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You know, before I came to the City, I always knew criminals could be stupid but I always thought they just exaggerated it in the comics.

[Joel's in his CPD uniform tonight, the flashing lights of a police cruiser off screen illuminating the picture.]

Just an example but I didn't think any criminals actually threw their guns away when they ran out of ammo. I thought it was just something they put in the comics and TV shows to make the bad guys seem dumber. But since coming to the City, it seems like every dumb crook took some kind of training course that tells them to do it.

It's like, if none of your bullets worked, what is you chucking your weapon at me supposed to do? Do they hope their gun is going to suddenly turn into a grenade? What's the logic in that?

[Joel shakes his head.]

Were the real criminals in everyone else's worlds just as dumb or is this something unique to the City?


Jul. 26th, 2012 03:07 pm
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[The video opens with a wide and open field of grass, a few animals seen off in the distance but too blurry to see just what they are yet. The picture is slowly turned around to show off more of the landscape before Joel finally settles it on himself. He's back in his costume and sporting a smile.]

You know, I didn't have any real powers before I got to the City. So I didn't think I'd miss them as much as I did while I didn't have them but now that they're back I feel like I could take on the whole world.

[He laughs a bit.]

I guess I've just got a lot of energy to burn. Good thing I took the day off. Does anyone have any recommendations for nice places to spend a few hours? I think I'm going to check some places out now that I can just run to them again.


Jul. 12th, 2012 02:24 pm
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[The video is a little shaky, starting out showing the ceiling of the Porter room. Slowly it turns to focus on Joel. He tries to offer a weak smile but it doesn't last. Getting killed and being back have obviously shaken him.]


[An awkward little wave. His hand drops back to his side quickly, eyes darting to the side. He takes a deep breath before continuing.]

It's over, right? Someone rescued the other hostages and stopped those two monsters?

[A 'please tell me someone did' is silently implied.]

How bad did things get after...?[He's not saying it. Just letting it end there.]
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[Joel is looking pretty freaked out at the moment. He's also got a pretty bad nosebleed going on. Judging by the bruise already forming there, something hit him. Just in his boxers, he looks over his shoulder quickly before turning his attention to the comm in hand.]

What the hell is going on here? I just got attacked by...by...I don't know. There's no way he could be...or that he would...

[Joel runs and hand through his hair as he tries to calm down. Noticing that he's bleeding, he wipes it away carefully.]

There you are, Joel.

[The voice makes Joel tense and go paler than he had been. He turns quickly and the camera gets a glimpse of the ghostly form of Oren Weinberg floating through a wall.]

Running away like that was very rude. Is that all you're good at? Running?

Stay the hell away from me! There's no way you're real! You can't be!

[Oren just shakes his head before picking up a chair and throwing it Joel's way. Joel speeds out of the way, the picture going blurry before settling again. Now he's across the room.]

This...this just can't be happening.

[The feed is cut as the ghost turns towards Joel again.]

((OOC: Black text is Joel. Greenish text is his ghost dad.))


Jun. 14th, 2012 08:29 pm
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[Joel's in the process of walking home from work as he turns on the video. He's quiet for a moment and then offers a small smile.]

So I just got my request for some time off work approved. Apparently it was a surprise I didn't ask for any sooner according to the boss. [He looks off camera a moment, free hand rubbing the back of his neck. A shrug and he goes on.]

The only problem is I have no idea what to do for this vacation. I could just hang out at my apartment but I'm pretty sure I'd just end up getting involved in some of the City's usual craziness. [That gets a little smile, Joel not the type to sit back and relax if there were people he could help.]

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good vacation spot? Somewhere not too expensive. And preferably with something to do there? Laying on a beach is great and all but I wouldn't want to do it for a whole week.
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[The video flickers on to a dark MAC appointed, the only illumination coming from a TV somewhere off camera. There's not much interesting to see here, just the couch. The news is on judging by the morning weather report.]

More rain? Man...

[Joel comes into view, still wearing the shorts and t-shirt he wore to bed. He's carrying a bowl of cereal as he carefully sits on the couch. For a few moments, he's just eating breakfast and watching the news. Then a story comes on the news about some group in the City trying to get child protective services to go after Import children more than they already do. Joel just scowls at the screen as the interview happens. Eventually, someone in the interview starts talking about how Import children are too dangerous not to be in government custody and Joel has to change the channel. The story was annoying him too much. The young man sighs a little and goes back to his breakfast as the sounds of some home video show fill the apartment.

When Joel finishes his cereal, he gets up and walks off camera. For the next ten minutes there's not much on screen. The TV stays on, the sound of some running water joining the program playing on the unseen television. Eventually, Joel comes back onto the screen dressed in his CPD uniform. he turns the TV off and walks over to wherever he's got his communicator. There's a pause as he realizes it's on and recording.

