of his lightning pants, which is a courtesy to you guys, since otherwise he would have to pull his onesie all the way down to his butt just to free willy. ]

You should. If you don't have a good name, you can't have good branding. [ And then, pointedly: ] And "Authority" isn't going to generate good branding.

[ julian is a few paces away from striker, their new king of social network. he's dressed normally, with his jacket sleeves wrapped around his arms and his metal hands being floaty at his sides. ]

This whole thing is about rejecting authority anyway. But I don't even know why we're debating it. [ He glances between them all. ] You know you aren't beating the Hellions for a name. It's got way too much of a ring to it, and you're lucky enough to have me on board, which means no copyright issues. You should be fucking grateful.

[ he pauses, then looks out at the wild, untamed gross, nature-filled scottish landscape before them. ] So are we doing this, or what?

You guys are insane. No one is going to remember the Authority or the Hellions.

[ a few steps away from julian is quentin, he smirks at the fence and then to the guys. with a casual shrug he shakes his head before placing his hands on his hips. ]

Are you pee shy, Jules? [ another quirky grin. ] The Omegas have no room for shy little babies.

[ the camera turns around so that it's facing jenny, who exhales smoke from her cigarette at the feed before addressing it: ]

Fuck you guys. You're all shitty team leaders with shitty team name ideas. [ she makes a face, sticking her tongue out. ] And no electric piss or crossing streams, assholes. Nobody likes that shit.

[ there's a distinct symphony of tsssssss sounds. jenny rolls her eyes at the camera. ]



Jul. 8th, 2012 05:42 pm
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[ there's an address to a remote, shady part of town. ]

that's where she's hiding.

hey doc e?
this one's for katurian.
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[ good morning, network. except it is not very good because here is a very large threatening man with a very large ax swinging it at whoever is closest to him bellowing HAVE AT THEE! while destroying whatever furniture happens to be in his path. simultaneously there is a scary green man in a scary green leotard who is going to summon your worst fears, so enjoy that. he's also laughing evilly 'cause that's what super villains do.

the appropriate response, of course, is to scream. abby (still dressed in her hello kitty pjs) dodges that very large ax by diving behind the couch, so excuse the shakey and nausea inducing video feed.

Ohmygod, ohmygod. What. Is. Happening. Somebody help--


OOC cut: and then the god of war and the demon lord of nightmares ruined everyone's lives. )

Hey, Miss Headcase, now would be a great time to get your cloud on.

R-Roger that! [ NOT ENOUGH BULLETS FOR ALL THESE TENTACLES AND ZOMBIES FUUusfaklj she grabs alex by the arm as she runs by, slinging her rifle over her shoulder by the strap and pulling him with her to the window. she only lets go to jump out onto a waiting cloud. ] Come on! Hurry!

[ dude you don't got to tell tommy twice. he's totally grabbing and throwing terry over his shoulder before booking it out the window-

but manages to notice the comm in all this chaos, snag it, and give it a look ("Seriously?") before shutting it off.

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[Aaand the audio cuts in to Tommy cackling and gasping for breath - when the hell did he get his phone?]

Fffffffahahahahahaaa! Okay, okay, dude. Chill. I got this. I - FFFFF-!

[Just. More mad laughter -- interrupted by a fumbling noise which may or may not be an attempt by the crankiest emo roommate to either empty Tommy's hands or strangle him -- one can't ever be sure with those demon types.]

Dude. No.

I swear I'm gonna make it so you won't sleep for a friggin' month --

[It could be both and Tommy also could be shrieking in the next moment.]

Ohmygoddudenogetoffme RELAX. Trust me on this, I'm helping you out!

[If Tommy sounds a bit different it could be because he managed to break away and zip across the room! Damn speedsters. Terry's coming after you, bro!]

I'm not kidding, Tommy.

Oh fu-! Ifanyonegetsthismessage, please teach Terry the ways of love. Heneedsitheneedsitbad-!

[General discordant tomfoolery can be heard what's going on is too horrible to describe.]

I tried. I really tried! Avenge me Kate...!

[No words, just. Tentacles.]
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1 roommate
for 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment
rent = $300/month including utilities/cable

don't bother if:
you don't like dogs.
you're prone to panic or paranoia. (it won't work out, trust me.)
you're noisy.
you have issues with the supernatural.
you're an annoying psychic.
you're a mad scientist.
you break appliances. (i have someone who does that for me already.)
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[ there's a clatter as the communicator hits the floor, the fitful rustle of sheets and someone's sluggish movements before there's another thud, heavier this time and more solid. breathing is audible, gasping and uneven at first. ]


[ his voice sounds rough, from vocal cords unused. his mind is still catching up with consciousness, a return from the cold blackness of the space between life and death. ]

Nngh-- did we... Did we get her?
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[ clatter. fumbling.

heavy, labored breathing like someone just can't get enough oxygen in, like their lungs are just being squeezed--

but all you can see is a hand grasping at the communicator in twitching spasms. scratched black sharpie on blunt fingernails. twitch. twitch. a sound from behind gritted teeth.

then stillness.

