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[It's rare Laura makes a video post. She's frowning at the camera, and there are several children nearby talking amongst themselves, all in what look like small ninja costumes. Laura's expression is dark.]

If anyone sees children dressed like this, detain them immediately but do not hurt them. They are students at the Thunder Dojo and they have been...[She hesitates and then shakes her head.] It is irrelevant. They do not realize what they are doing, one of the people formerly employed at the dojo has lied to them. Simply stop them from whatever they are doing and return them to the school immediately. They may be attempting to do something dangerous.

And if anyone hurts them...

[Laura trails off, but she's a tiny Wolverine, the threat is obvious in her voice.]

Filtered to Archer )

Filtered to Jessica )

Filtered to Kate Kane )


Nov. 2nd, 2012 11:56 pm
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[Laura is sitting at what used to be Reilly's desk in the office at the Thunder Dojo, sorting through a pile of papers. She looks...tired, and a bit frustrated, and after a few seconds her green eyes turn towards the phone.]

Reilly has been gone for some time. After his departure I inhereted ownership of the Dojo. I have been running...all aspects of it since then. [The word 'attempting' is almost audible in that sentence, though she wasn't going to admit it out loud. Mostly.]

We have also lost several instructors and volunteers, and I am...unable to teach all of their classes. [Yes, she tried. No, it wasn't pretty.]

We are hiring two full time instructors, one part time, and are accepting applications for as many volunteers as which to teach here. [A pause.] There will be a brief test when you apply so that I can determine if you are able to teach. Any style of martial arts is currently acceptale, but karate and judo are the most in-demand. If you are already a volunteer here, please check in with me, I am compiling a new list.

[She reaches out to turn off her phone, and then hesitates, as if she is trying to decide something she doesn't really want to do.]

...I also require an office manager. Preferably someone familiar with accounting. Or willing to learn.
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[Laura is curled up on the couch, in the worn-out tanktop she sleeps in, her legs curled up under a blanket with the almost-a-year-old dog Basil snuggled up next to her, his head resting on her knee. She has one hand resting on Basil's head, absently scritching between his ears, her other arm resting on the edge of the couch beneath a lamp, where Jessica's copy of 'Crescent' rests as Laura tries to read it.

From her expression, she isn't having a very good time of things, whether that's because she's not enjoying it, or she doesn't really 'get' it, is anyone's guess. But she'd promised to give it a try, so here she is! Trying. Poorly. She turns a page and her frown gets slightly worse, and then...she turns back. After a few seconds of skimming, she shifts slightly in her spot and turns the page again, either figuring out what she wanted, or giving up.

From her "hiding spot" across the room, Jessica (who is holding the camera) snickers quietly to herself, oblivious to the fact that Laura looks so perplexed. A moment later, she springs into the room proper, dancing around and singing in a loud, off key voice:]

Once upon a time I was falling in love,
Now I'm only falling apart!
Nothing I can do, a total eclipse of the heart!

[Jessica shrieks with laughter before collapsing on the floor by Laura's knees. Basil looks oddly calm during this entire display. The camera slowly pans in on Laura's face.]

Isn't Crescent great, Laura? Isn't it so romantic?

[Laura looks a bit dumbfounded as Jessica comes running up to her singing, much more so than the dog does, actually. When her roommate collapses there, she frowns at her faintly before she answers.]

It is... something.

Don't you just find the love between Crescent and Spencer so compelling? The words practically leap off the page! Every time I reread it, I feel like I'm being transported into that magical world, where people have superpowers and port in and out at random.

[She giggles.]

If you know what I mean!

Spencer is tedious and I do not see why Crescent would...

[Laura pauses, her eyes narrowing.]

...Are you filming this, Jessica?

[Jessica cackles. It sounds truly evil.]

I just wanted to memorialize your reaction to the greatest love story ever told!

[Laura is silent for a moment before she reaches out to snatch the phone and turn it off.]

((ooc: purple is jessica, blue is laura.))