How long has this been...[A beat, Joel lifting the comm and giving the camera an awkward smile.] Uh. Good morning, I guess. Sorry about...[He gestures vaguely, indicating whatever the comm recorded.]

Right...I'm headed to work. Have a good day, people.

[And with that he cuts the feed, muttering something about locking his communicator in a drawer as he does.]


May. 3rd, 2012 07:42 pm
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[Joel's on patrol in his police uniform right now in a not so nice part of the City. He's walking slowly, not in a big hurry.]

You know, I've seen some pretty stupid graffiti out there. I'm pretty sure that 'ImPorts go Home!' is the most stupid though. Don't these people realize that most of us would go if we had any say in the matter?

I've caught three groups of kids trying to tag walls like that this week and I...

[He pauses as a new voice yells from off screen.]

Die, freak-pig!

What the...Whoa!

[Joel looks up and his eyes go wide. His costume can be seen forming on him seconds before he blurs out of sight. There's the sound of gunshots before the video settles. Joel's in costume and yelling at someone off screen]

That wasn't even a remotely good idea!

[Houston glances down at the comm quickly.]

I'll have to get back to you. I've got some work to do.


Apr. 24th, 2012 11:16 pm
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[The video clicks on to a very blurry image, flashes of green and grey and until it settles. Houston's in costume and frowning at something off camera right now and apparently perched atop a parked car.]

I need a lot of weed killer.

[He glances towards the camera and then back towards whatever he's dealing with.]

Or a flamethrower. Anyone have a spare flamethrower I can borrow? We've got a people-eating plant infestation.

[Another pause as the picture blurs again, probably Joel moving at super speed. When the video unblurs, there's a few moments where it shows one of those man-eating plants. Joel moves the camera back to himself and frowns.]

Anyone know where these came from?


Apr. 15th, 2012 12:53 pm
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[When the camera clicks on, Joel's still catching his breath. Apparently he was running before turning on the camera. Regaining composure, he swallows before speaking.]

I've got some bad news. I'm pretty sure Sergeant Seras Victoria was Ported out sometime last night or early this morning.

[He runs a hand through his hair and glances away for a few moments before going on.]

She was supposed to meet me for patrol earlier and never showed up. She's not answering any calls either. I've been checking around and no one's seen her anywhere. So I'm thinking this is Port out.

[He pauses for another deep breath. He's trying not to show that he is worried about this. Things are bad at the station as it is with everything that happened with Jack. With Seras gone too, he's thinking things will get worse.]

If I'm wrong and someone's seen her around today, please let me know.


Apr. 4th, 2012 02:34 am
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Morning, City.

I was just wondering if anyone might be looking for a roommate out there. I'm planning on moving out of the MAC and even with some of the better priced places, having a roommate would make things a lot easier. I haven't decided on a place to move to yet but I know I definitely want to. So is there anyone out there that wants a roommate and doesn't mind if that roommate happens to be a member of the police force? We could talk and see if things would work out if you are.
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[Just a few hours after the sun rises in the City, this video clicks on. At first it's almost too dark to see much, just the sounds of someone walking through the brush heard. Eventually a brighter spot is reached and the camera gets lifted to focus on Houston. He offers a small smile. When he speaks, he's keeping his voice down.]

Good morning, everyone. I was just getting in a run when I saw this.

[He turns the camera slowly around to show the Network a spectacular sunrise. Wherever Joel is, its obviously in a different timezone than the City. He leaves the camera focused on the natural sight as he starts to speak again.]

It looks...amazing so I thought I'd share it with everyone. Sorry if its too early.

[He goes quiet for a few moments longer. Eventually he turns off the camera. The sharp ear can hear him murmuring something about it being time to get back to the City right before the feed ends.]


Feb. 29th, 2012 12:15 am
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[Joe's quiet for a few moments, thinking over what he wants to say.]

I know what people are going to say but...
I still wanted to say I'm sorry. For anything that skrull did while pretending to be me. Anyone he hurt or anything he wrecked...just...sorry I got kidnapped and all that happened.

[He sighs.]

Hopefully I'll be able to get back to work soon.
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[Joel's looking a little freaked out when he clicks on the camera. And wherever he is, its outside somewhere. Likely a park.]

Okay, oh man...but uh...we have a problem, sir. A big problem. Like really...really big I think. I found something in the station you really need to see, sir. Is there somewhere I can meet you?
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[As the video flickers on, there's a view of blurry floor tiles. Apparently the communicator is in motion. It settles to a stop showing the inside of a small grocery store. The sounds of a struggle can be heard coming from off camera and a woman screams as Houston and a rather large man crash into view. There's a struggle going on, Houston trying to get a gun away from the man who seems to be trying to aim and fire. Neither one of them seems to be gaining any ground, Houston able to keep the gun from pointing at him but unable to get the weapon away from the criminal he's fighting.