(OOC: no responses. re: this plot.)
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[ the camera clicks on to a scenic view of a park playground. birds singing, kids playing, joggers running by, elderly people feeding pigeons from park benches-- only obscured by a partial view of terry's black jeans and a weed or two from where the comm sits next to him in the grass.

you can see terry's hand when he reaches out to point at various park-goers.

Snakes-- boring. [ he points at a jogger, then her companion. ] Germs. Public restrooms.

[ an exhale, then moving on to gesture at two little kids: ] Monsters in the closet. Under the bed. Jack-in-the-boxes. Vacuum cleaners.

[ now their parents: ] She's scared to gain weight. He's worried she'll find out about the affair.

[ his arm drops. nothing for a few moments, then finally: ]

It's stupid that people spend their whole lives thinking about this trivial crap all day.

22; video;

Mar. 18th, 2012 12:50 am
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[ The comm switches on to the sounds of a scuffle, and the view of… not much. Is that a couch cushion, or just a big dark blur? ]

—eah, no, because the last thing I need is everyone on the whole Network associating me with the name Greengopher.

[ The scuffling stops, and Redbird is sounding way too smug. ] It's a great name. For a nemesis to Redbird — right? Someone back me up, here.

[ Defeated sigh. ] It's great if you want us to look like freakin' Christmas.

So make it a dark green. Dark green cape, white suit, green — I dunno, goggles. [ She could be biased. ] Complimentary colors. Can't go wrong. Perfect look for the dread Greengopher.

[ Groan. ] Did you really just use the words "dread" and "Greengopher" in the same sentence?

[ Snerk. And Redbird's finally pulling the comm out from its safe haven between the couch and her back, but only to grin into it — leaning to squeeze a thoroughly miserable Terry into the frame, too. ] I'm gonna need a tailor, loads of green fabric, 'n a team of persuasive speakers. We got a supervillain to make.
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[ the feed moves unsteadily at first, like someone is reacquainting themselves with the weight and feel of the device in their hands-- it shows nothing but the dirty sidewalk, dirtier black sneakers.

at length, there's a huff of breath that might be half-annoyed and a tone to match:

So, what, was there a shortage of demon daddy issues here, or did the Porter just decide you guys were sleeping too peacefully at night?

[ a brief pause, crossing the street, before he finally turns the camera to face himself. it's the boy named terrance ward, and unsurprisingly, his mouth is pressed into an unimpressed line, eyebrows slightly furrowed. ]

At least tell me someone's been feeding my stupid dog.
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[The video turns on, a bit shaky, and slowly pans across his totally destroyed apartment. A bunch of the furniture has been wrecked, and everything just looks like a mess.

SERIOUSLY WHAT DOES HE EVEN DO WITH THIS, he holds the camera for another few seconds, before he swings it back towards himself and sorta. Shrugs helplessly. Man, teens will vlog about anything these days, am I right?]

Soo. I think I just got robbed?

[ooc: TAKES PLACE RIGHT AFTER THIS (jklsdfakjl sorry I have been tres busy)]
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[Terry's in one of the MAC apartments when he turns the video on, dressed in his Initiative shirt with the cheesy "T" Trauma logo on the front and some camo pants. His hair is falling into his dramatically guylinered eyes as usual, but he still manages to give the camera a world's least impressed teenager look.]

This is stupid. How can there be so many Avengers or X-Men or whatever around, and no one's found a way back yet? Aren't half of you supposed to be "super-geniuses"? [he totally does the finger quotes]

... Look, that's not the point. I shouldn't be here. None of you want me here, trust me.


Mar. 3rd, 2011 02:55 pm
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Looking for a teacher.

I'll pass on pretentious mutant-types and overzealous supers in tights. Trust me, it wouldn't work out.

locked to: carrie kelley )

12; video;

Feb. 13th, 2011 03:39 am
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[ The room is pre-dawn-dark when the feed cuts in, but the communicator is obviously on the move. Toward the dim shape of a bed, it looks like. Cue a low, whispering voice, using a passable (but obviously faked) Australian accent— ]

Here we are, in the natural environment of the Terrius Wardicus...