Apr. 1st, 2012 01:58 pm
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[The video clicks on to show the brown door of a kitchen cabinet, closed. It's wobbling faintly as it moves, and there is the distinct sound of chattering voices and a spattering of high-pitched singing. The video finally moves to reveal a counter, where half a dozen knives, forks and plates, each with a little face, tiny stick arms and tiny stick legs, appear to be doing a musical number about keeping dishes cleaning. There's some decently choreographed dancing going on too, with twirls and such, until one of the knives slips and falls in the sink and all the cutlery bursts out laughing.]

[The camera turns again to reveal another section of the counter, where a ketchup bottle, also with arms and legs and a little face, is laying propped up in the lap of a mustard bottle. It has a hole in it's label stomach and ketchup is oozing out slowly onto the counter.]

Mus...Mustard! Tell Relish...tell relish...I always loved her bes.........

I will, Ketchup! I WILL!

[The mustard bottle holds the dead ketchup bottle to its chest for several seconds, sobbing little mustard tears, before the ketchup bottle suddenly sits up a tad, looking around expectantly.]

See? How was that? I told you I could be dramatic!

Yeah Yeah. I'll be in my drawer!

[The mustard bottle unceremoniously drops the ketchup bottle onto the counter and stalks off, ignoring the laughter of the other condiment.]

[The camera pans around, revealing several more very strange scenes of animated kitchen objects...a blender and a food processor having an argument about speed settings, a bottle of milk taunting a bowl of cereal...and finally, it turns away from the kitchen entirely to reveal Laura, standing in her living room, looking...pretty much completely bewildered. She has the claws on her left hand out, and one of them is coated in ketchup. Green eyes are a tad wild as they flick back towards her kitchen again, before focusing on the screen.]

Someone explain this.


Dec. 9th, 2011 07:15 pm
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[There is the sound of a very busy street in the background before anyone speaks, and the sound of voices speaking a foreign language. Eventually it's muffled, as though whomever is holding the phone moved away from a crowd.]

I am in Singapore.

[There's a little pause after that particular declaration, and Laura's not even trying to hide her confusion about the situation.]

I don't know how I arrived here, and I do not have my passport on me. I shall find a way to return.

[Another pause. Laura actually huffs faintly, though it's only audible to particularly observant listeners.]

Jessica, please feed the dog.
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[There is a pause before Laura starts speaking. Her voice is tinged with a rather obvious irritation.]

I need to know what people can tell me about this man.

[A Link is included to Jason Todd's first post.]

It is somewhat urgent. How dangerous is he?

[Filtered to Tom Bronson.]

...I have to go to the Ball.


Sep. 2nd, 2011 02:10 pm
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[Laura is seated on the couch in her apartment when she turns her phone on, her green eyes away, looking at something off-screen. Her hair is wet and her clothes are damp, most likely from getting caught in one of the random thunderstorms that seem to be plaguing the region of late. Green eyes flick towards the camera. She's angled upward from the camera, holding it on her knee.]

I need to know of a vet in the city that other people have gone to, please. And possibly an animal shelter, I-

[She cuts off suddenly as a large nose that leans back slightly to reveal a little brown puppy suddenly forcing its way into her lap to stare at the camera, sniffing. He looks like he was just as wet as Laura was a few moments before, and there's a towel stretched across his back.]

[After several seconds, Laura picks the puppy up in one hand and sets him aside.]

No. [Her voice was quite firm, though from the way the little animal continued trying to push its way into her lap, her command was not having the desired effect.]

[After a few seconds, her gaze slid back to the phone, and she apparently felt the need to explain.]

I found it outside my apartment hiding from the storm in a cardboard box. It is not wearing any identification, and seems to be very young. I will need to take it to the vet.

[A moment later the dog has managed to squirm under Laura's arm again and is peering at the camera once more, tail waving wildly behind it. Laura sighs after a few seconds, and reaches around the small animal to turn the phone off. The last thing that's heard is her going 'you need to stop tha-' before the feed clicks away.]
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I wish to know the identity of the user of communicator #30278416.