As the struggle goes on, the communicator gets knocked into. It falls and the video displays nothing but the ceiling and buzzing fluorescent lights. A few curses can be heard off screen and suddenly, a gun shot. Something red splashes over the comm screen and someone screams. The video flickers out.


[A little more than eight minutes later, the picture comes back on as someone picks up the communicator and starts wiping the screen clean.]

Oh man, I hope this stuff didn't damage it...

[The picture settles on Houston. He's frowning but thankfully not suffering from any bullet wounds.]

Just got this thing and now there's sauce all over it... [He pauses, realizing that he's being recorded.]

Uh. Hi. Sorry about that, nothing to see here.


Jan. 4th, 2012 02:52 pm
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Between the whole thing with Joker, Calendar Man's attack, and getting promoted, I kind of missed it. But...wow. I've been in the City for a whole year.

[Just a long pause, Joel looking at something off camera a bit sadly.]

Its felt like longer. Maybe just because this is the longest I've ever been away from home. People usually celebrate this somehow, right? Any suggestions?
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[ Gloved fingers tilt the comm sideways once the feed clicks on, and that’s definitely Batman grinning a little too close and broad to let in much of the scenery. Wherever he is, the stark, snowy whiteness surrounding him sure is dramatic. ]

How do you say Merry Christmas to the city that has everything?

Well you got a healthy sense of humor, Wing-a-ling, I'll give you that. Definitely wasn't learned from your dear daddy.

[ The comm shifts down a little and oh hey look there’s the Joker down underneath the side of one big, black, batboot; gift-wrapped Christmas present style in bright red ribbon. So classy. ]

Hey, squirt, do your old pal a favor, won't you? The ribbon chafes. [ that comment’s directed somewhere off screen, but Batman’s pretty quick to tilt the viewer again before it can catch more than a cursory view of Houston; sitting up back there but pretty visibly injured. Oops. He says something a little too faint for the comm to pick up on, and Batman laughs. ]

Yeah, um. About that...

[ the boot moves off Joker and Batman takes the opportunity to monopolize a little more facetime instead. Someone’s pretty damn proud of his bad self. ]

Give us a few hours and we’ll have him down at headquarters. Ready for booking just in the time for the holidays. [ aaand, a borderline glance down at the new prisoner: ]

You know you’re gonna make some bored intern’s winter break...

Oooh, sounds fun!


Dec. 5th, 2011 02:56 pm
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I know most people are going to be celebrating Christmas but I was wondering something. Is anyone out there on the Network going to be celebrating Hanukkah this year?
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[The picture clicks on pointed at what looks like a lot of ice and Houston's boot. He apparently didn't mean to turn the comm on.]

Look, I know the bike looks cool. It does but look.

[Houston gestures, the picture turning to show a lot more ice in the middle of a street as well as two cars that have crashed into one another. When the camera gets moved again, a bike messenger on a vaguely dinosaur-looking bike can be partially seen.]

You're causing accidents. And it could be...hey! Get back he-

[Houston lets out a yell and the picture goes wild as the comm and the person hold it slip and fall.]


[Joel finally notices that the comm is on, frowning at it.]

Um...be careful...there's some crazy bike leave ice trails all over the place. I'll catch him though.

[He starts to get up.]

As long as I don't fall again.

[And with that he turns off the feed.]


Nov. 10th, 2011 06:46 am
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[Joel's pouring himself a glass of orange juice as he clicks the video on. He blurs out of sight a moment and puts the carton away before stepping back into the picture.]

Good morning.

I've got a question for people who don't live in the MAC. I was thinking of moving out of this place and I was wondering how long it took you all to find places that aren't here? A place that was affordable and not too terrible I mean. How hard was it to find a new place to live?


Sep. 21st, 2011 11:33 pm
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[Joel's in his apartment yet again, sitting on the floor and assembling what looks like a small table.]

Who's going to that Charity Ball? I'm not sure if I'm going to go. I mean...are we supposed to bring a date or go suit and tie? [He frowns, pausing to fasten a few screws.]

I was thinking about something else too. What do you think about legacy heroes? [A beat for him to check the instructions.] Like back where I'm from, there were more than a few heroes that took on the names and sometimes costumes of older ones when the older heroes stopped heroing for whatever reason. Are there any heroes you think just shouldn't have a successor? Or if you're normally a hero back home, do you hope someone takes up your ID when you get too old or something?


Sep. 14th, 2011 04:30 am
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[It's pretty dark in Joel's apartment when he turns on the video, just the light of his TV. Listening closely will reveal he's watching the news. After a second he flicks on a small light and offers a slight wave.]

I was wondering something.

For the people that are old enough for this to apply to...what did you do on you eighteenth birthday? Was it something special or just like any other?