[ A light flicks on somewhere. On the mattress, with his awkwardly long teen boy-limbs stretched out in all directions, is Terry -- apparently mimicking a starfish in his sleep, mouth slightly open (is that a bit of drool?), and face almost unrecognizably peaceful except for just a tiny hint of a frown. ]

Daylight hours find this one a right nasty beast. One of nature's fiercest! [ The “camera” creeps nearer, to the edge of the bed. ] His natural weapon's sarcasm, but he's safe enough to approach when he's asleep. We can even poke around in his den— [ the camera swings away, taking in a pretty typical teenage-boy-room ] —see if our big fella's got—

[ There's stirring on the bed and a muffled noise, groggy and not really conscious at all, which makes the camera swing back to the bed again — then, abruptly, Terry jerks awake with a confused little exclamation: ]

Wha... What the hell.

He's stirring! [ The view goes for a wide sweep around, backing up a few paces. ] Gotta watch out, make sure he doesn't get any limbs.

[ A pillow comes flying at the comm camera, which jerks and fumbles, going black. In the background: ]

Why can't you knock like a normal person?

Our Terrius Wardicus's awake, and he's in a mood. Gotta watch out when they get like this, they're just as likely to snap off a hand as—

[ A frustrated huff of breath, and someone jostles the camera before turning it off. ]


Feb. 1st, 2011 07:27 pm
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"you can't fight your nature"
i think someone said that once

what a load of crap.


Jan. 26th, 2011 12:10 am
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You know what's hard?

[ You can hear his almost (but not quite) annoyed exhale. ]

Cleaning combusted marshmallow remains out of your microwave.

Can I just ask something. What is it exactly with girls and breaking into my apartment through the window anyway? Maybe it's just me, but I don't think they do that in my home universe. My anti-social aura usually wards them off.

[ A beat. Then wryly: ]

Maybe I need a bigger dog.


Jan. 15th, 2011 09:51 am
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[ A long silence, then in a voice that's tight with control, but unusually unsteady: ]

He's following me.

[ Then an exhale. ]

I think it's him. The guy that I ki-- [ He stops. There's a long pause, then: ]

Abby, where are you?


Jan. 11th, 2011 10:02 am
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[ Have Terry's very unamused face. ]

Can I just say one thing?

[ He reaches out of view for Terror the terrier, who is barking up a high-pitched storm. He lifts his dog up, purses his lips, and then turns the little fellow around to show his backside -- which should be furry with a tail, but instead is very, very obviously a human butt, to which Terry has (luckily) affixed a baby diaper. ]

What the hell.


Jan. 8th, 2011 02:29 pm
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Just wanted to -- [ A touch awkwardly, maybe: ] Say thanks. To the people that let me read their minds last week. Sorry if I ruined your life or something. If not, well. That's... Good. I guess.

So, yeah.

[ Clearing his throat lightly. ]


And my money's on Trowa's team for the laser tag game. [ Dryly: ] No offense, Abby, but you're really just not all that cutthroat. Plus, you've got Mount Everest on your team.


Dec. 30th, 2010 08:17 pm
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[ An exhale. ]

I want to try something.

I need a volunteer who's really brave. And I'm not talking about the flex-your-muscles-to-get-chicks kind of brave. Someone who won't go nuts and panic. And hopefully doesn't have a really embarrassing worst fear, because I'm avoiding the naked Santa thing.

So. [ Somewhere between wary and wry: ] Don't raise your hands all at once.


Dec. 21st, 2010 09:36 am
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Well, that's that.

Guess my future's riding on a letter in the mail now.

[ Dryly, over the light tapping of a pencil: ]

If I pass, I'll go to college. If I fail, I guess I'll have to reconsider being a supervillain to pay the bills.


Dec. 2nd, 2010 11:21 pm
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[ With a tinge of annoyance: ]

Aren't there any normal magical beings around here? Or is it a prerequisite that we all be majorly fucked up?

Just wondering.

LOCKED TO: Sirius Black )

LOCKED TO: Dr. Jonathan Crane )
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[ The video jostles, showing a fleeting image of stairs and then worn-through Converse sneakers striding across the floor. A heavy door squeaks open and-- oh. ]


I forgot how friggin' bright the sunshine is. [ An arm lifts to shield Terry and his comm. ] I don't think it's healthy to study so much that you forget that. Even if you are a demonic emo kid who pretends to be allergic to light of day.

[ A wry little exhale. ]

Guess I'll bake for a while.


Nov. 11th, 2010 12:13 pm
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[ You can hear the sound of a pencil tapping on paper, faint rock music playing on high volume from headphones, and the light flipping of a page. This goes on for a second or two. ]

"What is something you learned from a bad experience?"

"How would you improve the world?"

[ A little annoyed sound. ]

If all the essay prompts are like this, I'm going to fail this stupid test.


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