He claims he knows me.
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[The camera is pointed toward a handful of kids, probably around thirteen years old, dressed in karate uniforms and copious amounts of pads. Two are sparring on the matted floors--which some mike recognize belong to the School of Thunder. One kid moves swiftly, lashing out with moves from a variety of styles and never seeming to stand still for more than a moment. The other kid, however, stands her ground, letting the punches and kicks slam into her padded body but turning the moves against her opponent. The first kid launches a quick kick that slams into her opponent's side, but the second girl quickly grabs the leg and hurls her surprised sparring partner to the ground.

Off to the side stand Cass and Laura, observing their students. Cass seems to have something stuck in her eye. It's definitely not a tear of pride or anything. Her children just grow up so fast. Laura looks less emotional than Cass, though mostly because she looks slightly cross.]

not an ic cut due to length )

((purple = Laura
blue = Cass))


Jun. 27th, 2011 03:40 pm
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[Laura is perched on the roof of the Xavier Institute, from the looks of it, sometime after dusk. She glances at the camera for a moment, her eyes distant, and then purses her lips as if trying to sort through what words she wants to use.]

Tell me about 'souls.'

[A little pause, and she seems to feel the need to clarify. She's been sorting through this stuff since the soul-sucking daddy attack.]

What you think of them. If they are important. Or why. Or what they mean...

[She shrugs.]


Jun. 4th, 2011 08:25 pm
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I have discovered it will cost eighty thousand dollars to have the Tyrannosaurus-Rex that I killed preserved so that it can be donated to the Xavier Institute.

I have paid to have the process started. However, donations would be appreciated. I do not have eighty thousand dollars to spare.


May. 31st, 2011 04:35 pm
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[The camera is shifting about wildly as it clicks on, showing flashes of sneakers and asphalt.]

-get a picture of this! I mean, you have to! It's just amazing!

[Whomever is speaking isn't Laura, it sounds like a teenage boy, and after a few seconds the camera stops waving about and turns to show the body of a tyrannosaurus stretched out across a side street. The beast is a mess of injuries, small cuts and large gashes, and is very obviously dead. Laura is actually sitting ontop of it, a few vertebrae down the neck, apparently posing for a picture.]

This is unnecessary.

[She's almost as messed up as the t-rex, her clothing is torn and bloody, her hair a mess, there's a deep gash across her cheek, and what looks like a tooth-bite pattern across the left leg of her jeans. The injuries are healing as she sits there, slowly, leaving the bloody marks and stains behind. But despite this, she almost looks...content, really, as she sits there. The camera focuses on her for a few seconds.]

It's completely necessary! Now hold still!

[The camera clicks, despite the video feed, and then the screen wobbles again as the holder is racing back towards her.]

I can't believe you actually killed it! I thought it was going to eat us! You're amazing! You should like, keep the head as a trophy or something. You could get it stuffed!

It is too large to-

[The camera flips through the air as he tosses it back, and Laura catches it easily, her palm pressed against the screen for a few moments, muffling any additional conversation. When she takes her hand away she's still sitting on the dead dinosaur, running her fingers through her hair to try and smooth it out as she looks around. She really does look as close to happy as she ever manages, probably because she almost never gets to fight something that is a genuine challenge. Her eyes flick towards the screen and she pauses, realizing it's recording, and sighs. She reaches to turn it off, but stops herself.]

I need to know how to arrange to have a dinosaur carcass removed from [street name].

[There's a little pause.]

...And does anyone know a...taxidermist?
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[The video clicks on with a bit of a flare, focusing on a bare spot on a grey stone floor, splattered with blood. After a moment a hand appears, small, curled slightly, covered with both red and and purple blood, though it gets wiped off on a pair of jeans. The camera turns after a moment to reveal a figure sprawled out on a pile of garbage. A very bloody, injured, small grey figure, whom most people will recognize as Gamzee. On the floor next to him is a shattered bow, the string and the grip cut cleanly through.]