Mine is coming up this week and I sort of feel like I should do something but I don't know what. It's supposed to be some kind of important milestone right?

[He goes quiet, frowning at something the news says before turning off the feed.]


Sep. 7th, 2011 10:25 pm
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[At first the camera seems pointed at nothing but sand. After a moment it flips around to show Houston in costume. One of his goggle-lenses is cracked and there's blood running down his forehead and from a cut on his lip but he's grinning.]

Okay, I don't know what this thing I found in Africa is. [Nope, he hasn't been paying attention to the Network today.] But when I use it with my powers I move like...I don't know how to describe it. I wonder if this is how the Flashes feel with their powers. [He's excited.]

Super speed is amazing!

[He pauses and just now notices the bleeding.] I should probably get this taken care of.


Aug. 13th, 2011 11:04 pm
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[Joel's in civvies today, a bit bruised up but recovering nicely. Sitting in his apartment, he sets a bottle of water down off screen and gives a little smile.]

Hi, Network. I'd just like to apologize to the people that actually hired me but I'm closing down that delivery service of mine. It's really not working out at all. If someone still really needs something brought somewhere fast, I'll do it but the service is otherwise done for.

[He looks away from the camera for a moment.] Everyone make it out of that zombie craziness okay?

[Private to Jack Bauer] )


Jul. 29th, 2011 09:56 am
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Something has been bothering me for a few days.

Why do we let so many of the bad guys just run around doing whatever they want? I mean the Import ones. Ones we know have committed crimes around here like attacking people or causing a lot of damage to the City? Why don't we go after them when they make posts on the Network that show where they are? We're here to be heroes, right? Shouldn't we all try a little harder to catch villains so that they can be arrested and put in jail?

Maybe I'm just thinking too much again.


Jun. 26th, 2011 11:27 am
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[The com clicks on and focuses on Houston, somewhere outside and by a river by the looks of the background. He looks like he's been running and is worried about something, looking off camera for a few moments before focusing on the camera.]

Does anyone know some good places away from the MAC to stay? Like a hotel maybe?


Jun. 9th, 2011 10:14 pm
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[The video opens to Houston in costume, smiling and offering a little wave to the camera.]

Okay, Hello. I had this idea after talking with someone and anyway...

I'm starting a bit of a job for myself. Sort of a business. I'm gonna start a delivery and courier kinda service. If you need any messages or packages transported somewhere, just give me a call. I have some pretty fair prices and I swear anything you want delivered will arrive safe, undamaged, and with no one seeing it except who it's supposed to go to. So if you have something you need brought somewhere really fast or a message you don't trust to put on the Network or phones or something...I'm the guy to call!

[He grins.]

So...uh. If you'd like to hire me call [Phone Number].

That's all for now.

[He smiles again before clicking off the feed.]


Jun. 8th, 2011 07:37 pm
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Okay, this is kinda a weird question but...when do you have to start paying taxes? I mean...if you don't have a job, would you have to pay them if you started doing odd jobs for people and made a couple hundred dollars or something? And another one...is there anything special you have to do if you're gonna start like...some kinda business? Not like a store or anything but something small like a dog-walking service?


May. 27th, 2011 03:52 pm
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Okay! This is not good!

[Houston looks a bit panicked. Before he can say anything else, there's a roar from off camera and the image blurs. When it settles, the camera is pointed at what appears to be a mountain lion that just pounced on the spot where Houston was. The camera turns to focus on Houston again.]

There is a LION trying to eat me! I found this water gun thing. [He holds up what looks like a water pistol. He opens his mouth to say something else but glances up instead and the camera blurs once more.]

Okay! Seriously, I just used this thing on a rock and now there's a lion trying to eat me! Who leaves a toy that turns rocks into lions around the middle of a park for anyone to find?! And how do I deal with an angry lion?


May. 14th, 2011 03:34 am
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[The camera focuses on Houston sitting at a table in some sort of generic office looking room. He's got a lot of papers stacked on the table in front of him and looks tired.He looks down at all the papers he's got and then back up at the camera.]

Well, guess I have a little more work to do first but uhh...if the Mayor or anyone that works for him is around, I made sure I kept records of everything me and the other people working shipping did. Ya know, where we put all the cars we moved off the bridges, which places food and supplies went to as well as how much...ya know. That kinda thing. So...yeah. I've got all that for whoever is normally in charge of this kinda thing. It might make getting everything back into working normalness a little easier.

[He shrugs.]

I'm glad this whole mess is ended.


May. 6th, 2011 11:32 am
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I learned something new last night.

[He pauses, quiet for a few moments.]

Apparently...getting shot hurts like heck even if you're wearing something that's bullet-proof. Makes sense now that I think about it. Just...ya know. Not really what I was expecting at the time.

And ya know, these metal things on my costume? Turns out they're useful for knocking bad guys out. So I guess that's two new things learned.


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