[Whoever is holding is camera moves in close, pointing the figure at the corpse...which groans and shifts suddenly, apparently still alive despite being absolutely covered in cuts and slashes. The blood is pooling in a few places, but appears to be the worst at his ankles, which are both caked in blood. Apparently whoever was attacking him had cut both his hamstring tendons. He's almost caked in his own oddly colored blood, really. His hand is still gripping the handle of his scythe, but the blade has been shattered, bits of it glittering in the blood stains around him.]

This is Gamzee.

[The voice speaking is quiet and female, and a few people might recognize it as Laura, though it's slightly muffled.]

I believe the authorities are looking for him. I have disabled him, but he is bleeding badly. I do not know how long it takes for a troll to bleed to death. You should come and retrieve him from [location] as soon as possible. If he dies, he will simply return to attack more people.

[After a few more seconds she tosses the phone on the body, it bounces off his stomach and clatters to the floor next to him, showing a shot of the side of his arm and face, blood smearing the screen now. There's the sound of distant footsteps, and then the video stays on, pointed at the unconscious troll until it times out.]

[OOC: Laura will probably not be replying to anyone, but if someone contacts her directly she might respond. Gamzee will probably not respond to anyone for several hours if at all.

Also Dalrint wrote this, so go give credit to Dal.


May. 8th, 2011 09:12 pm
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[X-23 had done the best she could to avoid people and the network since she'd found herself in the city...aside from playing an odd sort of game of tag with a small Asian girl who was at least as good a fighter as she was, anyway. She couldn't remember what mission the Facility had sent her on that brought her here, but whatever it was, she had obviously missed her retrieval. But she couldn't find any directions or methods of returning to the facility, so she had tried waiting.]

[And waiting wasn't working either, frankly. All this was made more confusing by these strange, occasional memories she'd get of places in the city that she recognized, even if she was sure she'd never been there. So she finally turned to the network. She's standing in a relatively shadowed alleyway, but she's visible enough to be recognized as a younger version of herself, dressed in a black leather one-piece body suit, her hair loose. Her hand not holding the phone flexes nervously, two claws popping out and back in over and over, smaller than her usual pair. Her green eyes are narrowed.]

This is X-23 attempting to contact any Facility agents within the city. Security pass X74HGT. I have missed my retrieval and have heard no signs of Facility activity in the last thirty-six hours. If you can acknowledge I am prepared for a second retrieval.

I do not know if the mission I was sent here for was successful. I require another briefing.

That is all.

[Another few seconds and she turned the phone off again.]


Apr. 22nd, 2011 01:53 pm
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[There's a short pause after the feed turns on as Laura attempts to sort through what she wishes to say.]

I will be teaching a self defense class at the Xavier Institute two nights a week, if anyone would wish to come. I have been teaching Jessica for the last two weeks and am willing to allow others to learn as well. If you are interested you can contact me here.

Before you decide, I will not be teaching you to fight. I will be teaching how to disable a variety of opponents in as efficient a manner as possible so that you may escape from a conflict. If all you wish to learn is how to 'beat someone up', then you might as well not sign up.


That's all.


Mar. 4th, 2011 10:40 pm
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There is a man tied to a dumpster on [street name and street]. He was dealing heroin. Local law enforcement may wish to acquire him. He is injured. He most likely will not die for several hours.

Filtered to Rachel Grey. )
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[When the camera clicks on it shows the ceiling of the porter room and small black haired girl with bright green eyes, holding it loose and near her side, angled up towards her. In the background the Porter is droning on through it's welcome speech and explanations, though if Laura is listening to it, there's no sign of it.]

[She glances down at the camera for a moment, her green eyes narrowed, and then looks away, the screen wobbling as she moves through the porter building to the front doors and looks out.
There is a barely audible 'snff' sort of sound as she smells the city outside, and then her nose wrinkles faintly and she closes the door and looks back at the camera. .]

This is X-23. I have been...displaced. I appear to be in New York.

[Not her favorite city ever anymore.]

The computer here is informing me this is another dimension.

[From her tone of voice, she does not seem to believe it. She does pause to listen to some more of the welcoming message, though, and then just shakes her head faintly. Her attention shifts back to the camera.]

If there are any X-men monitoring this, I am attempting to return to Utopia.

[After another moment she clicks the phone off just as she's pushing the door open to go outside.]
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[Laura's sitting at a desk in her MAC apartment. She's wearing a black jacket leather jacket with an “X” on it. She looks directly into the camera, her expression is emotionless, and her speech is clear and precise.]

I was informed that we were brought here to act as hero's for this world. I was given dog tags and lodging was provided. Why? Does this world not have police of its own? Is the police force incompetent? [She pauses and blinks, a brief look of uncertainty crosses her face as she contemplates mentioning her name. She decides against that for now and her expression goes back to the blank emotionless stare she started with.]

I require answers. What is our true mission here? [With that she simply turns off the camera. ]
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[ after being in jail for some time, X-23 has finally managed to calm down, and go about things rationally. She wants out, but knows that she isn't going to be able to cut her way to freedom, and as such, has resorted to using her communicator ]


Shouldn't be here.


[ ooc; anyone working in the jail is free to have noticed disturbances, etc ]

[identity profile]
It is evident enough that numerous individuals have been switched with the original versions that were previously here. According to network records, the time between the first switch and the revert was 01 WEEK, 03 DAYS, 02 HRS, 29 MINS; have only individuals in this initial block been turned back to what is considered “normal”? Are there any who have remained in alternate forms? I would like to know how many individuals are currently affected. There does not appear to be a comprehensive list publicly available.

Additionally, I am now in jail.
[identity profile]

[ The feed turns on to show a ruined city alleyway, its walls and floor decorated with an assortment of blast marks and thin, jagged gashes into both stone and steel. Not an inch of any surface has been spared from whatever transpired, here: the walls have been savaged, some of them nearly appearing to be ready to fall apart while patches of the ground still smokes, giving the video a grainy, fogged look. ]

Well, then.

[ Tyki brushes the camera lens with a gloved hand, holding it up close to his eye for inspection. After a moment or two, he sets it down somewhere nearby, giving the audience a clearer look at the body lying still at his feet. ]

At least it isn't broken, from the look of it.

[ He brushes his disheveled hair from his face, taking his time to take out and light a cigarette. After smoking it for a minute, he turns the body over with a foot, angling the camera to show Laura Kinney's face to the rest of the world. She's a bit singed, here and there, but nothing too serious. ]

--I assume this girl belongs to one of you?

[ He inhales, blowing a steady line of smoke up toward the sky. ]

You may want to hurry, I won't be staying long.

[ ooc | Hope this is okay, Laura-mun! Remember, Tyki is going to eventually take Laura to the police station, where McClane will be throwing her in jail. ]
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[ there's silence, at first. The sort of awkward pause that makes it seem like somebody has a lot to say ]


This is Laura Kinney. [ a beat, and then somewhat hesitantly: ] X-23.

Once I regrow my arm, I need somebody to remove the bone claws, and replace them with adamantium ones. I will be able to compensate anyone who offers assistance.

[ another pause, and some interference comes through, where she's turning the communicator in her hand. This is probably the part where she should both apologise to and thank certain people, for dealing with trouble when she arrived ]

That is all.

+ooc )
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[ in order to create something that at least vaguely resembles a “normal” network post, X-23 has skipped any of the usual data that she usually inputs when updating, and decided to go off the regular topics ]

[ the video starts without delay, and it's immediately clear that it's been taken at a zoo. There is audio, albeit almost muted, and the video's cut together well; there's no useless clutter, no shots of the floor or crowds passing by, and focuses simply on the animals. For anyone who might notice this sort of thing, it's evident that the person recording is incredibly short, when compared to the people around them, and the angle the video's taken from ]

[ initially, it's just a generic video of the day-to-day activities at the zoo; there are penguins being fed, zebras roaming around, snakes being taken out of their enclosures and curling around a handler's neck, monkeys making a great deal of noise, and so on ]

[ however, the screen goes completely blank for about fifteen seconds, and when the video resumes, it's clearly the dead of night, although it's still being taken in the zoo. It starts with shots of animals, taken from similar angles as they were during the day, but upon realising that sleeping animals aren't quite so interesting, suddenly, the video's taken from different angles. On top of a tree in the gorilla enclosure, at first, followed by a close-up of the penguins. Yup, that's right. Eleven years of training to get in and out of anywhere unnoticed, and she's using it to sit down next to a group of sleeping penguins ]

[ the video continues in much the same manner for another ten minutes, closing with a shot of the lions, from about a foot away ]

[ attached are three files: ]

[ address&directions.pdf | ]

[ zoo_map.pdf | ]

[ openinghoursmon_sat.txt | ]

Interesting place. Should go. Adults: $15.00, children (3-12): $11.00.

Website here; donate money here. (Has been damaged by “superhero” activity in the past)
[identity profile]
15:28:43/22/01/2010 | CRIME BULLETIN #2

Information gathered so far:

Cut for table. )


Still require:

- additional information on teams/independent operatives
- police contact
- need to know whether team members have been ported in/out
- additionally: require information on current cases
- some people want to join teams. Need to know what teams accepting membership/requirements
- alright to list clinic here? (comment, if volunteering there/want to be listed here)
- any help accepted

[ private :: Catwoman ] )
[identity profile]
12:15:12/06/01/2010 | CRIME BULLETIN #1

Taking over crime bulletin from #17232896 (Batgirl). Last updated: 20/05/2009. Current information insufficient. Requires updating.

Purpose: keep organised, share information, offer assistance, know what areas are patrolled/need patrolling, make links with police/assist police force.

Need to know: teams active, team members, individuals working alone, areas currently patrolled, individuals looking to join teams, individuals providing resources, current cases, etc.

[identity profile]
13:00:12/18/12/2009 | VIDEO

[ the audio's been purposely shut off, and the camera pans around, showing all three-hundred and sixty degrees of the dojo X-23's standing in the middle of. She never comes into shot, but the video keeps running for another ten seconds. Just long enough for everyone to get a good look ]

Sparring, lessons (martial arts, including self-defence), training.

Useful for not dying. Ask for address.

13:20:47/16/12/2009 | QUERY


Porter able to bring individuals back from the dead. However: all reported instances on network are from killing, sudden trauma. Also able to revive from other means of death? Illness, natural causes, suicide, etc.

How many have died and got better?


Revival process work outside of City limits?


[ooc; action threads welcome, if anyone wants to come down to the dojo, even just to say hi! ]

[identity profile]
17:01:52/02/12/2009 | PROGRESS REPORT

Obtained better understanding of mission directive. Have been patrolling, using non-lethal force. Volunteering at clinic (Friday onwards). Requesting to speak with anyone who knows/spoke with/met:

Weapon X | Wolverine | Logan (?)
Doctor Sarah Kinney

Additionally, network is used to recruit. Require a job, money, etc. Need to be useful.

[identity profile]
13:28:37/11/23/2009 | INITIAL REPORT

Arrived 11:35:00/11/23/2009. Taken from 23:12:00/25/04/2001, 138.1942° E 36.6485° N. Most likely scenario: time displacement and/or alternate universes. Network access confirms this. Previous mission failed as a result. Numerous targets left standing. Unsure of how to proceed. No known protocol for alternate universes.

Requesting information.

17:10:03/11/23/2009 | UPDATE

Completed mission. 3 (three) targets disposed of, and left [location of an abandoned warehouse]. Clean cuts, no evidence left at the scene, no witnesses. I.D. carried by 1 (one) of the targets.

Requesting assistance disposing of bodies. Size/number/location make it difficult to move them without being seen.

Requesting pick-up/transportation/clothing. No known rendezvous point.

Awaiting further orders.



Aug. 24th, 2009 11:12 pm
[identity profile]
[Locked to Sarah Kinney] )

Does anyone want cake?

[ooc: Laura's like, hanging out in some park with Kiden and enough cake to magically feed half the City's hero population. You know you want some. Action threads are welcome and appreciated!]


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